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Visvim Guide

Visvim Brand

This is a Japanese brand has been around for a while now. It is quite famous for its production of winter shoes or sneakers, backpacks, handbags and so on and we must say they are really expensive. Just like any other brands. This particular brand has not been spared from counterfeits. We have cushioned out this guideline to help differentiate between the real and the fake of this brand.

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Visvim Real vs Fake Guide

Cost of the product
The Visvim brand being prominent and unique with its designs and due to the fact it is also a Limited Edition has been plagued with so many counterfeits out there. Some designers in order to make it more available to people retorted to producing a fake replica of the Visvim brand ranging from its shoe backpacks to handbags, which usually comes cheap. For example, a type of Visvim shoe sells at $821, and you cannot probably get it at a price less than that.

Therefore if you find this Visvim shoe selling at $50 then you probably know that it’s either a fake or the seller does not know the value.

Check the stitching
Taking a look at a Visvim shoe, we have come to uncover; we have been able to ascertain that the real original shoe is usually stitched at almost every edge in a regular manner with no loose ends in any way. A fake shoe of this brand might be loosed and may not be placed right. If you spot a fake counterfeit Visvim shoe, you might notice it been done in a Zigzag fashion and double stitched then you should know that it is fake. A real Visvim shoe is single stitched.

Know your departmental store
The departmental stores that sell the Visvim brand are most prominent, and they are based in Tokyo, China, and Hong Kong. If you are expecting to find a real original brand, you might perhaps need to ignore cheap stores. You cannot get a real original brand in a cheap departmental store.

For every brand of Visvim, detailed attention must be placed on the color, texture of the material. For a real Visvim backpack and sneakers the color should be one which is quite attractive. You might need to label a product in which the color of its material appears faded as fake. Also, when buying Visvim brands always check for its seal of quality for verification.

Check the tags
The tags on real sneakers usually come with a V inscribed on it along with another card showing the details of the product and must tally with one of the boxes if not then it is a fake. Also, a Visvim shoe without a tag should be pointed out as being a fake. The tags are majorly attached to the material using a metallic strip and not plastic.

Check the box
A Visvim sneaker, for example, comes with a high-quality box with a label inscribed, with a little engraving on it. One thing about the boxes of the Visvim is that they are quite firm and strong. A real Visvim sneaker doesn’t come in a box which is wrinkled or more like tissue. Also in the box, the sneakers are packaged in what looks like a synthetic cloth bag and not a polymeric bag as the case may be for most fakes. The label on the box must tally with the tag on the shoe.

Check the Logo
The logo of the Visvim brand is designed with a V embedded within an octagonal and name written below the V logo. The logo must be checked for any spelling errors as this is also a true means of authentication. For most Visvim products they come with a peculiar logo in which the name ‘Visvim’ is written in a specific font and also with trademark R in a circle at the top right corner from M in Visvim. Also at the tongue of a Visvim branded shoe, in particular, there is a symbol which looks more like a minute part of a circle cut and being made to shine out light with a Hiroki name written underneath on that same tongue.

Check the lacing
For real Visvim sneakers, the spaces between the lace eyelets are made to be even and uniform. Even the lace is made to match up properly with the shoe. A Visvim sneaker with lace eyelets which appears uneven or loses out on a particular lace eyelet which is meant to be there is definitely a fake. We also do want to point out that the eye eyelets are made up of good quality metallic parts.

Check the sole
Though this isn’t generally for all the shoes or sneakers under the Visvim brand, this proves to be helpful. Under the soles of some real Visvim brand, there is a usually an inscription of the name Visvim which acts as a trademark. Therefore if any shoe of that same type with the brand does not have this, then it is a fake and you do need to be careful. Also, the soles of the real Visvim shoes are made with many straight square shapes which help in friction with the ground.

Note the place and time of manufacture
This information is usually depicted on the tag which also shows other main details such as the price, style number and so on. The headquarters of the brand being located at Tokyo and has stores at Hong Kong, China, London and New York. It implies that the place of manufacture should be no other difference from these places. So for example when you are authenticating the brand, and you find out you see a caption like “Made in Beijing” then it’s likely to be a fake.

We do need to assure you about how helpful this guide manual is going to be the best you need in order for you to distinguish between the real and fake Visvim brand and also to make wise choices when buying this product brand. We are concerned about this that’s why we have taken the courtesy of drafting out this few guides to help you whenever you are buying the product either for personal use or resell.


Yeezy Guide

Yeezy Brand

This brand is quite popular for its sneakers used specially for sports. But as usual bootleggers (counterfeits) also got in a bit in the deal. There’s a lot of fake Yeezy out there everywhere with most people thinking they have bought the genuine Yeezy sneakers. People who fell victim do not know what either the fake or the real looks like and how to identify them. With all this in mind, we have crafted a few guides on how to spot fake Yeezy and not getting hoodwinked whether you are a buyer or reseller.

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Yeezy Legit Check (Real vs Fake Guide)

Check the stitching
It is vital to check the stitching on Yeezy brand sneakers to authenticate. A real Yeezy is made of unique stitching of an X crossover which is uniformly done with no loose ends. For a fake Yeezy, you could expect to see a rough and quite unclean job. The stitching on the real Yeezy is also tighter, but in comparison with the fake, it is not the same.

