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HUF Guide

HUF Brand

The HUF brand started officially in the year 2002. The brand can otherwise be stated as a skating brand because the founder Keith Hufnagel was a street. The brand is not at all a popular brand. It deals with the manufacture of cloths (mainly casual materials), footwear (sneakers, slip on and socks). The fact the brand isn’t quite popular does not mean the fake or replicas of it isn’t being sold in most stores and boutiques today.

Let’s take a quick look at the different factors you need to consider, so you don’t fall victim of counterfeiters.

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HUF Real or Fake Guide

Check the label
The HUF logo comes in different fonts but what to note is that for the shirts is that the HUF is written in a special way in which it is printed on the clothing material in this forms “HUF,” “HuF’’, ‘’huf’’and quite bold for a real HUF product. We can’t be so sure but if you are buying a HUF brand, and you notice this particular label is engrossed and not printed then note it is probably a fake. Now on the footwear especially for the socks, it wrapped with a paper which the label HUF is printed on it.

Check the material
Taking a look at the HUF socks, the real material is meant to be a little bit elastic but not thin in any way. Note that the HUF socks come in different forms regarding its designs. One thing common about a real HUF sock is that in either way it isn’t meant to have a faded look, and it is meant to be smooth to feel.

Check the stitching
Typically for the clothes, the stitching on the HUF brand is made to perfection using a machine on a 100% cotton material. A fake brand can have low-quality stitching materials with loose ends and a disorderly pattern. For the real sneakers, it comes with a signatory H on the side of the sneakers taking a large portion of the sneakers.

Note the price
A real HUF brand especially the socks sells at $10 to $12 and probably find it at an equivalence of 6 to 8 pounds. HUF socks selling at a lesser price signals fake.

Know your departmental store
Not all departmental stores online or offline selling the HUF brand sells the real deal. The real HUF brand is sold at top fashion outlets. When getting a real HUF brand online, it’s advisable to make the online purchase on a site like Amazon where getting a real material is a good deal.

We would kindly implore you to take the guide seriously when you wish to get any HUF brand from a retail store. More emphasis should be made as to the kind of material and of which quality. We sure do not want you to be hoodwinked into buying a fake when in fact it pays to get a real brand. With the few guidelines, we have drafted we do hope you make a right choice in getting a quality brand.


Gucci Guide

Gucci Brand

Since the Gucci brand started back in 1921. It has wide acceptance in the fashion world, being a luxury brand. The legacy of Guccio Gucci lives on through his initials which are the well-known signature monogram twin G pattern.

Among all brands, Gucci is the most replicated brand today. Earlier, the differences between real and fake pairs were easy to spot. But technology has allowed counterfeiters to be more accurate in replicating the original products. If you have the mind of getting a Gucci product probably as a gift or for yourself or you even need to assess the originality of the ones you have already, here are few hints to distinct the real from fake.

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Gucci Real or Fake Guide

Check the logo and GUCCI font
This is one of the best ways to identify the real from the counterfeit. The Gucci logo is the famous double G pattern monogram. On fake clothing, the printed or monogrammed double G pattern on a lapel or pocket will look like G’s that are backward and looking at the name Gucci; the C’s might be far apart from each other. The embossed Gucci logo should be clean and crisp.
This is where some imitators miss out on details. Note the font of the Gucci logo, each letter has its specificity and also check the space between each letter. However, your decision shouldn’t be based just on this.

Check the stitches
Take a close look at the stitching of the label. Gucci is known for its quality stitching and makes sure the stitching is even throughout, straight, clean and neat without holes or tears in the seams. An original Gucci will not thread dangling off the bag. The label must bear “made in Italy,” any other thing from that is a replica.

Check the zippers, clasps, and hardware
Gucci bag, for example, makes use of brass hardware that is study and thick, in the making of their purses. The band’s hardware should be well-cast and heavy and usually engraved with the company logo. Either plastic or metal are used for the zippers, with the company logo or YKK. If the zipper is made of low-quality plastic instead of metal YKK zippers that is sturdy, or if the handbag’s clasps are too hard to fasten, then you might be holding a fake.

