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Acne Studios Guide

Acne Studios Brand

Acne Studios with ACNE being an acronym (Ambition to Create Novel Expressions) is a multidisciplinary luxury fashion house. Acne Studios has become a respected creator of clothing, furniture, publications, exhibition and special collaboration. Acne Studios offers ready-to-wear collections which are widely recognized and it has also grown much with retail stores around the world.

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Acne Studios Authentication Guide

With many online and offline stores selling this ready-to-wear brand, how can you be sure you are buying the real thing? We will be answering the question with some pointers to identifying real from fake Acne brand.

Check the label
The lettering and spacing between words on Acne Canada scarf are uneven in fakes as compared to an authentic. Not much difference though but with a closer look, the wool label mostly looks sloppy in fakes.

For authentic Acne Studios coats, the coat size attached to the wash tag displays the size in numbers, not letters. The branding label always appears on its own in real coats while in most fakes, the label is attached to the side of the branding.

Acne is good at matching product name and season of release to each product, which should always correspond to the item attached. So, after you make comparisons and found that the product name is different, it most likely might be a fake.

Check the stitching
Acne brand suggests precision and quality for many. So as regards its stitching, make sure the stitches are even, continuous, straight and neat.

On the Acne Canada scarf, for example, the label stitching most times doesn’t follow all the rules above. Sometimes the stitching is discontinuous or unevenly done in counterfeits.

Check the fringe
On Acne Canada scarf, the fringe is a telltale sign to most counterfeits. A real acne scarf feels fluffier when handled as compared to a fake. The fringe in both the real and most times fake are twisted but the twist is more concealed in real due to the wool fluff surrounding it.

Check the material quality
As earlier said, Acne Studios brings the thought of quality and precision. If it is not quality, it is not Acne. So the materials used for their products are of best and precise quality.

For example, legit Acne coat is made from wool or wool/cashmere blend; anything apart from that brings suspicion. Real acne scarf features very consistent matting of the wool while the fake is mostly heavily saturated with polyester.

Some other things to pay attention to are:
– Acne wash tags come in very clear printing and do not easily fade away after a few times washing
– Acne Studios products are ‘Made In Sweden’ if you encounter any made in China or any country other than Sweden, it is a fake Acne item.

Acne Studios does not have an exclusive brand logo, so detail is the key to identifying a real from the fake product. There is a thin line between getting the real item and falling victim of fakes. You have to be smart about it!


Adidas EQT Guide

Adidas EQT Brand

Adidas EQT is the abbreviation for the Adidas equipment. This brand of Adidas is highly appreciated for its exquisite production of sneakers for both men and women from the year 2017. In recent times, the brand has been parodied by so many counterfeits in the market. It takes a sound mind and a valuable guide for you to distinguish the real and the fake if you are buying the product for personal use or a resell.

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Adidas EQT Real or Fake Guide

Check the material
The real Adidas EQT sneakers come with a real leather material without any patches, smooth and not hairy. We tend to identify a fake of this when we feel the material, and we discover that there is an irregularity in its texture all through the leather material used.

Check the boost
The boost of a real Adidas EQT sneaker is meant to be thicker and difficult to compress. The real ones are also quite firm. Therefore, if you are buying this sneaker for running or exercises, this is actually one of the best qualities you should look for. It has a higher duration and lasts longer. But for the fake ones, the boost is soft and quite easy to compress. They don’t have the durability its buyers deserve.

Check the tags
Details ranging from the position of the tags to the information written on it are a true proof of authentication. For a real pair, the makers of this product (sneakers) took special care in making sure that the tags are attached to the right pair. So whenever you are buying this product, and you find the tag on the left pair, then it is most likely to be a fake.
Also, you don’t want to buy a product in which made in China is written on the tag. Many counterfeits come from China. Well, this is not true most of the time, but you do need to check the product you’re buying, for other details to distinguish the real or fake when you notice it.

Check the stitching
The stitching for the Adidas EQT sneakers is made in a regular manner with no loose ends or unfinished touches which gives it a blended feel. Also, the stitches are made to match or even blend with the sneakers. So whenever you are buying an Adidas EQT sneaker, and you notice the stitches were done in a kind of haphazard manner then do note that it is a fake. Also, note the quality of the stitching and try to feel it. Some fake stitching usually looks like tissue and not firm or strong enough. Do remember to check the inside stitching too for this.

Check the sole
The sole of the sneakers is quite thicker for an authentic pair and of a truth it does has a glossier tone unlike the unauthentic. If you are privileged to wear it when trying to authenticate, the sneakers appear comfortable and give your leg a regular shape due to the thickness of real sneakers. But when trying out the fake, adequate care must be taken not to slip or slide.

Check the lining
The lining material used for the real pair of sneakers is quite impossible to see because they blend totally with the edges of the sneakers. So do take special care when you notice the lining appears kind-of shady you might be holding a replica pair.

Check the stripes
For a real pair of the Adidas EQT, it is made of stripes with the color red. The stripes are made to look like garnets and are of a bright quality but not faded. As this is a signatory of the Adidas product, in general, all original Adidas EQT are meant to have this three stripes inscribed on the sneakers. The fake pair with a red color stripe might be faded and not made to look like garnets, just a really deep red color.

Check the box
The boxes in which the original products are packaged into appears firm and strong also with the signatory three stripes appearing through the box. The box must look quite attractive due to its quality. Do remember the real pairs don’t come in plastic bags. Also, the boxes are expected to have a tag on which the place of manufacture, size of the shoe and gender must be shown and even a barcode for verification. Whenever you observe the box doesn’t appear to be firm for a new pair and do not bear this signatory mark of the three stripes, then it’s a fake.

Check the logo
The product should bear the company’s logo with the name written underneath which should not be misspelt in any way. You always have fake products embezzling with the logo they never seem to get it right. The Addidas EQT comes with the official Adidas trefoil logo and not the bars, so whenever you see an Adidas EQT with the logo of three bars in descending order, note that this is a fake. The logo also doesn’t come with a sticker. They are usually carved or stitched to the tongue of the sneakers.

