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Acne Studios Guide

Acne Studios Brand

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Acne Studios with ACNE being an acronym (Ambition to Create Novel Expressions) is a multidisciplinary luxury fashion house. Acne Studios has become a respected creator of clothing, furniture, publications, exhibition and special collaboration. Acne Studios offers ready-to-wear collections which are widely recognized and it has also grown much with retail stores around the world.

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Acne Studios Authentication Guide

With many online and offline stores selling this ready-to-wear brand, how can you be sure you are buying the real thing? We will be answering the question with some pointers to identifying real from fake Acne brand.

Check the label
The lettering and spacing between words on Acne Canada scarf are uneven in fakes as compared to an authentic. Not much difference though but with a closer look, the wool label mostly looks sloppy in fakes.

For authentic Acne Studios coats, the coat size attached to the wash tag displays the size in numbers, not letters. The branding label always appears on its own in real coats while in most fakes, the label is attached to the side of the branding.

Acne is good at matching product name and season of release to each product, which should always correspond to the item attached. So, after you make comparisons and found that the product name is different, it most likely might be a fake.

Check the stitching
Acne brand suggests precision and quality for many. So as regards its stitching, make sure the stitches are even, continuous, straight and neat.

On the Acne Canada scarf, for example, the label stitching most times doesn’t follow all the rules above. Sometimes the stitching is discontinuous or unevenly done in counterfeits.

Check the fringe
On Acne Canada scarf, the fringe is a telltale sign to most counterfeits. A real acne scarf feels fluffier when handled as compared to a fake. The fringe in both the real and most times fake are twisted but the twist is more concealed in real due to the wool fluff surrounding it.

Check the material quality
As earlier said, Acne Studios brings the thought of quality and precision. If it is not quality, it is not Acne. So the materials used for their products are of best and precise quality.

For example, legit Acne coat is made from wool or wool/cashmere blend; anything apart from that brings suspicion. Real acne scarf features very consistent matting of the wool while the fake is mostly heavily saturated with polyester.

Some other things to pay attention to are:
– Acne wash tags come in very clear printing and do not easily fade away after a few times washing
– Acne Studios products are ‘Made In Sweden’ if you encounter any made in China or any country other than Sweden, it is a fake Acne item.

Acne Studios does not have an exclusive brand logo, so detail is the key to identifying a real from the fake product. There is a thin line between getting the real item and falling victim of fakes. You have to be smart about it!

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