Check the Gucci material and lining
Every Gucci bag or purse, for example, are made of the finest material; suede, leather, canvas, patent leather. The bag should feel soft and supple when touched. The inside lining of the Gucci bag is also a good check for the quality. If you have or see a Gucci bag lined with a plastic-like fabric that bunches at the seams, you just saw a replica. You have to touch to feel the material:

For example, the famous Gucci GG monogram canvas on bags has a rougher groove-like quality, as if you run your hand over a tapestry but as for the replica, it feels like the weave is flat to touch and less defined.

For Gucci T-shirts, it is exclusively cotton material. While the embellishments may be synthetic, metal, leather, or a variety of other materials. If a Gucci T-shirt is made of anything different from 100 percent cotton is a red flag, then it is not authentic.

For a Gucci wristwatch, feel the weight of the one you’re willing to buy. Original Gucci wristwatches are made from heavy materials which can be gold or stainless steel while the fake may be lighter.

Check serial numbers
A Gucci product with serial number is not necessarily a criterion for it being real since counterfeiters have found a way in conjuring fake serial numbers on their products. The serial number of each Gucci product is at the back of the interior label.

For example, serial numbers are included in all Gucci bags and the brand uses 10 to 12 numbers in the two rows and the number is not more than 6 in each row. It is important to note that they are only numbers, so if you check and found the serial numbers bearing at least a single letter, it is apparently a fake.

Compare the price tag
Being a luxury brand, Gucci clothing goes for hundreds of dollars. A pair of pants may start at around $300, so getting a brand new Gucci shirt or $10 to $30 is a pointer to it being a fake.

Some additional things that you might want to pay attention to include the following:
– For a Gucci Wristwatch, check out the second and minute hands. Most of the time, the brand uses Swiss quartz movement, which is smooth. The movement of the hand on the counterfeits will either tick or stick.
– Note that Gucci does not wrap its handbags in nylon.
– Make sure the word “GUCCI” is spelled correctly. Any error in the spelling reconfirms it being a fake.
– Check the exterior details aside from the material it is made of. For example, for a bag, the usual ones are small rectangular leather stitched in front, a metal plaque, a leather patch or even hanging parts.
– Gucci has a control system that ensures that their customers are purchasing only authentic bags. Each handbag is sold with a ‘controllato’ card (it is the Italian word forchecked.) The word controllato is displayed in lowercase letters underneath the card.
– Examine the sales receipt. Although the receipt can also be fabricated, the sales associate number and the date of purchase cannot. If you are going for a second-hand product, you can contact the original store to confirm the purchase.

Detail is the key to getting your original Gucci product. Now you don’t have to make the error of purchasing a fake product when you can get the real ones from legitimate sellers. You can make use of this buyer’s guide, and you can check reviews of past buyers and as well get the real pictures of what you are about buying for comparisons. Remember, counterfeits’ resemblance to the originals is getting closer day by day, so you need to be smart with your purchase. You don’t have to focus on one detail; it is best to consider many things before concluding.


Dior Guide

Dior Brand

The Christian Dior is a Luxury Goods Company located in Europe. It is chaired and controlled by Bernard Arnault who is a French businessman. The brand deals in the manufacture of real, high-quality clothing and other accessories such as handbags, purses, perfumes, purses. The products are made to taste and with a unique appearance and distinctive details of the product found on the labels and the box. However, there are counterfeits of the products, especially for its bags.

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Dior Real or Fake Guide

To authenticate this brand, we will be taking a special interest in its bags. Here are some of the basic things you should check out.

Check the label
On the label of a Christian Don bag, the letters Christian Dior along with Paris (written below) is engrossed on it with the only space existing between Christian and Dior on the real handbag. Also, at the back of the label, it is expected that place of manufacture such as Made in Italy or made in Spain is written along with an authentication code which is a combination of letters and figures in this format 00-XY-0000. If the following details appear to be printed and not engrossed on the label, then it means the product is a fake.

On closer inspection, if you notice a Made in China engrossed on the back of the label, then it is a fake. The label is also stitched to the bag in such a way that three of the edges are stitched with the same color different from the top edge of the label. A Christian Dior handbag with the same color stitching on all the edges means it is a fake.

Another good giveaway to the Christian Dior handbag authentication is that the label is rounded at the bottom corners of the label and square shaped at the top of the label. For a fake bag, the corners are likely to be square shaped on the corner tips.