The stitching on the original Yeezy can be seen properly so you could notice the X crossover. For the fake you cannot see this design properly. That’s if on a condition it’s stitched in that pattern.

Check the logo
This is probably one of the easiest ways to spot a real or fake Yeezy. On checking the inside of the Yeezy, whatever type it is, the logo on a real original Yeezy appears to be small and still seen clearly enough. But a fake Yeezy makes the brand name logo “YZY” branding too big than it appears on a real Yeezy. The logo also comes along with an Adidas logo most especially on the box.

Check the sole
The sole of the footwear is also an easy way to identify if a particular brand of Yeezy is fake. At the sole of a real Yeezy, there is a signature boost section which is white with a set of dimples that should appear. For a fake, we have seen such without the signatory boost and can be black all through. Irrespective of this color of Yeezy brand the signatory boost at the sole of the footwear is always white and with or without this.

Its a proof of whether it is authentic or not. But we must say that some fake designers might have probably caught up with this fashion trend and exploited it to the bare rest minimum.

Note the cost
The Yeezy brand sneakers just like some other brands do not come too cheap they are quite expensive brands and can be afforded mostly by rich people. We are talking about a price around a thousand dollars. So if you see this brand selling at the lowest price of 5pounds, then that’s a fake. But also you need to be careful of bootleggers as they can sell a fake at an even high price. So other details such as weight and thickness of the material need to be checked.

Know your departmental store
We can assure you from experience that no sales agent from a departmental store selling this product brand will tell or help distinguish between the real and fake Yeezy footwear. As this could smear its reputation. You might need to check in feedback, reviews of customers that have bought a product from such store.

You might run a risk of getting an unauthentic item from departmental stores without a proper feedback response from its customers and because this is a Limited Edition brand. You will probably not find a real or authentic brand in a cheap departmental store.

Check the tags
It is not quite uncommon for shoes to come with tags. The tags are not there to give us the information about the shoe. The information on the tags can also be used to verify whether it is authentic or not. We had a case whereby when we bought some Yeezy we noticed that the word sample was placed on the tags with made in China.

Well, we are not expecting a sample, so it is just assumed to be fake. The real suspicion came in when it was noticed that part of the Yeezy shoe has this made in China underlined while some are written plainly. To a whole lot of discovery, we found out that the latter is a fake.

Check the tongue
The tongue of the real Yeezy sneakers comes with a label underneath which gives information about the shoe. Any Yeezy sneakers you are buying without this label in the sneakers is a fake. On taking a closer look at the label, the details on the label are meant to be seen properly and not faded in any way. As it being faded would mean it is a fake.

Check the stripes
The stripes are like a signatory for the Adidas brand, and since the brand is a collaboration between Kanye West and Adidas, this stripes three stripes are expected to be seen on the box for a real Adidas brand. This case is different for the fake. We will explain a little bit further when we talk about the box.

Check the box
This is quite easy to authenticate as most fakes don’t even come in a box. Fakes usually come in wrappings or plastic bags. So if you are probably looking for original Yeezy sneakers take good note of this detail. The box of a real Yeezy comes with an Adidas logo on it and even has a barcode for to scan to verify.

Check the quality
The quality varies from the color, texture of the fabric, leather to boost material and the weight of the shoe. Usually, fake Yeezy comes with much lighter weight as compared with the real one. The color of the fake also is usually faded and might not be as attractive to you as much as the real one does. Another thing to note is that the bodily parts of a real Yeezy aren’t meant to be smooth in any way.

Yeezy is the most hyped footwear around. Do not forget that this brand was meant to be a Limited Edition. However, there is great amount of fake Yeezy on the market which takes away all real credibility. But we can assure you that once you take important note of the pattern, stitching, and overall look of the Yeezy shoe. You tend to reduce the risk of buying a fake as a buyer or reseller. In a situation where you are still worried about buying a Yeezy, please do refer to this guide. We have got you covered.


Yeezy Boost Guide

Yeezy Boost Brand

The Yeezy boost is a popular sneaker made at a time Adidas collaborated with Kanye West (a popular music star). Most Yeezy boosts out there are fakes even from some online stores. As a buyer purchasing the sneakers and desires the real top quality, you need to keep the guidelines we have drafted handy.

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Yeezy Boost Real vs Fake Guide

Check the logo
This is probably one of the easiest ways to spot a real or fake Yeezy. Check the inside of the Yeezy, whatever type it is the logo on an original Yeezy appears to be small and still seen clearly enough. But a fake Yeezy makes the brand name logo “YZY” branding too big than it appears on a real Yeezy. The logo also comes along with an Adidas logo most especially on the box.

Check the box
This is quite easy to authenticate as most fakes don’t even come in a box. Fakes usually come in wrappings or plastic bags. So if you are probably looking for a real Yeezy sneaker the box of a real yeezys comes with an Adidas logo on it and even has a barcode for to scan to verify.

Check the tongue
The tongue of the real Yeezy boost comes with a label underneath which gives information about the shoe. Any Yeezy sneakers you are buying without this label in the sneakers is a fake. On taking a closer look at the label, the details on the label are meant to be seen properly and not faded in any way.

