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Jordans Brand

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The Air Jordan is brand of footwear produced by Nike in honor of a basketball player Michael Jordan in 1984. The footwear is majorly worn for sports, workouts, and gym. It is a Limited Edition brand, and it sells faster.

The probability of you buying a fake is also high because it is often difficult to differentiate. This calls for the need of a guide for you to be able to distinguish between the real and the fake Air Jordan. Here we present to you a guide for Air Jordan authentication. Read on!

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Jordan Real or Fake Guide

Detailed checks on the logo, stitching, place of shipment, the cover, the labels, tags, and so on should be made.

Check Logo
The logo of the Air Jordan shows a jump man holding a ball with its left arm inclined straight from the elbow and the other hand with its palm flatly and uniformly facing the ground. That is a real Air Jordan. A fake Air Jordan will definitely miss on this as this is a crafty detail and probably a sure proof of authentication.

Whenever you want to authenticate the Air Jordan using the logo, do take note of the irregularities in the logo. Air Jordan footwear logo showing the jump man with his two hands facing up is fake Air Jordan footwear. Also, the space between the feet of the jump man is usually wider for a fake than it appears in the real one.

The Logo is ensemble on an outline. Do note that no part of the jump man logo should be in contact with the outline for real Air Jordan footwear. If not it is a fake and unauthentic. Also, the quality of the logo should be put in check as a faded logo means it’s fake.

Check the stitching
The stitching of the Air Jordan footwear wear is quite perfect and made professionally in its making. Whenever you are authenticating this product, and you notice any sort of frayed or unfinished touches in its stitching and also of low quality, then it’s a fake. For a real Air Jordan footwear, every part of the sides are evenly spaced and singly stitched.

Check all labels
For the labels of the Air Jordan footwear, especially the one under the tongue of the footwear, words like “greatest player ever “should be written. If it’s not written, you can be sure of it being a fake. The label is usually attached to the shoe in a flattened like fashion without any wrinkles in the fabric.

In fake footwear, the label may be wrinkled and carelessly placed. Also, note that all the details on the label should be clear to read. In case you notice it’s faded then it’s a fake. Make sure all of the words on the box are spelled correctly.

Check the tags
One thing to note on the tags of all Air Jordan footwear is the style number which is a nine-digit number. This nine-digit number must match the style number on the box’s sticker. If it does not match, be suspicious that this might be a fake.

On the tag inside the Air Jordan footwear, there is often another detail left out by fake or counterfeits, and that is about the formation of the letter Q in the word ‘fabrique.’ The tail of the Q in this word should start inside a circle.

Pay close attention to the price
Whenever you are shopping at the retail store or online, do take note that the Air Jordan brand being a limited brand edition sells fasts and therefore doesn’t come cheap. A retailer who sells this product at a low price may not know the value of the product. You need to be careful as this might be a fake. Be Beware of auction prices of $7 – $70.

An Air Jordan shoe does not sell at a price less than $100+. If you see a lesser price, then it is a red alert telling you are in danger of buying a fake. We once heard a case of a man who bought the Air Jordan at a retail price of $65 only to notice on getting home that the stitches were not done properly. Also, the lacing appeared imbalanced.

Check the lacing
The shoe lacing tabs should be uniformly spaced with the same size and sharpness for original Air Jordan footwear. They should be attached to the same degree of tension. If you notice even the slightest detail differing aside this, then you can be sure it’s a fake.

Check the patent leather
This includes details of the quality and design of the patent leather in real or fake footwear. Usually, the patent arch around the back of the footwear heel has a high spot.

For a fake, the curve could be lower and even flat. For an authentic Air Jordan, the patent leather around the box should be smooth with no gaps or ridges. But usually, for the fake ones, there could be bumps and uniformly even surfaces to the patent leather around the toe box area.

Check the back heel tab
The back heel tab should show a number 23 written clearly on it. If there is no number on it, you are probably holding a fake shoe. But we do know that the number 23 should be clear, distinct, printed in white lines with no gaps and the same degree of thickness. If the number 23 cannot easily be noticed on the back heel tab, runaway from it because it might be a counterfeit.

Also, observe the shape of the heel tab itself. On an authentic model, the heel tabs are smooth and match with the curvature of the shoe. For a fake, the heel tabs stick out, further away from the shoe and do not follow the natural contour or outline.

Check the midsole point
Do ensure you check for a midsole point. It is usually a different color and fabric from the section of the toe. On a real Jordan, footwear the point of the midsole will be in front of the bottom lace hole. If it’s a fake Jordan, the midsole point will often equal the bottom lace hole.

On this final note, we would like to tell you that whatever you are buying. Always be suspicious and ask questions as regards the Jordan item you are buying. Also, you have to be fastidious enough to be able to distinguish between the real and the fake.

The guide summarizes all you need to know in authenticating the Jordan item. The guide above has been laid for you to make smart and wise decisions and not hoodwinked by scammers or sellers of counterfeited goods and dishonest people. We do you wish you happy time while shopping and a productive day ahead.

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