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Nike Air Force 1 Guide

Nike Air Force 1 Brand

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Nike Air Force 1 sneaker is one of the most sought-after Nike shoes. While people are eager to rock this Nike sneaker, counterfeiters are likewise giving customers a hard time in trusting their guts when shopping for the Nike Air Force 1.

This guideline is to help you make the right choice in getting the real Nike Air Force 1 sneaker. By the time you finish going through this article, you should have some more confidence in identifying authentic Nike Air Force 1.

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Nike Air Force 1 Legit Check Guide

Check the Shoe Box
Just before you go to the details on the shoe, let’s focus briefly on the shoe box. A new original Nike Air Force 1 shoebox is made of strong box material. Note that! Also, the Nike retail box should feature a label on one of its sides. This label features some details such as the style name, barcode, country of manufacture, size, color and a style number.

The style number should be nine digits long and note that it does not feature any letter, just numbers. The first six digits represent the style, and the last 3 represent the colorway. Here is the tip; make sure the style number matches the one inside the shoe or the sales receipt.

Check the Inside Label
Firstly, if the style number on the inside label matches the one on the box, it is most likely a legit one. Then, some counterfeiters might be oblivious of the Nike logo on top of the label. Lastly, this is a little detail but a very helpful one; check the tail of the letter “Q” in FABRIQUE, it starts from inside the circle.

Check the Metal Tag
This sneaker features a metal lace tag. It has the word “AF1” carefully engraved into it. The engraving is of high quality, so look out for cheap, superficial engravings.

Check the Sole
Nike Air Force 1 sneakers have their sole made from rubbers. Note that it is not plastic and it should be flexible without much stress. If you are making your purchase online, let the seller demonstrate it to you but if you have access to the shoe, why not try it, flex the shoe and if it bounces back to normal, you might be close to getting a legit Nike Air Force 1.

Check the Authenticity Card
Some Nike Air Force 1 comes with a “certificate of authenticity” card. If it is found, a legit one has the shoe image hidden in numerous dots on the card, which can only be seen when viewed at certain angles.

Check the Logo
The Nike trademark swoosh logo is stitched, printed or glued to this shoes. The logo must be correct (perfect), and the stitching must be immaculately done, no tears or inconsistent stitches.

Check the Sock Liner
Remove the sock liner if you can and check underneath, it should bear some letters and numbers embossed into it. The numbers represent size indication. Also, look out for the easily negligible bump on the edge of the material, near the base of the big toe. If present, it’s an indication of it being legit.

Another important thing to watch out for is the general stitching. When you carefully look at the stitching, you would know if it is real or not, as the stitches are carefully, neatly and perfectly done.

Consider these guidelines above, follow them and you won’t fall for fake Nike Air Force 1. Get smart!

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