Check the sole
The sole of the footwear is also an easy way to identify if a particular brand of yeezys is fake. At the sole of a real Yeezy boost, there is a signature boost section which is white with a set of dimples that should appear. For a fake, we have seen such without the signatory boost and can be plain all through. The signatory boost at the sole of the footwear is always white. This is proof of whether it is authentic or not. But we must say that some fake designers might have probably caught up with this fashion trend.

Check the stitching
The stitching pattern going up from the middle of the missile on a fake pair is just too marshy. On a real pair, you will see a clear pattern of an ‘X’ and square repeatedly in a like pattern.

Check the quality
Pay attention to the quality variance from the color, texture of the fabric, leather to boost material and even the weight of the shoe. Usually, fake Yeezy boost comes with much lighter weight as compared with the real one. The color of the fake also is usually faded and might not be as attractive to you as much as the real one does. Another thing to note is that the bodily parts of a real Yeezy isn’t meant to be smooth in any way.

We have drafted out this guideline above to help you distinguish between a real and fake Yeezy boost. Due to the recent survey that we have been able to identify a lot of fake yeezys boosts being sold at retail outlets to be fake. Therefore it will be a wise decision to look through the boosts closely before making a purchase


Y-3 Guide

Y-3 Brand

The Y-3 is a popular Adidas branded sneakers. Most Y3 trainers out there are fakes. You will probably see a lot of fakes out there than the real deal. Therefore as a buyer with a genuine interest in buying a real or original of this brand of sneakers either for personal use or resell. It is imperative to follow the guide we have carefully drafted out. Do Follow Through!

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Y-3 Real or Fake Guide

Check the boost
The boost of the Y-3 is made uniformly on the authentic pair and quickish to touch. For a fake, the sole boost could be in a thick form.

Check the Eyelets
On the authentic pair of the Y 3 sneakers, it should be noted that it has three pairs of eyelets. Therefore if you are authenticating and you notice the sneakers have more than three eyelets, then it is probably a fake. This is not really a genuine test for authentication.

Serial numbers
Inside the shoes, there is a tag in which the serial numbers are written. A detailed check for authentication should prove that the serial numbers should match for both pairs and should also match with the one written by the side of the box.

Check the box
This is another giveaway to the Y-3 shoe authentication. The box usually comes with the label Y-3 on top of the box written as Y-3 with three stripes running across the box.

The color
The color of a real pair Y3 looks duller in appearance on comparing with a fake pair which may be lightly faded.

Check the material
The material used in the making of the Y3 is unique and comes in a unique quality appearance. Check the lacing materials and other extras. One thing about the lacing material is that it is of good quality, flat and not too woolly with a plastic cap on top. The eyelets of a pair are made of metallic in color similar to the shoe.

Look out for spare laces
A real Y3 trainer or sneakers have spare laces. As most times the laces of the trainer or sneakers do get worn out. The original maker took extra care to ensure the branded trainers come with an extra lacing material. Therefore when authenticating the sneakers and you find no spare do note it a fake. As most real sneakers come with an extra pair.

Check the inner of the shoe
Taking a quick look at the shoe inner with the insole removed you are supposed to find a signatory name in the form of ‘YOHJI YAMAMAMOTO’. Then no doubt it’s a fake. Also, details such as the spellings of the signatory should be noted. If there is a case of error in spellings and it is not written exactly like ‘YOHJI YAMAMAMOTO’. Then no doubt it is a fake and this could feel bad.

Check the stitching
Also another quick giveaway for the product authentication we have uncovered the fact that the stitching (especially at the front of the shoe) it should be made uniformly, and in the same pattern for both shoes, Any slight change or difference in the pattern means it is a fake.

We do advise once more that the real and fake Y-3 guides above should be noted once more for the brand authentication. Do not fall victim to scammers who take a special interest in selling fakes.


Thom Browne Guide

Thom Browne Brand

The Thom Browne brand started as an all men’s brand which specializes in clothing (cardigans, Sweatshirts, suits), footwear and clothing accessories designed by a man named Thom Browne. Getting an authentic Thom Browne brand is proving a lot difficult these days. It is hard to tell which is real or fake as most designers of the fake brand are becoming smarter and 99% accurate. Since there will always be flaws made by this counterfeiter even the thinnest detail is important for the brand’s authentication.

For authentication, we did be taking a look at the shirt and tie.

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Thom Browne Real vs Fake Guide

Check the Back tag
For a real Thom Browne shirt, one of the things to decipher is the back tag of the shirt. The name Thom Browne is written in a peculiar font and a bold uppercase letter, and the ‘w’ in Browne is written in a waggy form. For a fake, the W may appear as a normal font. Also, the back tag is made completely white while for the fake you will most likely notice its grey.

Check the buttons for the shirt
A fake Thom Browne is made of plastic buttons which looks unauthentic and of low quality. For a real pair, the buttons are of high-quality buttons

Check the Clothing materials
For the sweatshirt, the clothing material is made acrylic and smooth to feel. For a fake, you did note that the texture is quite rough.

Check the size tag
Normally the Thom Browne shirt is made in Italy. When you check the size tag, and you notice the following:

– Details such as washing instructions appear unclear or faded.
– The instructions are not containing any English letter.
– The Thom Browne label wasn’t watermarked on the size tag

Duly note it’s a fake.

