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Alexander Wang Guide

Alexander Wang Brand

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This brand was founded by Alexander Wang who is a Taiwanese-American Fashion designer. In 2007, the brand launched its first full collection of woman’s wear. In 2009, the founder launched diffusion line of pre-weathered T-shirt dresses, tanks, and cotton tees. This is known as “T by Alexandra Wang.” Won’t you be surprised if we tell you there is fake Alexander Wang?

Of course, there are replicas, but we are going to share some quick ways in detecting original Alexander Wang products from counterfeits.

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Quick Ways of Detecting Fake and Original Alexander Wang

Like the manager of the Buffalo Exchange said about fake products, ‘When they are trying to sell fake things, and they know it, they are just really quiet.’ While that could be a possibility, it is not a conclusion. The following are some points to guide you through your selection.

Check the logo
Alexander Wang’s label is simply the words “Alexander Wang.” The main check in this is to consider the font type and the typeface of the words; the clarity in the text and font. Authentic Alexander Wang logo has a san serif typeface, bold and thick font. For example, the logo impressed on the outsole of a fake Adidas x AW Run Clean has the thinner font.

Also, taking the Adidas x AW Run Clean as an example, the iconic Adidas trefoil is inverted, turning it upside down. Asides from being inverted, it is also strategically placed at a particular angle. The Adidas logo is a bit tilted.

So if a counterfeiter is detailed enough to get the logo turned upside down, he might miss out the tilting which you should be smart about now that you know.
The last thing on the logo is to compare the colors. Most times, the fakes feature a discoloration.

Check the material/hardware
Alexander Wang won’t make the mistake of using the fake or substandard material for its products. The quality of the leather, zipper, for example, is impeccable. The Alexander Wang and Adidas collaborated sneaker comes with a dust bag. The fakes are made of completely different material. While the dust bag that comes with a real pair is very soft like Kleenex, the fake’s dust bag feels like a standard athletic knapsack material.

Original Alexander Wang Lia Sling bag has black pebbled leather which is really supple. It also has Alexander Wang’s signature brassy gold studs at the base. Check the material, feel it and be smart about it.

Check the structure
For an Adidas X AW run clean sneaker, checking the structure of the rear/back part of the shoe (the heel) is another giveaway. A legit one is more slanting (slants inward) in a position right from the heel upward while fakes most times look straighter. It is quite an obvious feature.

Additional things to know about your guide include:
– Consider the price. If the offered price is too ridiculous for a retailed Alexander Wang product, then scrutinize other features to confirm its authenticity.
– Stitching. The stitching on Alexander Wang Sling bag, for example, is ‘perfect.’ –it should not be sloppy, slanted, uneven or frayed.

There is no point rushing in making decisions you might probably regret. Take your time, do your homework well about Alexander Wang before agreeing to terms on whatever you want to buy. The two key things in this guide are to be detail-minded and be smart about it.

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