One thing to note is that the stitching on the Christian Dior bag is done perfectly and flawlessly made on all corners and edges especially at the bag handles in the same pattern, with no loose ends. A fake will be faulted at this as the most counterfeited product is made in a rush thereby leaving the stitches with some loose ends and flaws.

The logo of a real Christian Dior bag comes with a silver metal accent with the letters CD written with no space. If you see any deviation or space, then you are probably holding the fake.

Check the Authentication code
When purchasing the hand, take close attention to the authentication code stamped at the back of the label. One thing most producers of counterfeits producers always miss out is the fact that there is always a major clue. The authentication code is written with the combination of figures and letters in this format 00-XY-0000 (two figures, two letters, two figures). A Christian Dior bag without the authentication code means it is a fake.

Check the Hardware
If you are a lover of original Handbags, we advise that the Christian Dior hardware must be given serious attention to. The Zipper of the real Christian Dior bag is made peculiar with a CD zipper pull which should not appear flashy.

In essence, it is mandatory to use this guide to distinguish between the real and fake Christian Dior. Do have a nice time shopping for your essentials.


Common Projects Guide

Common Projects Brand

Common Projects was founded by an Italian creative consultant, Flavio Girolami and an American-based art director, Prathan Poopat. The name of the brand came about when the two were working on some common projects together while residing in different countries. You are likely to come across the brand because of its simple design but the use of high-quality materials. But how can you be sure of getting a real brand with all the counterfeits Common Projects out there? We advise you to check out the guidelines drafted for you.

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Common Projects Real or Fake Guide

Check the sole
The sole of the Common Projects shoe is made of thick rubber and a well-patched undersole which makes it firm on the ground. On the sole of the shoe, the stitching is made in such a way that it is deeply embedded in the shoe to match whatever color of the shoe’s sole. Also usually the sole of a real Common Projects sneaker is quite smooth. For most fakes, the rubber sole might not have the right quality and might not be thick.

Check the stitching
The stitching of the Common Projects sneakers is done in a way to match the color of the shoe. For most fakes, you will probably see a white on black color Common Projects shoe. Also, the stitching of the shoe is regular on all sides.

Check the laces
The lacing of the Common Projects is made flat and skinnier and also made to match the color of the shoe or the sole. You do not expect to find a real sneaker of the brand to have a different lacing material from the color of the shoe or the sole. If you notice this be suspicious as it could be a fake.

Know the Price
The Common Projects shoe has been a Limited Edition shoe and also quite expensive. You should not expect to find a Common Projects shoe or sneakers selling at a price between $5 and $20.

Departmental stores
Whether online or offline you do want to check the legitimacy of the shop before you buy any product brand from it. Due to the fact, the Common Projects shoe is of a Limited Edition. It takes a well-recognized exquisite departmental store online or offline to sell a real Common Projects shoe. Also, check out for reviews about the departmental store you are purchasing the brand from to see feedback responses from previous customers. It will help avoid departmental stores that pride in selling fakes.

You would not find a Common Projects shoe expected to be of a high quality appearing faded on the sides of the shoe as this would prove beyond reasonable doubt that it is unauthentic .

One thing about the Common Projects shoe, especially for the white type, is that the label on the shoe is written as Common Projects with a golden form and no mistakes or spelling errors. If you find a Common Projects shoe with its label written as Common Projects, then it is a fake.

Getting real Common Projects sneakers comes with a price of having a guide to prevent you from getting scammed by sellers of its counterfeits. Do check out the guidelines to make a wise purchase.


Billionaire Boys Club Guide

Billionaire Boys Club Brand

In 2005, Pharrell Williams Nigo founded Billionaire Boys Club which is an American-Japanese clothing brand. It specializes in making T-shirts and varieties of sweat shirts. But the market for the sale of this product has been overtaken by lots of replicas. We want to be sure you get a real BBC T-shirt. Therefore, the need for us to draft out a few guidelines you can use to stop getting fake Billionaire Boys Club goods.