Check the Stitching
This is also an important detail to note. Usually, the stitching on the authentic Thom Browne shirt, when turned inside out, is done in a criss-cross Zigzag pattern with no loose ends and neatly made. When authenticating the fake, you might notice an irregularity in the stitching or the stitching materials. The stitching material is made with low-quality threads.

Note the price
Especially when authenticating the clothing accessory (The Thom Browne) take good cognizance that a normal authentic tie sells at a purchasing price at no less than $440. You might find a fake Thom Browne Tie selling at $70.

Check the stripes
For the Thom Browne tie with a blue strip, there is likely to be a flaw in that it may be designed on the tie inaccurately. The Real tie has a deep blue strip, and a fake might look grey like.

After all being said about the brand, about distinguishing the real from the fake it is imperative to keep in mind that if you want to buy a genuine Thom Browne brand, you keep an open eye and watch out so as not to be hoodwinked into buying a fake. We have carefully drafted out the guidelines from our wealth of experience to help you get the original.


Palace Skateboards Guide

Palace Skateboards Brand

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Palace Real vs Fake Guide

Palace is rapidly rising in the fashion world with some of the world’s biggest style influencers such as Rihanna, Drake, Jay-Z, and Virgil Abloh making the brand’s products high in demand. The rapid rising of the brand has not only increased the high demand for its products but allowed counterfeiters to turn their attention to replicating these products.

With time, the replicas keep getting more and more resemblance to the original, so it is highly needed to get a buyer’s guide if you really want to get an original piece. Here are some details to look out for when buying your Palace product.

Check the logo and label
Thanks to Tanju who made the clothing label so conspicuous to the eyes. You can observe the details on this brand’s label to detect if it is legit or not. One of the main errors in the fake Palace clothing is found on the label which is known as “Tri-Ferg.” The color, print quality and font of the logo are the best giveaways. The logo has a big triangle with the word “PALACE” written on two sides of the triangle and a letter written at the base indicating a size.

Any product that bears the Palace Triangular size tag with a line continuing from the base of any of the letter “P” to the top of it without a gap is a counterfeit. Some fakes have managed to fix this, but this is a good detail to use easily.

The font on the logo is another giveaway to replica Palace. The letter (s) at the base of the triangle indicates the size of the shirt for example. Replica Palace clothing tends to have either thinner or larger font than the original. So if you check out the picture of a real Palace and the font of the one you are holding is off, it is likely you’ve got a sub-standard one. The real Palace also has bolder texts while the fake’s texts are more angular.

Generally, hoodies, jackets, T-shirts, and sweatshirts all follow a strict design rule and no genuine Palace will have variations of text in the same collection. For example, “Tri-Ferg” T-shirts will all have the same text while the counterfeits will have very varied text. And any Palace size tag that does not display size under the triangle is fake unless it is heavily worn. The best way is to have a look at the genuine website and compare the text’s font and size.

Still, on the logo, the letters “L” and “A” in the “Tri-Ferg” are also a good check. For example, in real Palace T-shirts, the letter “L” and “A” will join through the tail of the Ferg.

This is a variation that Palace has employed in identifying its original products. For example, while the letters do touch in the Palace T-shirts, the letters within the “Tri-Ferg” in a real “Payne” long-sleeved T-shirt do not touch. Legitimate Palace alternates these variations which the fakes might not have.

Check the stitching
Another simple way to confirm the originality of a Palace clothing is to check the stitches, whether the collar stitches go over the letters or not. There is normally a gap between the stitching and the print. Not all replicas have this error, but if it is conspicuous, then it is a fake.

Here is an exception to this rule, The Palace X Bronze Collaboration might exhibit stitching going over the lettering, but there are no fakes of any Palace X Bronze.

Check the wash-tags
Firstly, it is important to know that there are three types of legit wash tags found on the inner side of the shirt giving washing information. Each is from different time periods. One shows no Tri-Ferg at all, yet it is legit, this type is from 2011 to 2013, so if you see such, it should be accordingly aged.

The second legit wash-tag has a misleading, inaccurate font, yet it is legit and the third type which is the one currently used by Palace. The fonts on the Tri-Ferg appear as they appear on the T-shirts.

Most fake Palace wash-tags are not accurate and if observed well just look off from the legit. A fake will usually have a font that is off, Tri-Ferg that is off or a wrong text.

Check the price
Here another basic way of checking if you are about purchasing the real or fake Palace. Check the price. Palace has gained its reputation and thereby leading to high demands, and apparently, it is expensive, so if you have or see the price of jackets or T-shirts going for £15, they are most definitely fake.The average price of a Palace T-shirt in the UK is considerably higher than the price of almost all the T-shirts selling online.

Palace clothing sells out very fast. There are few places to get the real ones apparently the Palace’s website is the first to consider. Other few places like Slam City Skates and Native Skate Store all sell legitimate Palace. There are also websites to avoid ending up with fake products. Several replicas have the same look with the authentic ones, especially when buying online until you get a closer view and you sight the subtle differences.

If you have doubts on whether the product is genuine or not, follow these guidelines that have been shared above and also, comparing the product in question to a genuine Palace image from the official website will be very helpful.

