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Lanvin Guide

Lanvin Brand

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The product brand Lanvin is known for the making of perfumes (Eclat d Arpege), sneakers and other clothing accessories. The Lanvin home of fashion is a French multinational high fashion house founded by Jeanne Lanvin in 1889. The products, especially the sneakers and perfume, have been eyed by makers of its counterfeits. Therefore, we present to you a guide to authenticating the brand’s product.

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Guide to Lanvin Authentication

For the product authentication, we will be examining the perfume and also the sneakers of this brand.

Looking through the sneakers…

Check the Dust Bag
On the dust bag of real Lanvin sneakers. You are supposed to find the logo of the brand printed on it along with the name LANVIN printed in bold uppercase letters and a large font. For a fake, the counterfeiters might not bother about including the logo of the brand, and the sneakers might not come with a dust bag which is quite unusual.

Check the Stitches
The details of the stitching from color, quality and pattern should be noted when authenticating the product of the brand. One thing about the stitching on the Lanvin sneakers is the inherent mode of perfectionism that comes regarding stitching.

This applies to the insole, midsole or sole of the shoe. Note the lines of stitching; a real Lanvin sneaker is not double stitched. It is stitched on a plane no irregularities or loose ends and also stitched in a manner which masks with the color of the shoe, unlike a fake. The stitches on a fake or replica might appear hand stitched and not with the expert work of a machine.

Check the sole
For a fake or replica of the brand sneakers, you tend to notice that it does not have patches which aid in giving a firm position to the ground. The texture is quite smooth which is not meant to be. Also, the sole of a real Lanvin brand shoe is supposed to be incompressible and tough, but it is an opposite case when dealing with a fake.

Note the price
The price of the authentic Lanvin brand product is quite high and does not come too cheap. If you see any product of the Lanvin coming cheap, you might be seeing a fake Lanvin.

Looking at the Perfume…
The unique perfume of this brand called the Eclat d Arpege and here is a guide to authenticate. In authenticating the brand, you need to note the following

The Packaging
The packaging for the authentic Lanvin perfume involves that the bottle containing the perfume is smooth and round with silver of two layers and bottle made quite thin.

Check the product details
The details always come in minute form, and it takes an expert to note the difference anyway. But put this, in mind when authenticating that the bottle of the perfume the size is written as 3,3 and not 3.3 (a comma and not a dot )

The scent
The authentic Perfume has a soft sweet smell and has no side effects on one’s health. A fake will probably be hazardous to health as it strong smell can give a headache to the user. The only disadvantage about the mode of authentication is that it cannot be tested while buying.

The Lanvin brand has proven to be a brand unique to both male and female gender and the best to lovers of casual fashion materials. But due to the fact there also exist fakes which do not give the value you desire you want for your money, we have provided this guide to help authenticate. Kindly, utilize it.

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