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Palace Skateboards Guide

Palace Skateboards Brand

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Palace Real vs Fake Guide

Palace is rapidly rising in the fashion world with some of the world’s biggest style influencers such as Rihanna, Drake, Jay-Z, and Virgil Abloh making the brand’s products high in demand. The rapid rising of the brand has not only increased the high demand for its products but allowed counterfeiters to turn their attention to replicating these products.

With time, the replicas keep getting more and more resemblance to the original, so it is highly needed to get a buyer’s guide if you really want to get an original piece. Here are some details to look out for when buying your Palace product.

Check the logo and label
Thanks to Tanju who made the clothing label so conspicuous to the eyes. You can observe the details on this brand’s label to detect if it is legit or not. One of the main errors in the fake Palace clothing is found on the label which is known as “Tri-Ferg.” The color, print quality and font of the logo are the best giveaways. The logo has a big triangle with the word “PALACE” written on two sides of the triangle and a letter written at the base indicating a size.

Any product that bears the Palace Triangular size tag with a line continuing from the base of any of the letter “P” to the top of it without a gap is a counterfeit. Some fakes have managed to fix this, but this is a good detail to use easily.

The font on the logo is another giveaway to replica Palace. The letter (s) at the base of the triangle indicates the size of the shirt for example. Replica Palace clothing tends to have either thinner or larger font than the original. So if you check out the picture of a real Palace and the font of the one you are holding is off, it is likely you’ve got a sub-standard one. The real Palace also has bolder texts while the fake’s texts are more angular.

Generally, hoodies, jackets, T-shirts, and sweatshirts all follow a strict design rule and no genuine Palace will have variations of text in the same collection. For example, “Tri-Ferg” T-shirts will all have the same text while the counterfeits will have very varied text. And any Palace size tag that does not display size under the triangle is fake unless it is heavily worn. The best way is to have a look at the genuine website and compare the text’s font and size.

Still, on the logo, the letters “L” and “A” in the “Tri-Ferg” are also a good check. For example, in real Palace T-shirts, the letter “L” and “A” will join through the tail of the Ferg.

This is a variation that Palace has employed in identifying its original products. For example, while the letters do touch in the Palace T-shirts, the letters within the “Tri-Ferg” in a real “Payne” long-sleeved T-shirt do not touch. Legitimate Palace alternates these variations which the fakes might not have.

Check the stitching
Another simple way to confirm the originality of a Palace clothing is to check the stitches, whether the collar stitches go over the letters or not. There is normally a gap between the stitching and the print. Not all replicas have this error, but if it is conspicuous, then it is a fake.

Here is an exception to this rule, The Palace X Bronze Collaboration might exhibit stitching going over the lettering, but there are no fakes of any Palace X Bronze.

Check the wash-tags
Firstly, it is important to know that there are three types of legit wash tags found on the inner side of the shirt giving washing information. Each is from different time periods. One shows no Tri-Ferg at all, yet it is legit, this type is from 2011 to 2013, so if you see such, it should be accordingly aged.

The second legit wash-tag has a misleading, inaccurate font, yet it is legit and the third type which is the one currently used by Palace. The fonts on the Tri-Ferg appear as they appear on the T-shirts.

Most fake Palace wash-tags are not accurate and if observed well just look off from the legit. A fake will usually have a font that is off, Tri-Ferg that is off or a wrong text.

Check the price
Here another basic way of checking if you are about purchasing the real or fake Palace. Check the price. Palace has gained its reputation and thereby leading to high demands, and apparently, it is expensive, so if you have or see the price of jackets or T-shirts going for £15, they are most definitely fake.The average price of a Palace T-shirt in the UK is considerably higher than the price of almost all the T-shirts selling online.

Palace clothing sells out very fast. There are few places to get the real ones apparently the Palace’s website is the first to consider. Other few places like Slam City Skates and Native Skate Store all sell legitimate Palace. There are also websites to avoid ending up with fake products. Several replicas have the same look with the authentic ones, especially when buying online until you get a closer view and you sight the subtle differences.

If you have doubts on whether the product is genuine or not, follow these guidelines that have been shared above and also, comparing the product in question to a genuine Palace image from the official website will be very helpful.

Remember, detail is the key, and you have to be smart about your purchase.

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