Remember, detail is the key, and you have to be smart about your purchase.


The North Face Guide

The North Face Brand

The North Face for over 70years specializes in producing outdoor wears like fleece, coats, jackets, footwear, shirts, and equipment such as sleeping bags, backpacks, and tents. The brand is well known for durability and style. There are also many counterfeits of the North Face products today. For you not to get ripped off, we have produced this guide tips on how to go about getting a real original North Face brand. Here we present to you the guide for you to authenticate. More emphasis will be laid on jackets.

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The North Face Real vs Fake Guide

Check the brand logo
The brand logo is one of the ways to prove this product authenticity of a North Face jacket. Most fake counterfeits never seem to get the logo right. As mistakes such as uneven spacing, misspellings are made. Usually, a fake North Face jacket with the company logo will have it stitched with and embroidery and contains some loose threads. An original North Face jackets contain the company logo well and clearly stitched on the jackets with quality stitching materials on the North Face product.

Check the tags
Real north face jackets usually have multiple red tags that display all the details of the clothing ranging from the products style, place of manufacture to a barcode. Now some fake counterfeits usually miss out on the part of the barcode. It is a true means of product verification. If you are purchasing a North Face jacket, do check the red tag for the barcode as most fakes do not normally have this.

If it comes with a barcode simply try doing quick product verification with mobile having a barcode scanner. If after verification the details on the tag do not match what is being shown on the barcode scanning device then it’s probably a fake.

Also, the style printed on the tag should match the actual style of the jacket. So if you probably notice anything different do get suspicious as it probably means it is a fake. Another thing is that while the fake jacket might come with only one tag. The real jacket comes with 2 to 3 tags. Ensure the tag displays North Face Denali jacket and not five Boroughs.

Know your departmental stores
You should note the departmental stores where you are probably buying the material, whether it is online or offline. The product is a high-end fashion material sold at the top price and you can only find the product at an exquisite departmental store with good customer review.

Purchasing a brand of this product at a cheap boutique or one of those common cheap stores out there will mean you’re buying a fake.

Also, fake products have been rampant online as of the present time, and some are being distributed as second-hand items with cut off prices to attract buyers. Therefore if you are considering buying even a used jacket, it is required that closely inspect the online store. Beware of online sellers that have bad feedback from its customers, use stock photos or offer extremely low prices so as not to fall victim of purchasing a fake. Examples of the best online stores you are sure of getting real products of the brand are Amazon, Nordstrom, Zappos, and Backcountry.

Note the price of the product brand
The North Face product brand due to the fact it produces high quality, durable materials do not come at a cutoff/ low price. Do note while it is possible to find a discounted the North Face products online it is highly unlikely that you find discounts exceeding 50% of retail price. Beware of online stores that offer the North Face products at a discount more than 50% of retail price. You will probably get a jacket of this brand at a price between 89$ to 200$ including discounts. If you do notice it is lesser than this price does be careful as it could be a fake.

Check the quality
For example, the fabric of real North Face jacket is of high quality, so if you probably notice the color of the material is faded, and the materials are of low quality. Then the brand product is probably a fake. The fabric material for a real North Face jacket is meant to be durable and waterproof but lightweight. The fleece models of this material are smooth to touch regarding its texture, and they don’t feel heavy when touched.

Although a cheap fake of the jacket may be able to replicate the look of the jacket but they cannot make it really comfortable to wear. The discrepancies in this fabric material are usually obvious for a fake brand. If you really need a real original North Face jacket that is well able to protect you during the winter season, then we recommend you doing all your possible best to get the real material.

Check the Hardware
Pay close attention to the details of the jacket’s hardware. Real products of this brand pay quite an importance to the hardware’s smallest details of such as the size of the zipper, inscription on the Zipper material and how comfortable it is to use, however counterfeits play a carefree role when it comes to nothing this minute detail. One thing about the zippers on a real jacket is that it is smooth to use as you can pull it up and down smoothly. The real North Face do not make use of a genuine plastic pull but paracord.

Check the stitching
The real North Face Jackets has quality stitches fashioned in a Zigzag manner with no skips and done firmly. The seams of the jacket of the insides of a real jacket unlike a fake one are made together with just one complete stitch and not double stitched. If the seams of the Jackets are not done perfectly then, it means the product is a fake and you buying it might not give you the touch of satisfaction you need.

Check for the seal of authentication
A real North Face jacket should come along with n inscription on its tag as being 100% authentic. If the North jacket does not come with a seal of authentication, then it might be a fake.

Feel the nylon material
Look at the nylon material included in the boot accent or jacket and feel it. The material of original North Face does not display a wider weave but provides a smoother appearance. Check the inner labels and stamped logos for discrepancies, especially when authenticating the jacket.

Do remember buying an authentic product pays better. As this gives you real value for the money you are putting down and the product can assure you of being long lasting and durable. Also, we have laid this guide for you to be able to authenticate the North Face brand so as not to be hoodwinked or fall victim to buying a fake product.


Nike Air Force 1 Guide

Nike Air Force 1 Brand

Nike Air Force 1 sneaker is one of the most sought-after Nike shoes. While people are eager to rock this Nike sneaker, counterfeiters are likewise giving customers a hard time in trusting their guts when shopping for the Nike Air Force 1.