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Billionaire Boys Club Legit Check Guide

Logo check
On the front of every real BBC T-shirt, the Billionaire Boys Club is written in a glossy form on it in which the name Billionaire Boys Club is written in a curved form which makes it peculiar and a trademark ®just above the C in Club. Also at the back of the T-shirt a peculiar design of two astronauts lying down in opposite directions. Now for most fakes, the engrossed logo does not usually have a glossy feeling to the touch.

Check the Quality
Whenever you are buying the T-shirt for personal use, or a, resell details such as to the color, texture of the clothing material must be checked. A real BBC T-shirt should not in any way appear faded as this could mean it is probably a 40% fake. Any BBC cloth that is not 100% cotton made is also a fake.

Check the Stitching
Usually, designers of fake brands usually in charge of tailoring hardly take note of the criss-cross pattern as to how the BBC T-shirts are stitched For a real BBC T-shirts one thing to note is the fact that it is well stitched at all ends in an orderly manner with no loose ends whatsoever.

Unlike a fake where you probably find irregular stitching of the threads. Take a proper and careful look at the quality of the stitching materials as most fakes are designed with poor stitching materials. Any real BBC shirts you are coming across of uses a high and good quality clothing materials.

Take a careful look at the Packaging
This is the first proof of authentication for a real BBC shirt is that it comes in a wrapping bag with the name, consists of a tag with a style number and a signatory yellow star. For most fakes, you might find out that the details of the style number are not matching the details on the clothes label.

For example, when unboxing a shirt, you want to purchase, and you notice that detail such as the size number, for example, L is written on the wrapping material and you find a size XL or X on the clothing material be careful as it can be a fake.

If you really want a brand that will serve you well, Billionaire Boys Club is able to fill the gap. There T-shirts and sweat shirts are exclusive. We advise you to go for the real deal and not the fake of the brand. You need to follow this buying guide we have provided if you want to overcome the problem of getting a fake.


Bianca Chandon Guide

Bianca Chandon Brand

Alex Oslon created the Bianca Chandon brand as a curative design to the 80’s model, and it’s on the verge of reaching out to different kinds of people with its models. It specializes in designing sweatshirts, caps and other accessories. Like most other brands it’s quite difficult to differentiate which is real or fake.

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Guide to Bianca Chandon Authentication

To authenticate the Bianca Chandon brand, we will take a quick speck in its sweatshirts and include some other accessories when giving the tips. Let’s get started .

Take a closer look at the logo
One thing unique and the best giveaways about the brand is about the logo of the Bianca Chandon. When authenticating its shirts, there are three different logos you can find on any of its shirts. The common logo is the name of the brand written as BIANCA CHANDÔN that is with an uppercase O with an inverted V on it. For the spacing between BIANCA and CHANDON, the letters are written together. This is a straight out of the box giveaway as most fakes miss out on this especially for the Uppercase letter O.

Another logo found on a real Bianca Chandon brand especially for the shirt and cap is the name LOVER. It is slightly written in an italicized form with the bold name and no spacing in between its letters. The third logo you can either found embedded in its cap or sweatshirt is the sign O with a dot in it. This is usually located at the center or the top right corner of a real Bianca Chandon sweatshirt, unlike the fake where it can be located on the left top corner. When authenticating its cap using the prerequisites, you are most likely to find the logo font written the same way but on a tag and this sign carefully stitched.

Check the stitching
The fake of this brand usually has irregular stitching with stitching materials easy to notice. For real Bianca Chandon shirts, one thing to note is the fact that it is well tightly stitched in an orderly manner. It has no loose ends and can hardly be noticed because it is made to match the color of the material for both the shirt and the cap. Observe the quality of the stitching materials as most fakes are designed with poor stitching materials. Also any authentic Bianca Chandon shirt you come across uses high and good quality clothing materials.

Retail Price
The Bianca Chandon price for most online and offline shops that sells the authentic comes with a fair retail price and details of this could be checked on a directory, any price list different from this means the product is a fake

Finally, we did like to say, buying a Bianca Chandon brand pays but getting a real one pays better. If you are the type who values real quality clothing, it is essential for you to follow this guide so you would not end up buying a fake at an unfair price.


Balmain Guide

Balmain Brand

Just like most other brands, the Balmain brand has not been spared from manufacturers of its counterfeits. We have probably so many counterfeits that it is sometimes difficult to authenticate. Here is a series of guidelines to help you authenticate this product whether you are buying for personal use or a resell.

