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Alexander McQueen Guide

Alexander McQueen Brand

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Though the founder, designer Alexander McQueen had passed away, his initiative still lives on. McQueen’s collections have formed an international fashion brand that is both commercially and creatively recognized.

It has progressively become more difficult for buyers to distinguish if what they are getting is either real or fake. This guideline will help you in detecting a real from fake Alexander McQueen.

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Alexander McQueen Authentication Guide

Many Alexander McQueen products are ranging from dresses to shoes, bags, scarfs. We are going to focus mainly on the scarfs while including some other products. Let us get to business.

Check the brand logo
The brand logo consists of the words “Alexander McQueen” with Alexander written above McQueen. The letter “c” in McQueen is written inside the letter “Q.”

The distinguishing factor here is the arrangement of the two words. In an authentic Alexander McQueen scarf, for instance, the word “Alexander” should be perfectly aligned with McQu on “McQueen.” If the word “Alexander” stretches beyond or before the letter “u,” it might be pointing to it being a fake.

Check the lettering
The attention is still on the “Alexander McQueen” logo. This is yet another giveaway for the counterfeiters. A close and good look at the lettering will clear your doubts.

For example the authentic Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf, the typeface of both words “Alexander” and “McQueen” is serif. Some fakes leave the “Alexander” in a sanserif typeface while the “McQueen” is a serif. That’s a sure telltale.

Also, check the stroke below letter “Q,” it is more or less in an almost horizontal position in a legit while it slants more vertically downwards.

A legit McQueen Skull Scarf can be authenticated with a brief trick. A legit scarf has the logo standing out differently compared to other parts of the scarf when held up to the light while in most fakes, the logo blends with the skulls on the rest of the scarf. Most fakes don’t pass this test.

Additional things to note are as follow:
– Alexander McQueen clothing has a luxurious feeling, so touching it is another way to check if it’s legit. For example, the skull carves are thin fabrics made of silk chiffon or cashmere blend.
– A black looped tag is a pointer that it is mostly a fake.
– If the tag falls off at one end, it’s no conclusion that it is a fake, it happens to most scarfs due to the delicate nature of the material.
– The price is another thing. Compare the online retail price to the one in question. A much lesser price should be suspicious.

Counterfeits products have become thorns in the flesh to original brands especially to widely recognized ones like Alexander McQueen. Before you can say, Jack Robinson, you’ve been scammed. Well, you need to be smart about it. Do your research well before going for the purchase, and in so doing, you’re a step farther from fakes. Hopefully, this guideline is of help to you.

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