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Yeezy Boost Guide

Yeezy Boost Brand

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The Yeezy boost is a popular sneaker made at a time Adidas collaborated with Kanye West (a popular music star). Most Yeezy boosts out there are fakes even from some online stores. As a buyer purchasing the sneakers and desires the real top quality, you need to keep the guidelines we have drafted handy.

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Yeezy Boost Real vs Fake Guide

Check the logo
This is probably one of the easiest ways to spot a real or fake Yeezy. Check the inside of the Yeezy, whatever type it is the logo on an original Yeezy appears to be small and still seen clearly enough. But a fake Yeezy makes the brand name logo “YZY” branding too big than it appears on a real Yeezy. The logo also comes along with an Adidas logo most especially on the box.

Check the box
This is quite easy to authenticate as most fakes don’t even come in a box. Fakes usually come in wrappings or plastic bags. So if you are probably looking for a real Yeezy sneaker the box of a real yeezys comes with an Adidas logo on it and even has a barcode for to scan to verify.

Check the tongue
The tongue of the real Yeezy boost comes with a label underneath which gives information about the shoe. Any Yeezy sneakers you are buying without this label in the sneakers is a fake. On taking a closer look at the label, the details on the label are meant to be seen properly and not faded in any way.

Check the sole
The sole of the footwear is also an easy way to identify if a particular brand of yeezys is fake. At the sole of a real Yeezy boost, there is a signature boost section which is white with a set of dimples that should appear. For a fake, we have seen such without the signatory boost and can be plain all through. The signatory boost at the sole of the footwear is always white. This is proof of whether it is authentic or not. But we must say that some fake designers might have probably caught up with this fashion trend.

Check the stitching
The stitching pattern going up from the middle of the missile on a fake pair is just too marshy. On a real pair, you will see a clear pattern of an ‘X’ and square repeatedly in a like pattern.

Check the quality
Pay attention to the quality variance from the color, texture of the fabric, leather to boost material and even the weight of the shoe. Usually, fake Yeezy boost comes with much lighter weight as compared with the real one. The color of the fake also is usually faded and might not be as attractive to you as much as the real one does. Another thing to note is that the bodily parts of a real Yeezy isn’t meant to be smooth in any way.

We have drafted out this guideline above to help you distinguish between a real and fake Yeezy boost. Due to the recent survey that we have been able to identify a lot of fake yeezys boosts being sold at retail outlets to be fake. Therefore it will be a wise decision to look through the boosts closely before making a purchase

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