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Balmain Real or Fake Guide

Check the Packaging
A real Balmain wear comes with a thick box with a real Balmain Logo with details of the name and products on it and should be spelled correctly. Whenever you are buying this brand, and it comes in a plastic bag be suspicious as this could be a fake.

Take note of the Weight
When carrying out a survey on this brand to draft out the guide we took a closer inspection and noticed that a real Balmain jean feels heavy to touch. A Balmain jean which feels light in weight is most likely a fake one.

Check the tag
The tag of the product especially for a Balmain jean brand comes with a black tag with the inscription of the product details written in white and quite clear, not faded. Otherwise, the brand should be regarded as being a fake. Also, the tags on the jean are properly stitched in a way in which there are no loose ends.

Take a careful look at the Stitching
This is probably one of the best giveaways to authenticate the product. The way the stitching is done on the real Balmain is unique. The threads are neatly stitched and no loose ends on the materials. For a fake, you will probably notice irregular stitching on the brand.
So with that, you would ascertain whether it is a fake or not. Also, details such as how the inner labels and tags should be well noted to prove the product’s authentication. Any deviation from the unique and regular stitching is a red alert.

Check the Hardware
In the case of the hardware, taking a look at a real Balmain Jean Zipper, you did probably notice it is made of a high-quality silver metallic material. For the zipper of a Balmain jean, you are purchasing for personal use or a resell be careful if perhaps you find a Balmain jean made of gold with a silver coating on it. You sure can be buying a fake or been scammed.

Check the departmental store:
Whenever you are purchasing a Balmain branded jean from a departmental store online. Be sure to note the customer reviews about the online store. Most online stores such as Amazon can give you the full assurance you need to buy the product. Also if purchasing offline, real Balmain wears cannot be found in a cheap retail store due to the fact it is quite expensive and may be limited in its quality.

Finally, for any products you are buying online or offline do be sure of following the guidelines as this could help you make wise decisions while purchasing the Balmain brand. We do wish you a happy shopping.


Alexander Wang Guide

Alexander Wang Brand

This brand was founded by Alexander Wang who is a Taiwanese-American Fashion designer. In 2007, the brand launched its first full collection of woman’s wear. In 2009, the founder launched diffusion line of pre-weathered T-shirt dresses, tanks, and cotton tees. This is known as “T by Alexandra Wang.” Won’t you be surprised if we tell you there is fake Alexander Wang?

Of course, there are replicas, but we are going to share some quick ways in detecting original Alexander Wang products from counterfeits.

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Quick Ways of Detecting Fake and Original Alexander Wang

Like the manager of the Buffalo Exchange said about fake products, ‘When they are trying to sell fake things, and they know it, they are just really quiet.’ While that could be a possibility, it is not a conclusion. The following are some points to guide you through your selection.

Check the logo
Alexander Wang’s label is simply the words “Alexander Wang.” The main check in this is to consider the font type and the typeface of the words; the clarity in the text and font. Authentic Alexander Wang logo has a san serif typeface, bold and thick font. For example, the logo impressed on the outsole of a fake Adidas x AW Run Clean has the thinner font.

Also, taking the Adidas x AW Run Clean as an example, the iconic Adidas trefoil is inverted, turning it upside down. Asides from being inverted, it is also strategically placed at a particular angle. The Adidas logo is a bit tilted.

So if a counterfeiter is detailed enough to get the logo turned upside down, he might miss out the tilting which you should be smart about now that you know.
The last thing on the logo is to compare the colors. Most times, the fakes feature a discoloration.

Check the material/hardware
Alexander Wang won’t make the mistake of using the fake or substandard material for its products. The quality of the leather, zipper, for example, is impeccable. The Alexander Wang and Adidas collaborated sneaker comes with a dust bag. The fakes are made of completely different material. While the dust bag that comes with a real pair is very soft like Kleenex, the fake’s dust bag feels like a standard athletic knapsack material.

Original Alexander Wang Lia Sling bag has black pebbled leather which is really supple. It also has Alexander Wang’s signature brassy gold studs at the base. Check the material, feel it and be smart about it.

