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Y-3 Guide

Y-3 Brand

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The Y-3 is a popular Adidas branded sneakers. Most Y3 trainers out there are fakes. You will probably see a lot of fakes out there than the real deal. Therefore as a buyer with a genuine interest in buying a real or original of this brand of sneakers either for personal use or resell. It is imperative to follow the guide we have carefully drafted out. Do Follow Through!

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Y-3 Real or Fake Guide

Check the boost
The boost of the Y-3 is made uniformly on the authentic pair and quickish to touch. For a fake, the sole boost could be in a thick form.

Check the Eyelets
On the authentic pair of the Y 3 sneakers, it should be noted that it has three pairs of eyelets. Therefore if you are authenticating and you notice the sneakers have more than three eyelets, then it is probably a fake. This is not really a genuine test for authentication.

Serial numbers
Inside the shoes, there is a tag in which the serial numbers are written. A detailed check for authentication should prove that the serial numbers should match for both pairs and should also match with the one written by the side of the box.

Check the box
This is another giveaway to the Y-3 shoe authentication. The box usually comes with the label Y-3 on top of the box written as Y-3 with three stripes running across the box.

The color
The color of a real pair Y3 looks duller in appearance on comparing with a fake pair which may be lightly faded.

Check the material
The material used in the making of the Y3 is unique and comes in a unique quality appearance. Check the lacing materials and other extras. One thing about the lacing material is that it is of good quality, flat and not too woolly with a plastic cap on top. The eyelets of a pair are made of metallic in color similar to the shoe.

Look out for spare laces
A real Y3 trainer or sneakers have spare laces. As most times the laces of the trainer or sneakers do get worn out. The original maker took extra care to ensure the branded trainers come with an extra lacing material. Therefore when authenticating the sneakers and you find no spare do note it a fake. As most real sneakers come with an extra pair.

Check the inner of the shoe
Taking a quick look at the shoe inner with the insole removed you are supposed to find a signatory name in the form of ‘YOHJI YAMAMAMOTO’. Then no doubt it’s a fake. Also, details such as the spellings of the signatory should be noted. If there is a case of error in spellings and it is not written exactly like ‘YOHJI YAMAMAMOTO’. Then no doubt it is a fake and this could feel bad.

Check the stitching
Also another quick giveaway for the product authentication we have uncovered the fact that the stitching (especially at the front of the shoe) it should be made uniformly, and in the same pattern for both shoes, Any slight change or difference in the pattern means it is a fake.

We do advise once more that the real and fake Y-3 guides above should be noted once more for the brand authentication. Do not fall victim to scammers who take a special interest in selling fakes.

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