Check the shoe collar
The AdidasEQT sneakers are made with a collar that you can curve, and they are not stiff in any way. Also, the collar has of the authentic EQT has boughs on both the left and right sides which creates this soft curve. Quite unlike the fake ones which are made to be stiff and straight.

Check the Lace eyelets of shoes
The holes in shoes where the shoelaces pass through are known as Lace eyelets. The eyelets of the Adidas EQT are not metal with the exception of some old models. So, if you want to buy a new Adidas EQT shoe or sneakers and they have metal eyelets then watch-out because they might probably be a fake.

Also, they will come out more easily, even when you pull your laces in tight. If you find out that one of the eyelets has come out and is poking the sole of your foot because it isn’t where it should be, this is most likely because it is a fake Adidas EQT sneakers.

Check the serial number
This is for sure one of the truest and most reliable proof of authentication. The serial numbers on the tongue label of the pair are not meant to be identical for both pairs. A pair with an identical serial number means that it is a fake and that the serial numbers might not be correct.

Note the cost
Of course, the Adidas EQT product does not come cheap at all. If you are buying an Adidas EQT shoe at 50$ then know for sure it is a fake product. Real and original EQT shoes are quite expensive

The Adidas EQT sneakers are one of the best you can ever own. If you are a sportsman wearing the right type of sneakers or shoes matters a lot in sports. You might not want to sustain injuries due to the fact you’re wearing a fake of the product, and you want to make sure the value of the money you spent is well deserved. Well then I must this guide is for you. We do hope with this guide you are able to make wise choices in your shopping.


A.P.C. Guide

A.P.C. Brand

A.P.C. (which stands for Atelier de Production ET de Création) was born out of a passion for real but simple fashion by Mr. Jean Touitou. If you want a real fashion yet simple wear free from embellishment, A.P.C. is the product.

However, counterfeiters have made it more difficult to get a real A.P.C. product online or in stores, hence, the need for this guideline.

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A.P.C. Authentication Guide

Most probably you won’t need to be worried whether you are putting on fake or real A.P.C. clothing after going through this guideline. We will be using A.P.C. denim in most of our examples here while few others are also considered.

Check the A.P.C. tag
Many people have asked and still asking if there are actually fake A.P.C. denim. There sure are, only that the counterfeiters are also bringing their A games to the table, therefore making it harder to distinguish. Most times, the tag is one of the best ways of recognizing real A.P.C. clothing from fake. If your A.P.C. denim does not have a tag, that is however not a conclusion, but it holds a suspicion.

You should consider the font and typeface of the “A.P.C.” on the tag comparing it with the picture of a real one. Note that A.P.C. carries a period at the end of letter “C” –little detail but comes in handy. The tag should bear something like A.P.C., “style name”, Jean Classique. For example:
– A.P.C.
– New Standard
– Jean Classique

Also, the size tag should be centered directly underneath the A.P.C. tag having the same alignment with the letter “P” in A.P.C.

Check the A.P.C. rivet
Here is another little detail in determining a legit A.P.C. denim for example. The rivets on a legit should bear the letters A.P.C. with a few stars.

Check the A.P.C. stitching
A.P.C. might not be the “luxury” brand that you imagine, but even with its simplicity, much effort is put into its quality. Legit A.P.C. products have clean stitching both on the inner and outer. The stitching is consistent, even, neat and no fraying.

Check the A.P.C. buttons
On legit A.P.C. denim for example, specifically, the top button has a detail which reads “Rue Madame Pres Du Luxembourg A.P.C.” Counterfeits will likely have no detailing like this or sometimes a wrong one. Not much right? But that should also come in handy for your decision.

Some additional things you should consider when buying your legit A.P.C. products are:
– A.P.C. hardware/fabric is not substandard. It’s a simple brand but not substandard!
– Too good to be true prices are also a pointer. When you have such, pause and consider other guides.

Since A.P.C.’s idea of fashion is about creating a fashion sense which is quite simple yet quality, a blend of luxury and streetwear fashion, then it requires scrutiny in checking for originals. No exclusive logo, no embellishments to look out for, but follow the details in this guide, and you will be good.


Off-White Guide

Off-White Brand

Since the inception of Off-White in 2012, it has blurred the boundary between luxury and streetwear fashion. Off-White continually creates some of the most head-turning graphics in the game. Its diagonal stripe and cross arrow logos obviously embossed on its back, to its ubiquitous use of quotation marks.

This brand has attracted a lot of people, a mix of the street and luxury; it, however, has successfully attracted the attention of fakers too. Many people seek help because they are not sure of how to distinguish the real from fake!

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The Guide to Off-White Authentication

This guide is written to direct you next time you want to get an authentic Off-White product or to classify the ones you have already.

Check the logo
Abloh has used the existing graphics to build a brand that resonates with consumers. Its brand logo is not in any way exclusive to Off-White, it is the graphic you find on road signs and the cross-walks. Though its logo looks ordinary in that sense unlike some other brands, seeing diagonal lines all the time would bring the thought of Off-White to a customer’s mind, he was, and he is still achieving that aim.

Imagine walking in the crosswalk, and all you that kept coming to your mind is Abloh’s brand. On the other side, using ordinary logo has brought some disadvantages in that fakers tried to replicate such with ease. The off-white logo is a loud graphic branded with black and white diagonal that you can recognize from a distance away.

The most common logo is available in black, tonal, white, and orange. The main giveaway is the font of the “WHITE.” If you compare an original picture to many replicas, the font might be slightly different. It might be in the arrow shape formed by the base of the letter “W” or the spacing between the two legs of letter “H” which are always close enough in originals.

For the flower logo, the comparison should involve checking the flower details to the bud in both an acquired original picture and the one you want to buy. Whatever the choice before you include a graphic, Google the clothing you’re looking at and compare the two to make sure it’s accurate. Compare the text size and the font.