Check the structure
For an Adidas X AW run clean sneaker, checking the structure of the rear/back part of the shoe (the heel) is another giveaway. A legit one is more slanting (slants inward) in a position right from the heel upward while fakes most times look straighter. It is quite an obvious feature.

Additional things to know about your guide include:
– Consider the price. If the offered price is too ridiculous for a retailed Alexander Wang product, then scrutinize other features to confirm its authenticity.
– Stitching. The stitching on Alexander Wang Sling bag, for example, is ‘perfect.’ –it should not be sloppy, slanted, uneven or frayed.

There is no point rushing in making decisions you might probably regret. Take your time, do your homework well about Alexander Wang before agreeing to terms on whatever you want to buy. The two key things in this guide are to be detail-minded and be smart about it.


Alexander McQueen Guide

Alexander McQueen Brand

Though the founder, designer Alexander McQueen had passed away, his initiative still lives on. McQueen’s collections have formed an international fashion brand that is both commercially and creatively recognized.

It has progressively become more difficult for buyers to distinguish if what they are getting is either real or fake. This guideline will help you in detecting a real from fake Alexander McQueen.

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Alexander McQueen Authentication Guide

Many Alexander McQueen products are ranging from dresses to shoes, bags, scarfs. We are going to focus mainly on the scarfs while including some other products. Let us get to business.

Check the brand logo
The brand logo consists of the words “Alexander McQueen” with Alexander written above McQueen. The letter “c” in McQueen is written inside the letter “Q.”

The distinguishing factor here is the arrangement of the two words. In an authentic Alexander McQueen scarf, for instance, the word “Alexander” should be perfectly aligned with McQu on “McQueen.” If the word “Alexander” stretches beyond or before the letter “u,” it might be pointing to it being a fake.

Check the lettering
The attention is still on the “Alexander McQueen” logo. This is yet another giveaway for the counterfeiters. A close and good look at the lettering will clear your doubts.

For example the authentic Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf, the typeface of both words “Alexander” and “McQueen” is serif. Some fakes leave the “Alexander” in a sanserif typeface while the “McQueen” is a serif. That’s a sure telltale.

Also, check the stroke below letter “Q,” it is more or less in an almost horizontal position in a legit while it slants more vertically downwards.

A legit McQueen Skull Scarf can be authenticated with a brief trick. A legit scarf has the logo standing out differently compared to other parts of the scarf when held up to the light while in most fakes, the logo blends with the skulls on the rest of the scarf. Most fakes don’t pass this test.

Additional things to note are as follow:
– Alexander McQueen clothing has a luxurious feeling, so touching it is another way to check if it’s legit. For example, the skull carves are thin fabrics made of silk chiffon or cashmere blend.
– A black looped tag is a pointer that it is mostly a fake.
– If the tag falls off at one end, it’s no conclusion that it is a fake, it happens to most scarfs due to the delicate nature of the material.
– The price is another thing. Compare the online retail price to the one in question. A much lesser price should be suspicious.

Counterfeits products have become thorns in the flesh to original brands especially to widely recognized ones like Alexander McQueen. Before you can say, Jack Robinson, you’ve been scammed. Well, you need to be smart about it. Do your research well before going for the purchase, and in so doing, you’re a step farther from fakes. Hopefully, this guideline is of help to you.


Adidas Ultra Boost Guide

Adidas Ultra Boost Brand

Adidas Ultra Boost was launched in 2015, and since it drew the attention of both buyers and counterfeiters, it is only a matter of time to find fakes on sale. Imagine you wearing a supposed legit Adidas Ultra Boost on your first date, only for your date to inform you that you’ve got fake or better still cheap sneakers on. That won’t be cool right? As a result, this guideline will help you check if it is legit or not.

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Adidas Ultra Boost Fake or Real Guide

Check the price
You should be suspicious when you have these sneakers under retail (180€). It, however, doesn’t conclude that it is a fake but that you should check further details. A pair of legit Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers cost $289 at the time of release.

Check the Insole
This is particularly a giveaway for some counterfeiters. When you take a look at the lettering on the insole of Ultra Boost sneakers, you will find the words ‘ultra boost.’ However, the letters are not apparently the giveaway but the position of the lettering.

