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Just Don Guide

Just Don Brand

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Just Don was founded by Don Crawley in 2011. Since then, it has been a luxury brand in sports wears and other goods. It has collaborated with other brands such as Jordan. Just like so many other brands the Just don also has a lot of counterfeits out there. That is why we decide to show you the different ways to distinguish the real from the replica.

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Just Don Real or Fake Guide

The Logo on the insole of a real Just Don is neat, centralized and symmetrical showing the Jump man logo of Jordan with his left hand inclined straight in a diagonal direction and the other hand with its fingers lying flat facing the ground. The Just Don letters are engrossed in a real Just Don and not printed as it could occur for most fakes.

Also, a star is found in the spacing between the Just Don with a signatory trademark® above the letter n, and it is italicized and embedded on a real tag. But for the fake, you will most likely find the font faded, decentralized and not symmetrical with other details.

Check the inside tag
For a real pair of the Just Don brand the size tag which shows the retail pair, style number and where it is manufactured has a white border. A just Don shoe without this white Border is a fake. Also, the font on the tag of the real pair must be clear and not faded in any way. In a case where the font appears faded then it means it is a fake.

Go for a realistic price
Because the Just Don shoe is of high quality and made of quite expensive materials, it is often unrealistic to find the Jordan Just Don shoe selling at a retail price of 100$ as it could point out to be a fake. The approximate price of a real, original Jordan Just Don sneaker is at a price of 1044$.

Check the Stitching
The stitching of the Jordan Just Don is made up of fine an uniformly stitches with no loose ends and also tight. The stitching of the real Jordan just Don is made to match the color of the shoe or sneakers. Otherwise, it is a fake.

Check other minor details
Other minor details such as the dust bag, box, spelling materials, no of eyelets should be checked to ascertain whether it is real or a fake. For the dust bag of the shoe, it contains an Air Jordan Logo which is small in size where on inspecting a fake the logo of the Air Jordan is a bigger size. On checking the box, it should be noted that for the brand there should be no case of any spelling error, unlike most fakes.

Eyelets: as for the eyelets there is supposed to be four pair lace eyelets for a larger pair and three for a smaller pair for real Original Just Don. If perhaps you find 5- 6 Pairs of lace eyelets for the large size and a four pair of the eyelet for a small size then it surely a fake.

Have in mind that whatsoever goods of Just Don brand you want to buy, you are to follow a set of guidelines to help make decisions as to which to buy or not. We believe you would not like to be scammed or get less for your money. With this guide, you cannot at risk of getting the wrong Just Don.

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