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Givenchy Guide

Givenchy Brand

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The house of Givenchy is a luxurious French brand which features a collection of hauteur couture clothes and accessories such as bags often worn by top celebrities. Whenever you are looking for a brand in the line of fashion, the Givenchy brand will probably be your best choice. They are highly reputable in its production of high-end fashion materials such as clothing, accessories, perfumes, and cosmetics.

This brand has gained a reputation and has earned a name for being among the top fashion brands today. People of all ages wear the Givenchy brand, and it is in high demand. It is imperative to note that this brand isn’t spared from counterfeit fashion designers. We can bet you that there are a lot of fake Givenchy products on the market today. Hence, the need to give you a few guidelines to authenticate a Givenchy branded product. We are here to help give you the value you desire. We will be laying more emphasis on its bag and clothing.

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Real or Fake Givenchy Guide

Check the label
The Givenchy label is made of Gold. The Givenchy brand also has a label imprinted on the inside of its bag and must be clearly seen. The triangular leather label detail which is in the interior is quite convex and puffy. If it is flat, then it’s a fake. A real Givenchy product bag has a label that is properly affixed that it has a little space in between the letters. Details such as the label name should be taken into consideration as many fake, counterfeit designers miss out some thin detail.

Details such as how some specific letters are written. For example:
The G: A fake will usually have the letter G either close to the letter I or the G will be quite big.
The E: The E will have a shorter middle line in the letters. This is the E shown on every label on of authentic Givenchy bags and clothes.
The S: Authentic labels will have a specific style of the S, and it’s curvy at the ends of the letters. On a fake, it will be a standard printed letter S

These details apply to both the clothing and the bag.

Pay Attention to the Hardware
If you check the hardware especially the zipper of a real Givenchy bag, it is expected to be smooth. A fake one is normally hard or difficult to open in most cases. The Zipper is oversized and emblazoned with the Givenchy label and does not have space in between. If you are purchasing a Givenchy branded bag and you notice a small zip, then it is a fake. In the interior of the bag, there is a mini zip special care should be taken that it should be lined up with leather.

Check the Dustbag
This is another tellable sign which helps you to differentiate between the fake and the real. The real dust bag should either read “Givenchy Paris” or “Givenchy” on the white cotton fabric dust bag. It should have a crisp screen print with well-defined lines or edges and not raised areas of ink or bubbles. If you see a dust bag that has different information, you are close to falling victim of fake Givenchy.

Check for finishing touches
A majority of fake designers out there miss out on the attribute of perfectionism. One thing to note about most fake Givenchy brand items is that whenever you notice any raw edges or Unfinished touches at the stitching area especially for the bag, then it’s probably a fake. A real Givenchy bag is properly made to perfection and to taste same as a Givenchy T-shirt.

Check the lining
Take a look at the base of the neckline, at the back of every real Givenchy T-shirt there is always a signatory “T” lining no match the color of the T-shirt. Hence this is a means to authenticate this material to ensure it is not a replica or a fake. Most fakes do not have the signatory stitched to the back.

Check out the material used
A real Givenchy branded bag has a definite and erect shape. This is as a result of the raw material used. It is mainly from polished cowhide to goat and should always be sturdy and quick smooth. Therefore a Givenchy brand of the bag with rough edges means it’s is a fake. It is also a fake if it’s doesn’t have a harmonized definite shape on all sides.

Know your departmental stores or online stores
The Givenchy brand due to its high cost and the high demand has resulted in the rise in the production of its fake brands in a bid to make it cheaply available. So if you need a real Givenchy brand item such as the bag, you might consider going to exquisite departmental stores with good customer feedback. Don’t go to a cheap retailer store where you could probably buy a fake.

Note the Cost
The least Givenchy brand item does not come at a price less than $250. You can expect to get the brand’s bag at a price of $300 upwards and nothing less. Anything less than that means the seller does not value the product and might even be selling a fake

Check the color and the sharpness
To authenticate a Givenchy T-shirt, there is a need to note that for a real t-shirt of this brand the color is not faded in any way and the design is always sharp. If you are purchasing a T-shirt of this brand and you notice it is faded in color and it appears a bit blur then it’s a fake.

Try and pay attention to the buying guide discussed above and we are sure you would not be fooled and fall victim of fake Givenchy items. If you want to purchase an item, a bag, for example, ask for the pictures of the base, back and font then study them well.

If the seller is using a borrowed picture, there is a high probability he is offering you fake Givenchy item. By so doing you can be sure of getting a real Givenchy item of the right quality and not a replica or fake.

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