This guideline is to help you make the right choice in getting the real Nike Air Force 1 sneaker. By the time you finish going through this article, you should have some more confidence in identifying authentic Nike Air Force 1.

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Nike Air Force 1 Legit Check Guide

Check the Shoe Box
Just before you go to the details on the shoe, let’s focus briefly on the shoe box. A new original Nike Air Force 1 shoebox is made of strong box material. Note that! Also, the Nike retail box should feature a label on one of its sides. This label features some details such as the style name, barcode, country of manufacture, size, color and a style number.

The style number should be nine digits long and note that it does not feature any letter, just numbers. The first six digits represent the style, and the last 3 represent the colorway. Here is the tip; make sure the style number matches the one inside the shoe or the sales receipt.

Check the Inside Label
Firstly, if the style number on the inside label matches the one on the box, it is most likely a legit one. Then, some counterfeiters might be oblivious of the Nike logo on top of the label. Lastly, this is a little detail but a very helpful one; check the tail of the letter “Q” in FABRIQUE, it starts from inside the circle.

Check the Metal Tag
This sneaker features a metal lace tag. It has the word “AF1” carefully engraved into it. The engraving is of high quality, so look out for cheap, superficial engravings.

Check the Sole
Nike Air Force 1 sneakers have their sole made from rubbers. Note that it is not plastic and it should be flexible without much stress. If you are making your purchase online, let the seller demonstrate it to you but if you have access to the shoe, why not try it, flex the shoe and if it bounces back to normal, you might be close to getting a legit Nike Air Force 1.

Check the Authenticity Card
Some Nike Air Force 1 comes with a “certificate of authenticity” card. If it is found, a legit one has the shoe image hidden in numerous dots on the card, which can only be seen when viewed at certain angles.

Check the Logo
The Nike trademark swoosh logo is stitched, printed or glued to this shoes. The logo must be correct (perfect), and the stitching must be immaculately done, no tears or inconsistent stitches.

Check the Sock Liner
Remove the sock liner if you can and check underneath, it should bear some letters and numbers embossed into it. The numbers represent size indication. Also, look out for the easily negligible bump on the edge of the material, near the base of the big toe. If present, it’s an indication of it being legit.

Another important thing to watch out for is the general stitching. When you carefully look at the stitching, you would know if it is real or not, as the stitches are carefully, neatly and perfectly done.

Consider these guidelines above, follow them and you won’t fall for fake Nike Air Force 1. Get smart!


Nike Flyknit Guide

Nike Flyknit Brand

Do you need a sneaker made for style and comfort? Nike Flyknit introduced in February 2012 is one of the best options to go for. But how do you get to enjoy the value of your money if you end up with a fake? That’s the question we are here to solve.

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Nike Flyknit Authentication Guide

Many counterfeiters have found ways around mimicking the features of this sneaker thereby making it harder. Nonetheless, this set of guidelines will help you get the correct Nike Flyknit racer either you’re buying online or direct purchase from a store.

Check the Shoebox
If you’re buying a new pair of Nike Flyknit Racers, it apparently comes with a shoe box. The shoebox should have a matte finishing and not glossy –the real doesn’t reflect light.
On one side of the box, there is the box label. Counterfeiters have managed to replicate most of the features on the label but carefully check the fonts used, this is a giveaway for most fakes. Check the spacing also, there is always a consistent spacing in the words on real pairs.

Check the Size Tag
The size tag is located behind the tongue of the shoe. Firstly, check the shape of the tag, the real has an almost perfect square tag while the fake has errors most times. Also, a real pair size tag maintains an even font spacing.

Actually, there are two types of Flyknit racers in the market, the old unpadded product, “considered-design.com” and the newer padded product, “nikebetterworld.com.” So if you see the earlier version, it is not a conclusion that it’s fake.

Check the Sockliner
The “Racing Road” on the sockliner of a real Flyknit Racer comes in a printed graphics and it is quite transparent showing the image behind it while it looks iron on in the fake.Also, consider the font; the letters “N” and “G” on racing touch each other in a legit one and the real pair has the word “ROAD” in a bolder font.

Check the Heel Stripe
For a real Flyknit Racer, there are six visible stripes on each side of the shoe and one or two stripes hidden away in the heel tab. Some fakes feature more than six stripes most times.

Check the Logo Position
Check the Nike swoosh logo on the side of the shoe, it is positioned at the second collar flyknit line below the ankle collar. Some fakes are either angled almost touching the ankle collar or slightly below the normal position.

Check the Heel
The original Flyknit Racer has a sleek curve at the heel while it is less curved on most fakes.

Check the Sole Logo
Original Flyknit Racer features a silver and black Swoosh logo in a button-like form. Be sure that the logo has clean straight edges.

Additional things to note include:
– Most original Nike Flyknit racers have their retail boxes featuring date code stamp on the inner part.
– Beneath the sockliner, the insole is stitched to the upper part. The stitching is tight, continuous and clean. And there is a drilled hole positioned at the middle of the heel.

With these few tips rightly considered, you don’t have to fall for a fake Nike Flyknit pair anymore. You can now confidently make your purchase and enjoy the style and comfort.