Since the Off-White logo is not an exclusive design, having been designed to connect with people, it, therefore, calls for more scrutiny in getting an authentic product. Since the brand logo can be easily replicated, you have to pay more attention to tiny details in whichever you are willing to buy. You have to watch out for the little details that have been left out as an oversight by fakers.

Check the print
Here, you will have to feel among other things to determine if the Off-white clothing is fake or real. The main thing to look out for in the print is that it must be glossy but not too glossy. When the print is too shiny, you might be holding a fake Off-White.

You should look out for the size of the print also. For example, in Caravaggio hoodies and shirts, the dead giveaway from most fakers is the sizing of the print. It is either too big or too small in comparison to the original. The accuracy of the print also counts. Compare in detail the picture of the authentic to the one before you.

Check the collar
When you are buying an Off-White T-shirt for examples, the shirt’s collar should continue seamlessly, which means any showing otherwise most likely might be a replica. The area under the collar should not change the pattern.

Other things to know are:
The seam on the text should be a V for an authentic Off-White and not in a straight line.
The pockets in the real Off-White shirts disappear into the pattern while the fakes do not.
Notice where the word “WHITE” falls on the pattern, it should not stretch beyond the pattern or too compressed.
For Off-White jackets, a mistake made by some fakers is that the stripes go the wrong way on any side of the sleeves, either left or right.
For the fakes, both sides of the Off-White pattern might not stop in the right spot.

Off-White has collaborated with some other brands such as Nike and Jordan brands.

For Off-White and Nike collaboration
A real one (Sneaker) comes with a thick red, plastic zip tie. The zip tie will have Off-White TM c/o Nike c. 2017 Zip Tie printed in tiny white dots on it. Make sure the typeface is correct and also note how the TM is printed in much smaller white dots.
Make sure the tag has rounded corners, check for the round dots de-bossed into the plastic on either side of the locking mechanism.
There is an “AIR” logo embossed into the rubber on the heel of the outsole. Check to see if there are tiny pinhead sized bumps on the tips of each of the letters. If they are not present, you almost might be getting into a fake deal.
“Off-White TM for Nike “Nike Air Presto” Beaverton, Oregon USA c. 2000” will be written in white print in the instep of real Nike Off-White sneakers. Compare and make sure the typeface is correct and not how the letters r and t in Beaverton are touching. This is a giveaway for some fakers.

For your purchase of any Off-White product and specifically for your pursuit of originality, two things are necessary; you have to be smart and also check it down to details. Hopefully, this guide helps you not to fall victim.

As much as this guide and others that have been written will help you identify real from fakes, getting a picture of the original from the brand’s website and taking your time to compare the features is also necessary.


Balenciaga Guide

Balenciaga Brand

The Balenciaga brand is a Spanish based couture specialized in producing clothing materials, accessories. It has built up a reputation for being one of the top fashions, especially with its bags. But whenever you are looking for a Balenciaga bag, it is always important to keep the irreplaceable hallmarks of the brand in mind, so you don’t fall victim of fake. Here, we will provide some guidelines to help determine which is real and fake, keeping a special interest in the bag especially.

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Guide to Balenciaga Authentication

As most fake designers out there are getting perfect, smarter and almost on a 100% point of perfection, keep in mind you don’t want to buy a counterfeit product. There’s a need to follow the few guidelines we are going to list below.

Interior Label
The interior label of a Balenciaga bag gives the authenticity and age, while some of the labels are metal nameplates. So it is important to watch out whenever you notice a plastic plate which depicts it to be a fake. Usually, the labels come on a metal plate and leather with style number both at the sides seen.

Check the hardware
A real Balenciaga bag has unique hardware in such a way that it is securely attached with no loopholes what so ever. The back of the handles has notches on their rivets. The Zippers are also quite a crucial element in authenticating a Balenciaga. The zippers are meant to be smooth and easy to pull on or out for a real Balenciaga bag.

The case is not the same for fake ones as they come along with zippers quite difficult to pull on and out. An authentic Balenciaga bag features only Lampo zippers with the O-rings on the pulls. It is soldered closed with the shoulder straps bales which are also cramped, rounded, and crushed to a point.

Therefore, if you see anything quite out of the ordinary, then the bag is not original. As most fake designers are becoming craftier and smarter each passing day the fact that it has a lampo trademark is not enough proof of authentication. Do ensure that the lampo trademark engraved on the zipper appears in an italic form with a line underneath and a TM signatory at the top right corner of the trademark.

Check out for the mirror
Luckily this is also one of the best ways to authenticate a Balenciaga brand bag. To distinguish which is real or fake we have noticed that most Balenciaga brand bags come with a mirror in the strap which is quite unbendable for a real brand. If the mirror happens to be easily bendable and has quite elasticity, then it is a fake.

Check the structure
The original Balenciaga brand bag especially the motorcycle version does not have a definite shape, especially if made to stand even upright. They most times make use of lambskin arena leather. Before you use this as a means of authentication, it should be noted that earlier versions used goat skin chevre.

Check the bale
The metal hardware located at the leather shoulder strap end which is also known as the bale should have an organic, rounded shape on real bags. Even though there has always been a change in the shapes, the bale never has any abrupt angles. Counterfeit Balenciaga bags most times have bales that look like “coat hangers.” The twisted piece of the bale ends should taper to a flat, smooth end.

Check the rivets
This is another tellable sign which is 100% relevant. The Balenciaga bags rivets are slightly convex (these rivets can be found on the first pewter hardware bags) and rounded. The rivets are deeply notched. Most fake or replica of the bags has notches that are shallow, either shallow half moons or squarish.

Check the straps
One thing which is quite true about the Balenciaga strap as we have observed is the fact that it is crafted out of a single piece with the most precise holes for the hardware that attaches it to the bag. If the leather is folded over the bag’s hardware, then it is a fake. The apertures at the end of the strap leather should have the same recognizable texture as any negation on this part makes it unauthentic.

