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Nike Flyknit Guide

Nike Flyknit Brand

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Do you need a sneaker made for style and comfort? Nike Flyknit introduced in February 2012 is one of the best options to go for. But how do you get to enjoy the value of your money if you end up with a fake? That’s the question we are here to solve.

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Nike Flyknit Authentication Guide

Many counterfeiters have found ways around mimicking the features of this sneaker thereby making it harder. Nonetheless, this set of guidelines will help you get the correct Nike Flyknit racer either you’re buying online or direct purchase from a store.

Check the Shoebox
If you’re buying a new pair of Nike Flyknit Racers, it apparently comes with a shoe box. The shoebox should have a matte finishing and not glossy –the real doesn’t reflect light.
On one side of the box, there is the box label. Counterfeiters have managed to replicate most of the features on the label but carefully check the fonts used, this is a giveaway for most fakes. Check the spacing also, there is always a consistent spacing in the words on real pairs.

Check the Size Tag
The size tag is located behind the tongue of the shoe. Firstly, check the shape of the tag, the real has an almost perfect square tag while the fake has errors most times. Also, a real pair size tag maintains an even font spacing.

Actually, there are two types of Flyknit racers in the market, the old unpadded product, “considered-design.com” and the newer padded product, “nikebetterworld.com.” So if you see the earlier version, it is not a conclusion that it’s fake.

Check the Sockliner
The “Racing Road” on the sockliner of a real Flyknit Racer comes in a printed graphics and it is quite transparent showing the image behind it while it looks iron on in the fake.Also, consider the font; the letters “N” and “G” on racing touch each other in a legit one and the real pair has the word “ROAD” in a bolder font.

Check the Heel Stripe
For a real Flyknit Racer, there are six visible stripes on each side of the shoe and one or two stripes hidden away in the heel tab. Some fakes feature more than six stripes most times.

Check the Logo Position
Check the Nike swoosh logo on the side of the shoe, it is positioned at the second collar flyknit line below the ankle collar. Some fakes are either angled almost touching the ankle collar or slightly below the normal position.

Check the Heel
The original Flyknit Racer has a sleek curve at the heel while it is less curved on most fakes.

Check the Sole Logo
Original Flyknit Racer features a silver and black Swoosh logo in a button-like form. Be sure that the logo has clean straight edges.

Additional things to note include:
– Most original Nike Flyknit racers have their retail boxes featuring date code stamp on the inner part.
– Beneath the sockliner, the insole is stitched to the upper part. The stitching is tight, continuous and clean. And there is a drilled hole positioned at the middle of the heel.

With these few tips rightly considered, you don’t have to fall for a fake Nike Flyknit pair anymore. You can now confidently make your purchase and enjoy the style and comfort.

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