Lanvin Guide

Lanvin Brand

The product brand Lanvin is known for the making of perfumes (Eclat d Arpege), sneakers and other clothing accessories. The Lanvin home of fashion is a French multinational high fashion house founded by Jeanne Lanvin in 1889. The products, especially the sneakers and perfume, have been eyed by makers of its counterfeits. Therefore, we present to you a guide to authenticating the brand’s product.

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Guide to Lanvin Authentication

For the product authentication, we will be examining the perfume and also the sneakers of this brand.

Looking through the sneakers…

Check the Dust Bag
On the dust bag of real Lanvin sneakers. You are supposed to find the logo of the brand printed on it along with the name LANVIN printed in bold uppercase letters and a large font. For a fake, the counterfeiters might not bother about including the logo of the brand, and the sneakers might not come with a dust bag which is quite unusual.

Check the Stitches
The details of the stitching from color, quality and pattern should be noted when authenticating the product of the brand. One thing about the stitching on the Lanvin sneakers is the inherent mode of perfectionism that comes regarding stitching.

This applies to the insole, midsole or sole of the shoe. Note the lines of stitching; a real Lanvin sneaker is not double stitched. It is stitched on a plane no irregularities or loose ends and also stitched in a manner which masks with the color of the shoe, unlike a fake. The stitches on a fake or replica might appear hand stitched and not with the expert work of a machine.

Check the sole
For a fake or replica of the brand sneakers, you tend to notice that it does not have patches which aid in giving a firm position to the ground. The texture is quite smooth which is not meant to be. Also, the sole of a real Lanvin brand shoe is supposed to be incompressible and tough, but it is an opposite case when dealing with a fake.

Note the price
The price of the authentic Lanvin brand product is quite high and does not come too cheap. If you see any product of the Lanvin coming cheap, you might be seeing a fake Lanvin.

Looking at the Perfume…
The unique perfume of this brand called the Eclat d Arpege and here is a guide to authenticate. In authenticating the brand, you need to note the following

The Packaging
The packaging for the authentic Lanvin perfume involves that the bottle containing the perfume is smooth and round with silver of two layers and bottle made quite thin.

Check the product details
The details always come in minute form, and it takes an expert to note the difference anyway. But put this, in mind when authenticating that the bottle of the perfume the size is written as 3,3 and not 3.3 (a comma and not a dot )

The scent
The authentic Perfume has a soft sweet smell and has no side effects on one’s health. A fake will probably be hazardous to health as it strong smell can give a headache to the user. The only disadvantage about the mode of authentication is that it cannot be tested while buying.

The Lanvin brand has proven to be a brand unique to both male and female gender and the best to lovers of casual fashion materials. But due to the fact there also exist fakes which do not give the value you desire you want for your money, we have provided this guide to help authenticate. Kindly, utilize it.


Just Don Guide

Just Don Brand

Just Don was founded by Don Crawley in 2011. Since then, it has been a luxury brand in sports wears and other goods. It has collaborated with other brands such as Jordan. Just like so many other brands the Just don also has a lot of counterfeits out there. That is why we decide to show you the different ways to distinguish the real from the replica.

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Just Don Real or Fake Guide

The Logo on the insole of a real Just Don is neat, centralized and symmetrical showing the Jump man logo of Jordan with his left hand inclined straight in a diagonal direction and the other hand with its fingers lying flat facing the ground. The Just Don letters are engrossed in a real Just Don and not printed as it could occur for most fakes.

Also, a star is found in the spacing between the Just Don with a signatory trademark® above the letter n, and it is italicized and embedded on a real tag. But for the fake, you will most likely find the font faded, decentralized and not symmetrical with other details.

Check the inside tag
For a real pair of the Just Don brand the size tag which shows the retail pair, style number and where it is manufactured has a white border. A just Don shoe without this white Border is a fake. Also, the font on the tag of the real pair must be clear and not faded in any way. In a case where the font appears faded then it means it is a fake.

Go for a realistic price
Because the Just Don shoe is of high quality and made of quite expensive materials, it is often unrealistic to find the Jordan Just Don shoe selling at a retail price of 100$ as it could point out to be a fake. The approximate price of a real, original Jordan Just Don sneaker is at a price of 1044$.

Check the Stitching
The stitching of the Jordan Just Don is made up of fine an uniformly stitches with no loose ends and also tight. The stitching of the real Jordan just Don is made to match the color of the shoe or sneakers. Otherwise, it is a fake.

Check other minor details
Other minor details such as the dust bag, box, spelling materials, no of eyelets should be checked to ascertain whether it is real or a fake. For the dust bag of the shoe, it contains an Air Jordan Logo which is small in size where on inspecting a fake the logo of the Air Jordan is a bigger size. On checking the box, it should be noted that for the brand there should be no case of any spelling error, unlike most fakes.

Eyelets: as for the eyelets there is supposed to be four pair lace eyelets for a larger pair and three for a smaller pair for real Original Just Don. If perhaps you find 5- 6 Pairs of lace eyelets for the large size and a four pair of the eyelet for a small size then it surely a fake.