Check the tassels
The tassels of an original Balenciaga bag are fixed to all the zippers and are crafted from the same leather of the body. In a fake, the really soft texture of an original tassel is usually replaced by a coarser, lower quality feel. Also, observe the way they hang. In an original, the tassels will hang quite loose, hung to the soft leather which doesn’t have a resisting shape. Fakes, on the other hand, would still retain a still and rigid shape.

Check the Handles
Balenciaga bag handles have a woven look to them that would remind you of a rope. The raw leather look is also another important feature of the strap, termed “suede leather” by the company. Usually, fake Balenciaga bags would sport protected or coated leather.

Check other unique details
Apart from the unique fact that this brand of the bag comes with a mirror as listed earlier we have observed another tiny detail you can use to authenticate the brand. It is another element such as the handle which is braided with suede leather. This leather texture should have a rawer look than the textile on the body of the bag. But if the leather texture and textile of the body are in harmony, then it’s a fake.

There you have the various factors you need to consider before and during the Balenciaga product purchase. We believe you would not fall a victim of scam and Balenciaga replicas if you can make use of this guide. You should now be able to stop at both online and offline stores to shop for Balenciaga items confidently. Spot fake Balenciaga products today and prevent waste of money!


Burberry Guide

Burberry Brand

The Burberry brand is topnotch in the fashion world famous among other brand names such as Prada, Lois Vuitton, Nike, Adidas, Supreme and much more. You will probably find it being worn by most celebrities, even to the Navy and Air Force. This brand deals mainly with the manufacture of clothing, accessories (bags, scarves, and purse), and perfumes. It is often synonymous with British wears such as trenches which are basically designed for comfort during the cold weather.

When considering buying a Burberry branded product. You should consider going through this guide as many retail shops are out there to exploit you to all their benefits after paying high-end prices only to get fake ones. There are just too many counterfeit products of this brand out there, and it will be a smart choice on your part to check out the guide. The guide will help to identify a fake Burberry product and not fall a victim.

One of the things you probably need to note is that a Burberry product uses high-quality designs. Fake Burberry items are only a copy of the original design for real Burberry’s brands.

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Burberry’s Authentication Guide

Here are the things to look out for when purchasing our brand to differentiate between original and counterfeit

Check the labels
The labels of a real Burberry product are neatly secured with fine and neat stitching and also correct spellings, labels are usually misspelled in fake Burberry products. Also, for authentic Burberry tag would have the brand name written on it in capital letters. The letters should be of equal height. If you see any deviation, you probably see the counterfeit.

Check the stitching
Real Burberry items are characterized with neatly secured stitching with a pattern in which there is a wrap around the folds, with no breaks and lines, are perfectly straight. For a fake Burberry brand product, the lines are not usually perfectly straight as most fake designers probably do not take note of this.

Check the company’s logo
A knight riding a horse characterizes the logo of a Burberry product. You can check the official website to know how the logo looks like exactly. If you want to buy a Burberry product and noticed the logo is different from the one you are seeing on the official site run away from it. You might be holding the fake Burberry.

Check the tags and the plaque
For a Burberry bag, there should be either a metal plaque or a leather tag. The metal plaque should match the color of the bag’s hardware, plus an engraving reading ‘Burberry – London’ in the brand’s signature font. Many (but not all) of the leather tags have ‘Made in Italy’ stamped on the back and some made in China a different name tag apart from this show that the product is probably a fake.

Whether it is metal or leather, the font of the logo on the stamp or engraving is very distinct. The left side of the U and the Y are slightly wider, and the R’s have small tails. A fake Burberry bag would probably not have this as the fake designers would not take note of this distinction.

Check the imprints
If the print is straight and even then the product is certified as being authentic. If the imprint is perhaps messy or uneven, then the product is a fake Burberry.

Look out for other minutes details
The Burberry designer accessories and garments have a fine detail into each piece. Intent observation should be made on good stitching and quality buttons, buckles, and zippers. Most fake designers do not focus on these minute details thereby rendering their products foul and not of the required quality.

Know your patterns
The two most popular Burberry patterns are the Classic Check (far right) and the Nova Check (immediate right). The Classic Check has a tan background, with black, white and red stripes of both horizontal and vertical nature. You’ll also notice a faded knight insignia positioned at the intersection of two red lines.

The Nova Check pattern is slightly different, with the main discrepancy being that, like the Classic Check, there should be no faded knight insignia. Similarly, the background has a light yellow undertone, and the lines that are red on the Classic Check have a pinkish hue instead. Any bags that deviate from these well-known patterns may be a fake.

Why will you choose to buy a fake brand when you can probably buy a quality one that will serve your time and probably be a good investment for you? Whether you are purchasing this product brand probably for a resell or personal use, remember a smart choice will really serve you well. The guides above are to help you in differentiating between a real and a fake brand and make the right choices in a purchase.


Comme des Garcons Guide

Comme des Garcons Brand

Comme Des Garçons is quite famous for casual wears and other accessories. It is a designer fashion brand made in Japan. This brand specializes in perfumes, plays shirts and other accessories and is known to be commonly worn by most celebrities. The Comme des Garçons is commonly known for its heart-shaped logo with two eyes.

One thing of interest to note is the fact that this product is not spared from counterfeits. There are manufacturers out there who desire to make profits by depriving those who love the brand the pleasure of purchasing high quality. Do not be fooled, counterfeiters are getting more skilled, and they are always ready to cheat you of your money.

The ability to tell the difference between real and fake Comme des Garçons is a must have if you don’t want to fall victim of the fake brand in offline and online stores. We have put together this guide to help you authenticate the brand items before you buy them. Read on!

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Comme Des Garçons Authentication Guide

Check the logo
Here is a quick fix. The first impression about the name is that the ‘C’ on the brand name has a star under for a real Comme des Garçons brand products. A Comme des Garçons play shirt comes with a heart which is usually red in most common cases. One Thing to note about the logo is that it is quite clear and not expected to be faded or blurred.

Also if you find out that the brand name has a thinner font and the letters are not aligned with the corners of “P” and “Y” for its play shirt, then it’s probably a fake. To identify the fake designer clothing in some ways, you might need to familiarize yourself with their graphic design and spacing. Even if the thinnest detail is missing, then it’s a fake.

