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Thom Browne Guide

Thom Browne Brand

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The Thom Browne brand started as an all men’s brand which specializes in clothing (cardigans, Sweatshirts, suits), footwear and clothing accessories designed by a man named Thom Browne. Getting an authentic Thom Browne brand is proving a lot difficult these days. It is hard to tell which is real or fake as most designers of the fake brand are becoming smarter and 99% accurate. Since there will always be flaws made by this counterfeiter even the thinnest detail is important for the brand’s authentication.

For authentication, we did be taking a look at the shirt and tie.

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Thom Browne Real vs Fake Guide

Check the Back tag
For a real Thom Browne shirt, one of the things to decipher is the back tag of the shirt. The name Thom Browne is written in a peculiar font and a bold uppercase letter, and the ‘w’ in Browne is written in a waggy form. For a fake, the W may appear as a normal font. Also, the back tag is made completely white while for the fake you will most likely notice its grey.

Check the buttons for the shirt
A fake Thom Browne is made of plastic buttons which looks unauthentic and of low quality. For a real pair, the buttons are of high-quality buttons

Check the Clothing materials
For the sweatshirt, the clothing material is made acrylic and smooth to feel. For a fake, you did note that the texture is quite rough.

Check the size tag
Normally the Thom Browne shirt is made in Italy. When you check the size tag, and you notice the following:

– Details such as washing instructions appear unclear or faded.
– The instructions are not containing any English letter.
– The Thom Browne label wasn’t watermarked on the size tag

Duly note it’s a fake.

Check the Stitching
This is also an important detail to note. Usually, the stitching on the authentic Thom Browne shirt, when turned inside out, is done in a criss-cross Zigzag pattern with no loose ends and neatly made. When authenticating the fake, you might notice an irregularity in the stitching or the stitching materials. The stitching material is made with low-quality threads.

Note the price
Especially when authenticating the clothing accessory (The Thom Browne) take good cognizance that a normal authentic tie sells at a purchasing price at no less than $440. You might find a fake Thom Browne Tie selling at $70.

Check the stripes
For the Thom Browne tie with a blue strip, there is likely to be a flaw in that it may be designed on the tie inaccurately. The Real tie has a deep blue strip, and a fake might look grey like.

After all being said about the brand, about distinguishing the real from the fake it is imperative to keep in mind that if you want to buy a genuine Thom Browne brand, you keep an open eye and watch out so as not to be hoodwinked into buying a fake. We have carefully drafted out the guidelines from our wealth of experience to help you get the original.

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