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Visvim Guide

Visvim Brand

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This is a Japanese brand has been around for a while now. It is quite famous for its production of winter shoes or sneakers, backpacks, handbags and so on and we must say they are really expensive. Just like any other brands. This particular brand has not been spared from counterfeits. We have cushioned out this guideline to help differentiate between the real and the fake of this brand.

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Visvim Real vs Fake Guide

Cost of the product
The Visvim brand being prominent and unique with its designs and due to the fact it is also a Limited Edition has been plagued with so many counterfeits out there. Some designers in order to make it more available to people retorted to producing a fake replica of the Visvim brand ranging from its shoe backpacks to handbags, which usually comes cheap. For example, a type of Visvim shoe sells at $821, and you cannot probably get it at a price less than that.

Therefore if you find this Visvim shoe selling at $50 then you probably know that it’s either a fake or the seller does not know the value.

Check the stitching
Taking a look at a Visvim shoe, we have come to uncover; we have been able to ascertain that the real original shoe is usually stitched at almost every edge in a regular manner with no loose ends in any way. A fake shoe of this brand might be loosed and may not be placed right. If you spot a fake counterfeit Visvim shoe, you might notice it been done in a Zigzag fashion and double stitched then you should know that it is fake. A real Visvim shoe is single stitched.

Know your departmental store
The departmental stores that sell the Visvim brand are most prominent, and they are based in Tokyo, China, and Hong Kong. If you are expecting to find a real original brand, you might perhaps need to ignore cheap stores. You cannot get a real original brand in a cheap departmental store.

For every brand of Visvim, detailed attention must be placed on the color, texture of the material. For a real Visvim backpack and sneakers the color should be one which is quite attractive. You might need to label a product in which the color of its material appears faded as fake. Also, when buying Visvim brands always check for its seal of quality for verification.

Check the tags
The tags on real sneakers usually come with a V inscribed on it along with another card showing the details of the product and must tally with one of the boxes if not then it is a fake. Also, a Visvim shoe without a tag should be pointed out as being a fake. The tags are majorly attached to the material using a metallic strip and not plastic.

Check the box
A Visvim sneaker, for example, comes with a high-quality box with a label inscribed, with a little engraving on it. One thing about the boxes of the Visvim is that they are quite firm and strong. A real Visvim sneaker doesn’t come in a box which is wrinkled or more like tissue. Also in the box, the sneakers are packaged in what looks like a synthetic cloth bag and not a polymeric bag as the case may be for most fakes. The label on the box must tally with the tag on the shoe.

Check the Logo
The logo of the Visvim brand is designed with a V embedded within an octagonal and name written below the V logo. The logo must be checked for any spelling errors as this is also a true means of authentication. For most Visvim products they come with a peculiar logo in which the name ‘Visvim’ is written in a specific font and also with trademark R in a circle at the top right corner from M in Visvim. Also at the tongue of a Visvim branded shoe, in particular, there is a symbol which looks more like a minute part of a circle cut and being made to shine out light with a Hiroki name written underneath on that same tongue.

Check the lacing
For real Visvim sneakers, the spaces between the lace eyelets are made to be even and uniform. Even the lace is made to match up properly with the shoe. A Visvim sneaker with lace eyelets which appears uneven or loses out on a particular lace eyelet which is meant to be there is definitely a fake. We also do want to point out that the eye eyelets are made up of good quality metallic parts.

Check the sole
Though this isn’t generally for all the shoes or sneakers under the Visvim brand, this proves to be helpful. Under the soles of some real Visvim brand, there is a usually an inscription of the name Visvim which acts as a trademark. Therefore if any shoe of that same type with the brand does not have this, then it is a fake and you do need to be careful. Also, the soles of the real Visvim shoes are made with many straight square shapes which help in friction with the ground.

Note the place and time of manufacture
This information is usually depicted on the tag which also shows other main details such as the price, style number and so on. The headquarters of the brand being located at Tokyo and has stores at Hong Kong, China, London and New York. It implies that the place of manufacture should be no other difference from these places. So for example when you are authenticating the brand, and you find out you see a caption like “Made in Beijing” then it’s likely to be a fake.

We do need to assure you about how helpful this guide manual is going to be the best you need in order for you to distinguish between the real and fake Visvim brand and also to make wise choices when buying this product brand. We are concerned about this that’s why we have taken the courtesy of drafting out this few guides to help you whenever you are buying the product either for personal use or resell.

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