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The North Face Guide

The North Face Brand

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The North Face for over 70years specializes in producing outdoor wears like fleece, coats, jackets, footwear, shirts, and equipment such as sleeping bags, backpacks, and tents. The brand is well known for durability and style. There are also many counterfeits of the North Face products today. For you not to get ripped off, we have produced this guide tips on how to go about getting a real original North Face brand. Here we present to you the guide for you to authenticate. More emphasis will be laid on jackets.

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The North Face Real vs Fake Guide

Check the brand logo
The brand logo is one of the ways to prove this product authenticity of a North Face jacket. Most fake counterfeits never seem to get the logo right. As mistakes such as uneven spacing, misspellings are made. Usually, a fake North Face jacket with the company logo will have it stitched with and embroidery and contains some loose threads. An original North Face jackets contain the company logo well and clearly stitched on the jackets with quality stitching materials on the North Face product.

Check the tags
Real north face jackets usually have multiple red tags that display all the details of the clothing ranging from the products style, place of manufacture to a barcode. Now some fake counterfeits usually miss out on the part of the barcode. It is a true means of product verification. If you are purchasing a North Face jacket, do check the red tag for the barcode as most fakes do not normally have this.

If it comes with a barcode simply try doing quick product verification with mobile having a barcode scanner. If after verification the details on the tag do not match what is being shown on the barcode scanning device then it’s probably a fake.

Also, the style printed on the tag should match the actual style of the jacket. So if you probably notice anything different do get suspicious as it probably means it is a fake. Another thing is that while the fake jacket might come with only one tag. The real jacket comes with 2 to 3 tags. Ensure the tag displays North Face Denali jacket and not five Boroughs.

Know your departmental stores
You should note the departmental stores where you are probably buying the material, whether it is online or offline. The product is a high-end fashion material sold at the top price and you can only find the product at an exquisite departmental store with good customer review.

Purchasing a brand of this product at a cheap boutique or one of those common cheap stores out there will mean you’re buying a fake.

Also, fake products have been rampant online as of the present time, and some are being distributed as second-hand items with cut off prices to attract buyers. Therefore if you are considering buying even a used jacket, it is required that closely inspect the online store. Beware of online sellers that have bad feedback from its customers, use stock photos or offer extremely low prices so as not to fall victim of purchasing a fake. Examples of the best online stores you are sure of getting real products of the brand are Amazon, Nordstrom, Zappos, and Backcountry.

Note the price of the product brand
The North Face product brand due to the fact it produces high quality, durable materials do not come at a cutoff/ low price. Do note while it is possible to find a discounted the North Face products online it is highly unlikely that you find discounts exceeding 50% of retail price. Beware of online stores that offer the North Face products at a discount more than 50% of retail price. You will probably get a jacket of this brand at a price between 89$ to 200$ including discounts. If you do notice it is lesser than this price does be careful as it could be a fake.

Check the quality
For example, the fabric of real North Face jacket is of high quality, so if you probably notice the color of the material is faded, and the materials are of low quality. Then the brand product is probably a fake. The fabric material for a real North Face jacket is meant to be durable and waterproof but lightweight. The fleece models of this material are smooth to touch regarding its texture, and they don’t feel heavy when touched.

Although a cheap fake of the jacket may be able to replicate the look of the jacket but they cannot make it really comfortable to wear. The discrepancies in this fabric material are usually obvious for a fake brand. If you really need a real original North Face jacket that is well able to protect you during the winter season, then we recommend you doing all your possible best to get the real material.

Check the Hardware
Pay close attention to the details of the jacket’s hardware. Real products of this brand pay quite an importance to the hardware’s smallest details of such as the size of the zipper, inscription on the Zipper material and how comfortable it is to use, however counterfeits play a carefree role when it comes to nothing this minute detail. One thing about the zippers on a real jacket is that it is smooth to use as you can pull it up and down smoothly. The real North Face do not make use of a genuine plastic pull but paracord.

Check the stitching
The real North Face Jackets has quality stitches fashioned in a Zigzag manner with no skips and done firmly. The seams of the jacket of the insides of a real jacket unlike a fake one are made together with just one complete stitch and not double stitched. If the seams of the Jackets are not done perfectly then, it means the product is a fake and you buying it might not give you the touch of satisfaction you need.

Check for the seal of authentication
A real North Face jacket should come along with n inscription on its tag as being 100% authentic. If the North jacket does not come with a seal of authentication, then it might be a fake.

Feel the nylon material
Look at the nylon material included in the boot accent or jacket and feel it. The material of original North Face does not display a wider weave but provides a smoother appearance. Check the inner labels and stamped logos for discrepancies, especially when authenticating the jacket.

Do remember buying an authentic product pays better. As this gives you real value for the money you are putting down and the product can assure you of being long lasting and durable. Also, we have laid this guide for you to be able to authenticate the North Face brand so as not to be hoodwinked or fall victim to buying a fake product.

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