Check fabric quality
The color and texture of the fabric should be noted. If you probably notice any sort of fading especially for the products with stripped lines, the chances are that it is a counterfeit. A real Commes Des Garçons play shirt is a deep quality thick cotton material and not silk or wool. The colors of the fabrics are also quite distinct and perfectly made.

Look out for the stitching
The thread used in making a real Comme des Garçons shirt is always 100% cotton so anytime you are up for a purchase, and you notice a poor quality thread material that probably looks like tissue on the fabric material it is a fake.

Do take note that the thread is 100% cotton nothing less than this should be expected. Also, for the brand’s play shirt which is a round neck, the neckline threading is not always obvious as the thread is made to match with the color.

Check the care tags
Even if all of the guides above seem right, chances are you will still get a fake because fake designers out there are getting smarter day by day. Well, that might be a little cause to worry. But keep calm, the care tags still have tellable signs to distinguish between a real and a fake brand. So if you are purchasing this brand, you probably need to look out for the care tags. If you don’t find it anywhere on the cloths most especially by the sides, do take special care that it could be a fake.

Normally people often cut off care tags, but that is usually after purchase and provided you are buying it second hand. But when it comes to getting a supposedly brand new first-hand designer item from retail stores worldwide, this should not be the case.

Also, the Comme des Garçons Co Ltd on the care tags is not normally printed on the stitch side. So if you note this error on the brand chances are you are buying a fake. Do take special care that a real Comme des Garçons product always carries a made in Japan tag and not made in France or Italy and their sizes range from XS, S, M, L.

Know your departmental stores
Most original Comme des Garçons are sold at high-end departmental stores, but that does not really mean all the same. You can be sure of getting your desired qualities at such a store. Most small retail shops can only offer you fakes and at a relatively low price or they might perhaps scam you. So do take care whenever you are up for a purchase.

Check the fits and sizes
Original Comme des Garçons shirt is usually made to fit and probably tighter especially at the tummy. If the jersey or play shirt clings so little and does not fall easily, then there is a high probability it is fake. However, you can only try this at a retailer’s shop where you might be opportune to wear them otherwise you could ask for pictures of their varying sizes with people wearing them.

A proper guide on how to get the Comme des Garçons and what to expect from an original that a fake will not provide is all you need to keep hand whenever you are making a purchase. Without neglecting the fact, a lot of counterfeits out there are fast gaining way ahead with the product. This calls for an urgent need to be able to identify the original from the fake. Remember this is one of the best choices you can ever make.


Prada Guide

Prada Brand

Prada is an Italian luxury fashion house with its uniqueness in manufacturing top-notch fashion leather handbags, travel accessories, shoes, perfumes and other fashion accessories. Due to this limelight and the fact that it is a popular brand and because of the costliness of a Prada item, fake and cheap versions have come into the markets. This has exposed the brand to fake manufacturers with the aim to make money using the brand’s name.

These fake designers only try to be perfect, and they are getting better day by day. Most retail shops that deal in selling this brand, just to make profits don’t mind exploiting their customers and rubbing them off their money, by giving out fake materials. Therefore if you are the type who desires the best quality, Prada has to offer.

There’s a need for you to authenticate any Prada product you are purchasing from either an online or offline retail shop. Here’s is a quick guide to identify between which is real and which one is a fake. We believe you do not want to fall the victim of counterfeiters. We will take a special interest in its bags.

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Real or Fake Prada Guide

Prada Logo
If you really want to get the best quality out of the brand, more detailed attention should be paid to the logo’s fonts and spacing on the logo. The logo is designed in such a way that engravings even in the thinnest form can be seen clearly. So whenever you are purchasing any product of this brand and the fonts do not seem to be clear enough then it’s a fake.

Regarding spacing, the letters in the real brand are well spaced and not touching each other. The letter R also has a different font from the rest of the letters which most fake designers of this brand do not seem to take cognizance of.

Also if you notice any mistakes in spellings, then it’s a fake.The letters on the authentic bags are sharper and not rounded or curved.The brand is specially adept at its perfectionism, and anything apart from this shows the product brand to be a fake.

Check the Stitching
A real Prada bag is singly stitched. Whenever you are purchasing this brand especially for the bags, and you notice it is doubly back stitched even on one line then watch out this is a fake. One thing a Prada product can promise you is its uniqueness in the way of perfection. They are neatly and perfectly stitched at an angle and not in the straight pattern. Also, not at all will it be messier.

Authenticity card of Prada Bag
Whenever you are buying a Prada bag, always look out for the authenticity card. Whenever you notice that the details on the card ranging from color to the size and even texture differs from what you see, then there’s need to exercise more caution in buying that product. Even if you are buying a second-hand product of this brand, it is of a necessity to ask for the authenticity card.

Also when you buy a Prada bag, most cases you get a brown envelope. The Prada logo should be engraved on it and not printed if it is printed then you need to watch out. Also, details on the authenticity card and the brown envelope should match each other 100%.

The buttons and zipper should be matching in color and should have coordination with the bag and its lining. High-quality zippers are usually found in original Prada bags. The Zippers of real and original Prada bags are always perfectly processed. They are not difficult to pull on or out.

Know your stores
This is a quite obvious sign as genuine bags are usually purchased from high-end departmental stores. You probably check for high end expensive departmental stores to get the original Prada item either a bag or a purse due to the fact it is expensive. A lot of small, low-end retail shops can only get a replica in order to sell a Prada brand. So when you buy a Prada brand from such stores signify you are probably purchasing a low-quality item which we can call a fake Prada.

Check the hardware
All Prada hardware is antique brass. If you find hardware that is rusted, old, or worn, then it probably is not a Prada. Check the coloration, and the size to make the right decision.

Look at the lining
The lining of a Prada bag is black. If there is a pattern, then it is a fake one. The lining material should be of high quality. It will also have the word ‘Prada’ running horizontally across it. All Prada handbags have the unique Prada logo repeatedly embroidered into the lining no matter the material. Anything contrary is a sign of a fake.