Have in mind that whatsoever goods of Just Don brand you want to buy, you are to follow a set of guidelines to help make decisions as to which to buy or not. We believe you would not like to be scammed or get less for your money. With this guide, you cannot at risk of getting the wrong Just Don.


Jordans Guide

Jordans Brand

The Air Jordan is brand of footwear produced by Nike in honor of a basketball player Michael Jordan in 1984. The footwear is majorly worn for sports, workouts, and gym. It is a Limited Edition brand, and it sells faster.

The probability of you buying a fake is also high because it is often difficult to differentiate. This calls for the need of a guide for you to be able to distinguish between the real and the fake Air Jordan. Here we present to you a guide for Air Jordan authentication. Read on!

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Jordan Real or Fake Guide

Detailed checks on the logo, stitching, place of shipment, the cover, the labels, tags, and so on should be made.

Check Logo
The logo of the Air Jordan shows a jump man holding a ball with its left arm inclined straight from the elbow and the other hand with its palm flatly and uniformly facing the ground. That is a real Air Jordan. A fake Air Jordan will definitely miss on this as this is a crafty detail and probably a sure proof of authentication.

Whenever you want to authenticate the Air Jordan using the logo, do take note of the irregularities in the logo. Air Jordan footwear logo showing the jump man with his two hands facing up is fake Air Jordan footwear. Also, the space between the feet of the jump man is usually wider for a fake than it appears in the real one.

The Logo is ensemble on an outline. Do note that no part of the jump man logo should be in contact with the outline for real Air Jordan footwear. If not it is a fake and unauthentic. Also, the quality of the logo should be put in check as a faded logo means it’s fake.

Check the stitching
The stitching of the Air Jordan footwear wear is quite perfect and made professionally in its making. Whenever you are authenticating this product, and you notice any sort of frayed or unfinished touches in its stitching and also of low quality, then it’s a fake. For a real Air Jordan footwear, every part of the sides are evenly spaced and singly stitched.

Check all labels
For the labels of the Air Jordan footwear, especially the one under the tongue of the footwear, words like “greatest player ever “should be written. If it’s not written, you can be sure of it being a fake. The label is usually attached to the shoe in a flattened like fashion without any wrinkles in the fabric.

In fake footwear, the label may be wrinkled and carelessly placed. Also, note that all the details on the label should be clear to read. In case you notice it’s faded then it’s a fake. Make sure all of the words on the box are spelled correctly.

Check the tags
One thing to note on the tags of all Air Jordan footwear is the style number which is a nine-digit number. This nine-digit number must match the style number on the box’s sticker. If it does not match, be suspicious that this might be a fake.

On the tag inside the Air Jordan footwear, there is often another detail left out by fake or counterfeits, and that is about the formation of the letter Q in the word ‘fabrique.’ The tail of the Q in this word should start inside a circle.

Pay close attention to the price
Whenever you are shopping at the retail store or online, do take note that the Air Jordan brand being a limited brand edition sells fasts and therefore doesn’t come cheap. A retailer who sells this product at a low price may not know the value of the product. You need to be careful as this might be a fake. Be Beware of auction prices of $7 – $70.

An Air Jordan shoe does not sell at a price less than $100+. If you see a lesser price, then it is a red alert telling you are in danger of buying a fake. We once heard a case of a man who bought the Air Jordan at a retail price of $65 only to notice on getting home that the stitches were not done properly. Also, the lacing appeared imbalanced.

Check the lacing
The shoe lacing tabs should be uniformly spaced with the same size and sharpness for original Air Jordan footwear. They should be attached to the same degree of tension. If you notice even the slightest detail differing aside this, then you can be sure it’s a fake.

Check the patent leather
This includes details of the quality and design of the patent leather in real or fake footwear. Usually, the patent arch around the back of the footwear heel has a high spot.

For a fake, the curve could be lower and even flat. For an authentic Air Jordan, the patent leather around the box should be smooth with no gaps or ridges. But usually, for the fake ones, there could be bumps and uniformly even surfaces to the patent leather around the toe box area.

Check the back heel tab
The back heel tab should show a number 23 written clearly on it. If there is no number on it, you are probably holding a fake shoe. But we do know that the number 23 should be clear, distinct, printed in white lines with no gaps and the same degree of thickness. If the number 23 cannot easily be noticed on the back heel tab, runaway from it because it might be a counterfeit.

Also, observe the shape of the heel tab itself. On an authentic model, the heel tabs are smooth and match with the curvature of the shoe. For a fake, the heel tabs stick out, further away from the shoe and do not follow the natural contour or outline.

Check the midsole point
Do ensure you check for a midsole point. It is usually a different color and fabric from the section of the toe. On a real Jordan, footwear the point of the midsole will be in front of the bottom lace hole. If it’s a fake Jordan, the midsole point will often equal the bottom lace hole.

On this final note, we would like to tell you that whatever you are buying. Always be suspicious and ask questions as regards the Jordan item you are buying. Also, you have to be fastidious enough to be able to distinguish between the real and the fake.

The guide summarizes all you need to know in authenticating the Jordan item. The guide above has been laid for you to make smart and wise decisions and not hoodwinked by scammers or sellers of counterfeited goods and dishonest people. We do you wish you happy time while shopping and a productive day ahead.