Check for the label
All authentic Prada bags have an interior label, so whenever you are purchasing a Prada bag, and you could not find the label, then this is an indication it’s a fake.

Find the metal tag
An original Prada bag will have a metal tag that says “Prada Made in Italy.” If the tag is made of plastic or fabric, then the purse or the bag is not original. All Prada handbags have a serial number and tag of authenticity located on them. Misspelled words may also indicate that it’s a fake.

Check to see if there is a dust bag
The absence of a dust bag may reveal the purse is fake. An original Prada purse will have the Prada logo printed in black on a white dust bag. There should be a label stitched in the dust bag that says “Prada” and “Cotton” made in Italy

Try to follow our guide above to stay clear of fake designer products and not to be cheated on. You might need to do a thorough study of whatever Prada product you are purchasing and keep in mind this guideline as this will help in making wise decisions and give you the real value for the money being spent. Remember you need to make smart choices when purchasing a Prada product!


Givenchy Guide

Givenchy Brand

The house of Givenchy is a luxurious French brand which features a collection of hauteur couture clothes and accessories such as bags often worn by top celebrities. Whenever you are looking for a brand in the line of fashion, the Givenchy brand will probably be your best choice. They are highly reputable in its production of high-end fashion materials such as clothing, accessories, perfumes, and cosmetics.

This brand has gained a reputation and has earned a name for being among the top fashion brands today. People of all ages wear the Givenchy brand, and it is in high demand. It is imperative to note that this brand isn’t spared from counterfeit fashion designers. We can bet you that there are a lot of fake Givenchy products on the market today. Hence, the need to give you a few guidelines to authenticate a Givenchy branded product. We are here to help give you the value you desire. We will be laying more emphasis on its bag and clothing.

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Real or Fake Givenchy Guide

Check the label
The Givenchy label is made of Gold. The Givenchy brand also has a label imprinted on the inside of its bag and must be clearly seen. The triangular leather label detail which is in the interior is quite convex and puffy. If it is flat, then it’s a fake. A real Givenchy product bag has a label that is properly affixed that it has a little space in between the letters. Details such as the label name should be taken into consideration as many fake, counterfeit designers miss out some thin detail.

Details such as how some specific letters are written. For example:
The G: A fake will usually have the letter G either close to the letter I or the G will be quite big.
The E: The E will have a shorter middle line in the letters. This is the E shown on every label on of authentic Givenchy bags and clothes.
The S: Authentic labels will have a specific style of the S, and it’s curvy at the ends of the letters. On a fake, it will be a standard printed letter S

These details apply to both the clothing and the bag.

Pay Attention to the Hardware
If you check the hardware especially the zipper of a real Givenchy bag, it is expected to be smooth. A fake one is normally hard or difficult to open in most cases. The Zipper is oversized and emblazoned with the Givenchy label and does not have space in between. If you are purchasing a Givenchy branded bag and you notice a small zip, then it is a fake. In the interior of the bag, there is a mini zip special care should be taken that it should be lined up with leather.

Check the Dustbag
This is another tellable sign which helps you to differentiate between the fake and the real. The real dust bag should either read “Givenchy Paris” or “Givenchy” on the white cotton fabric dust bag. It should have a crisp screen print with well-defined lines or edges and not raised areas of ink or bubbles. If you see a dust bag that has different information, you are close to falling victim of fake Givenchy.

Check for finishing touches
A majority of fake designers out there miss out on the attribute of perfectionism. One thing to note about most fake Givenchy brand items is that whenever you notice any raw edges or Unfinished touches at the stitching area especially for the bag, then it’s probably a fake. A real Givenchy bag is properly made to perfection and to taste same as a Givenchy T-shirt.

Check the lining
Take a look at the base of the neckline, at the back of every real Givenchy T-shirt there is always a signatory “T” lining no match the color of the T-shirt. Hence this is a means to authenticate this material to ensure it is not a replica or a fake. Most fakes do not have the signatory stitched to the back.

Check out the material used
A real Givenchy branded bag has a definite and erect shape. This is as a result of the raw material used. It is mainly from polished cowhide to goat and should always be sturdy and quick smooth. Therefore a Givenchy brand of the bag with rough edges means it’s is a fake. It is also a fake if it’s doesn’t have a harmonized definite shape on all sides.

Know your departmental stores or online stores
The Givenchy brand due to its high cost and the high demand has resulted in the rise in the production of its fake brands in a bid to make it cheaply available. So if you need a real Givenchy brand item such as the bag, you might consider going to exquisite departmental stores with good customer feedback. Don’t go to a cheap retailer store where you could probably buy a fake.

Note the Cost
The least Givenchy brand item does not come at a price less than $250. You can expect to get the brand’s bag at a price of $300 upwards and nothing less. Anything less than that means the seller does not value the product and might even be selling a fake

Check the color and the sharpness
To authenticate a Givenchy T-shirt, there is a need to note that for a real t-shirt of this brand the color is not faded in any way and the design is always sharp. If you are purchasing a T-shirt of this brand and you notice it is faded in color and it appears a bit blur then it’s a fake.

Try and pay attention to the buying guide discussed above and we are sure you would not be fooled and fall victim of fake Givenchy items. If you want to purchase an item, a bag, for example, ask for the pictures of the base, back and font then study them well.

If the seller is using a borrowed picture, there is a high probability he is offering you fake Givenchy item. By so doing you can be sure of getting a real Givenchy item of the right quality and not a replica or fake.


Bape Guide

Bape Brand

There are lots of brands that have been around for long and are just standing out recently. Bape is one of them. When a brand is beginning to make an edge in the fashion world, you cannot rule out counterfeiters. Since they know many people will be craving to have the products from the brand, they would tend to make use of the advantage.

Buying authentic Bape is the best you can do for yourself. That is why we have prepared this guide to help you tell if you are purchasing a real or fake Bape. Keep in mind the tips and factors that would be discussed below. Read on!

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Legit Check for Bape

Check Bape stitching
The stitching on Bape items is nearly perfect. Look out for the threads. The threads of fake Bape are most times loose while that of the genuine Bape are not loose on the inside.

Bape sleeve tags
When you see a real Bape clothing item, the tag will be located at the center of the sleeve. But for the fake Bape clothing, you might see it at the back or front or deviate from the center. You need to pay attention to this detail.

Available Bape sizes
If you see Bape clothing or product sizes with 3XL or 4XL, you are probably holding the fake. Do you know why? The brand rarely makes both sizes available. If you see the two sizes runaway from it or on the alternative, do extensive research.

Check the pricing
Almost all Bape products have a minimum price. For example, if you are buying a Bape hoodie and the price tag is below $300, then you are probably going for the fake. There is no genuine Bape hoodie with less than $300 retail price.

Bape inside lining
When you want to buy a Bape item, make sure you check the inside lining. The fake Bape item has a fleecy lining inside while the authentic has a woven cotton feel.

Check the Bape fabric
In a counterfeit Bape, you will see the spacing between two parts when you pull the fabric apart. In fact, it will sometimes be loose. But when you see that the fabrics are tightly knitted and have a unique quality, you are on the verge of buying the real Bape item.

The Bape lettering and color
The lettering of Bape on the real item such as hoodie is orderly and not crooked. The fake ones lack consistency. Also, if you are buying a hood with diamonds and see the diamonds placed around the “Bape” instead of putting it on the brand name, you are holding the fake. The real color of Bape items is vibrant while the fake color of Bape products is most times dull.

Check Bape Zipper
The real Bape always have silver zippers, except the baby milo line. Ensure you see YKK on the silver zipper. If not, there is a probability you have the fake. Note that this should not be the first factor to consider because some counterfeits copied the YKK. But still be on the lookout for this.

Furthermore, some extra tips can help make the right choice of buying the authentic Bape.

Check the photos of the Bape item on the retailer website or store and compare it with the one on the Bape official site
Read users review before you make your purchase. Bape items with lots of great reviews can probably be real. I said probably because the reviews can be cooked up. So, you need to be careful here.
If you are buying a Bape bag, ensure you go for a bag with a white tab. On it is a factory sticker of size. Fake Bape bags have various colors, and the logo of Bape may look more orange or yellow

How to know if your Bape is real or fake shouldn’t be a problem anymore. All you need is to pay attention to every detail mentioned above. Don’t rush into purchasing any Bape item. Ensure you check everything till you are 100 percent sure you are not buying the fake Bape. If you have any doubt, do not buy till you are convinced


Supreme Guide

Supreme Brand

Recently, Supreme has become one of the most sorts after brands in the fashion world. With many young people looking for a way to trend with the latest in the world of fashion, Supreme has come in grand style with a mission of stealing the show. Of course, it is what many brands are after. Gone were those days when we have Nike and Adidas in top demand. Now supreme is also becoming the talk of the world.

But do you know there are fake Supremes? With many online and offline stores selling the brand, how can you be sure you are getting the real Supreme and not the fake one? If you are smart, the probability of purchasing a fake would be lower. With this guide, we are going to show you how to differentiate between a real and fake Supreme. Let’s check it out!

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Do You Have the Real or Fake Supreme?

Will you like to waste your money? Whether you like to buy and sell Supreme products or you like to keep for yourself, we guess your answer will be NO. The simple trick is, don’t fall victim of scams. You should be able to identify the label, logo, stitching, print, tags, how it feels and much more.

Check the Supreme logo
Checking out the logo is one of the best ways to identify a counterfeit. The logo of a supreme is boxed which most fake gets but one thing is to pay attention to the color. The color of a genuine supreme logo is a light, rich dark red. Fake Supremes are either too light or too dark. If the logo is on a cloth like a hoodie, the logo will have high-quality stitch completely embroidering it. So if you see off or broken stitching, you might be holding a fake Supreme.

The supreme lettering on the real logo is most times embroidered in matt white, especially in hoodies. Also, the spaces around the lettering are plenty and not close. Fake Supremes are either wider or closer. Turn the cloth inside out especially a hoodie; you will see a thin stitch line with white color running through the middle of the real logo. Even though fake might be able to copy it, the quality of the stitching will be poor or have low quality.

Check the Supreme stitching
The stitching of Supreme is unique. When you check out the stitching on the logo of the original Supreme, you will see a studier stitching with the distinctive criss-cross pattern. The pattern resembles lots of small diamonds that are stitched together in a diagonal pattern. But for fake Supremes, the stitches are vertical and horizontal, and they appear to overlap each other.

Take a Supreme T-shirt for example. Check the stitching along the neckline. For a real Supreme T-shirt, the stitching along the neckline is not visible. But you will have some obvious stitches on a fake supreme T-shirt. In fact, for a real Supreme, the tag on the T-shirt has a single stitch, but counterfeit Supreme has more than one. Also, the stitching of the logo on a real supreme hat is always close to the border and will not fold up at any point.

Check the Supreme tags or labels
The Supreme labels are one of the easiest ways to know if you are holding the real or fake Supreme. Let me use the Supreme hoodie to explain this. When you compare the square “made in” tag with the spacing and size of the lettering “Supreme,” then you will know if it is real or fake.

For an original hoodie, the Supreme lettering will occupy the whole lower tag space and the “made in” tag will be located at distance to the last “e” of the word “Supreme.” For a fake Supreme hoodie, the “made in” tag will be farther above the last letter. But you need to study it well because it is in small detail.

You can also check the wash label; the label with the washing instructions on them. Real wash labels have a single stitch line running along the top, but fake might have stitching in almost all directions or more than one direction.

Additionally, there are some other factors you should consider to confirm if you have the real or fake Supreme.

Check the word “Supreme”: A real Supreme would have the letters almost touching each other. For a fake Supreme product, the letters will be a bit or far apart.
The Supreme drawstrings: A fake supreme drawstring is round while a real one is flat. Drawstrings are common to supreme hoodies.
The Supreme feel: Most supreme products are made of high-quality materials, and that is why they are not cheap. Mere holding and feeling them you would know if you are holding the counterfeit or original. They are nice and does not feel rough to the skin
The Color: this is common to the accessories like bags. They have the same color as the logo. If you see a faded or lighter or darker red, then you see the fake.
The print: This depends on the product. The print can vary with products. To be sure you are going for the real Supreme product check how the print looks like on their online store and compare it with the one you are holding. If you notice any difference, you might be holding the fake.

Why should you purchase a fake Supreme product when there are legitimate sellers out there ready to offer you the real one? Ensure you make use of the buyers guide provided above, and you can also read past buyers reviews coupled with some research. Remember, you need to be smart about your decision and let your intuition be your best friend before you make any purchase. Do not buy if something is different from the normal about the product.


Louis Vuitton Guide

Louis Vuitton Brand

Louis Vuitton has become one of the most counterfeited brands in the fashion world even though they are one of the world leading international houses. They have produced a different kind of items such as bags, shoes, jewelry, watches, shirts, sunglasses and much more. With the lots of Louis Vuitton women and men collections, it is most times daunting to know if what you are purchasing is real or fake.

Do not be fooled, counterfeiters are getting more skilled, and they are always ready to cheat you of your money. The ability to tell the difference between real and fake Louis Vuitton is one thing you should possess so you won’t fall victim of the counterfeiters in offline and online stores. We have put together this guide to help you authenticate Louis Vuitton items before you buy them. Read on!

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The Louis Vuitton Authentication Guide

There are many Louis Vuitton products or items, and there are different techniques to tell if they are real or counterfeit. We are going to focus mainly on their bag while including other Louis Vuitton items.

Check the stitching
The construction and design of Louis Vuitton are simple, but their craftsmanship is flawless. So expect perfection when it comes to stitching. The stitches are perfectly even and perfectly straight. The stitches number will not reduce or increase. It will maintain the normal numbers they are known for. Let’s take Neverfull, Alma, and speedy bags as an example. The bags will always have five stitches evenly placed across each of the tabs where the handles are fixed.

So if you see the stitches less or more than five, you need to be careful. You might be holding a fake Louis Vuitton bag or item. Don’t buy if the stitches are loose and even if you are buying a pre-owned bag you need to watch out for the stitches. Another tip is that you shouldn’t trust a Louis Vuitton bag that has two types of leather stitched together.

Logo of Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton created their logo so users can easily contrast between original and counterfeit. The logo of the brand is not tilted, and it does not have blurred or smudging edges. Also, the monogram is never crossed with locks, folds or stitches. The LV monogram is symmetrical from one side to the other, and they are located on the leather canvas of all the Louis Vuitton bags except for some old ones.

In some cases, the LV monogram can be upside down. Example of this is the Louis Vuitton speedy bag. There is a single continues piece of leather wraps that run from the front side to the back. Also, watch out for the colors of the logo. Fake cannot get the color and saturation perfectly.

Check the Louis Vuitton stamping and font
The stamping on a Louis Vuitton bag most times makes it easy for you to determine if an item is fake or real. It is very important for authentication. Pay attention to the O’s. They look bigger than the L and are perfectly round. The tail of the L is shorter and not long. The T’s are closer to each other that it is almost touching and even looks like IT. Also, the letterings are very crisp, clear and thin. Any deviation from the ones mentioned is a red light and no go area.

Observe the Louis Vuitton Hardware
The hardware is one of the easiest ways to know if you own a fake or real Louis Vuitton. Counterfeiters most of the times use poor quality hardware. Some come as colored plastic. For example, the zipper of the authentic bag is always on the left, but the fake bags might be on the right. Pay attention to the imprint of the hardware. Is the lettering crisp, clean and precise? If yes, you are holding the real Louis Vuitton, but if your answer is no, you are about to buy a fake Louis Vuitton.

Check The Date Codes
Before early 1980’s, Louis Vuitton bags do not have date codes. But recent years Louis Vuitton bags have a date code which shows the place and date of manufacture of a bag. Since the date code signifies the country where the Louis Vuitton bag is manufactured, you can make use of the opportunity to detect a fake Louis Vuitton bag. If you see anything like “made in France or USA or Germany” you are definitely looking at the fake. You will see the date code inside of the bag written on a piece of leather. Remember, fake Louis Vuitton bags don’t usually have a date code.

Check the table below for the Louis Vuitton codes attributed to each location:

FranceSA, SD, SL, SF, SN, SP, SR, BA, DU, BU, DR, BJ, CO, ET, FL, CT, LW, TJ, TH, TR, TS, VI, VX, A0, AH, AN, AR, AS, A1, A2, AA, AAS (Special Order), MB, MI, NO, RA, RI
ItalyBC, BO, CE, FO, NZ, MA, OB, PL, RC, RE, SA, TD
GermanyLP, OL
SpainBC, CA, LO, LB, LM, LW, GI, UB
SwitzerlandDI, FA

Piping and Handles of the bag
Vachetta leather is used in the construction of Louis Vuitton bag’s piping and handles. With age, the color deepens to a rich honey color. The leather trims of the real Louis Vuitton bags don’t come wrapped with soft paper, polythene or tissue. But the fake uses the coverings so that the stitches and colors don’t fade away before you buy them.

Some other things we will like you to pay attention to are:
The price: no Louis Vuitton item comes cheap, but they are constant throughout the year.
Tags and cards: Real Louis Vuitton items have tags that are available in a pair, and they always have a black barcode and letters written in dark brown and ivory white color. One tag will have the barcode, correct French name, and model number while the other will have Louis Vuitton and the material it is constructed of written on it.

Try and pay attention to the buying guide discussed above and we are sure you would not be fooled and fall victim of fake Louis Vuitton items. If you want to purchase an item, a bag, for example, ask for the pictures of the base, back and font then study them well. If the seller is using a borrowed picture, there is a high probability he is offering you fake Louis Vuitton. Remember, you need to be smart in your purchase process!