For a legit pair, the word ‘ultra’ is written next to the heel on the right shoe while the ‘boost’ moves inward, and on the left shoe, ‘boost’ comes next to the heel. Many fakes don’t take note of this; having the letters arranged same way on both shoes. It is not a final assessment but a pointer to fake.

Check the Heel Cage
With a keen look at the heel cage of a pair of the sneakers, check the typeface of the letters. Note that the ‘ultra’ typeface is thinner than the ‘boost’ typeface in a legit one while this details might be missed on a fake.

Also, the word ‘boost’ is more chrome plated with a gold finishing on a legit pair while on a fake pair, the word ‘boost’ looks duller.

Check the panel close to the heel cage
The panel marking the end of the heel cage on legit pairs features a continuous dull white color while the fake features a shiny varnish.

Check the Outsole
Adidas Ultra Boost sneaker has a Continental logo debossed into its outsole rubber. Make sure that the typeface is correct and the tiny horse logo is sharp and clear.

Also, check the ‘torsion system’ plate on the outsole. On a legit pair, there is a circular indentation below the trademark R logo while it is sometimes missed on fakes.

Check the MidSole
For example, in Adidas Ultra Boost Triple Black 3.0, there is a plastic plug cut into the midsole on the instep side. The original shoe features a completely separate material which is different from the midsole material.

Check the Upper
Original Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers feature little circular holes on the upper part of the shoe while the shapes are diamond-like in fakes.

The Boost Technology gives specific comfort for your feet; a spongy and responsive feel. So if you’re after the benefit of Ultra Boost, be smart about it and at least enjoy the value of your money.


Adidas Stan Smith Guide

Adidas Stan Smith Brand

The Adidas Stan Smith is an old brand of Adidas. There are many counterfeits of this product out there, and it takes a proper guide to prevent you from getting scammed or hoodwinked into buying a fake. Here we have outlined a few guidelines to help authenticate the Adidas Stan Smith shoe or sneakers brand.

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Adidas Stan Smith Real or Fake Guide

Note the Price
The Adidas Stan Smith also known as Adidas superstars comes at a fair price of 70$. Therefore if you find an Adidas Stan Smith shoe at a price far lesser or higher than this price be suspicious as it could be a fake.

Check the Serial number
For this detail one thing to note whenever you are unboxing this brand. Do check for the serial number on both the box and the tag of the shoe tag to find out any correlations. If you do notice any mismatch in the numbers on both the box and shoe, then it is likely to be a fake.

Check the Eyelets
The eyelets for a real brand of this product have variations either for the male or the female/Junior type. For this type of shoe, a male has seven eyelets, and female type of the shoe has six eyelets. To authenticate, most especially for the fake you need not overlook this detail. Most fake counterfeiters neglect this and can make the shoe have 8-9 eyelets for the male and seven eyelets for the female. The back of each eyelet is made metallic and not plastic. Also be sure that the last eyelet is pinched through the thick corner of the collar.

Check for Heel tags
It is quite rare to find a heel tag for this brand. Having a heel tag on a shoe is quite a common feature you will find in newer models of this brand. An old model real Adidas Stan Smith does not usually come with a heel tag. In the event of observing this in the shoe does get suspicious as it could be a fake.

Note: you are advised to take closer attention to other details as some of the shoes come with a slight heel tag.

Check the lacing
Check through the eyelets and look at how the laces fit into the shoe. Do note that for a real Adidas Stan Smith shoe you will find a skinner and a high-quality lacing material. The laces are also sealed at the top of the laces with a plastic cap. Most fakes come with a flat thinner lacing.

Check the midsole
The Stan Smith shoe has the Adidas logo with the copyright ® engrossed on the midsole. Check the font of the Adidas to be slightly rounded and not in a straightened letter at the shoe’s midsole.

Conclusively, we have seen cases of people been scammed into buying the fake at a high price. It is expedient for you to follow the guidelines so you won’t be cheated of your money.


Adidas NMD Guide

Adidas NMD Brand

The Adidas NMD which is a Limited Edition brand has been known to be popular over the years. As times goes by the resell prices keeps getting higher. If you want to get a real Adidas NMD and you do not want to be ripped off of your money. We do bring you a guide for you to be able to authenticate the brand so as not to waste your money.

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Adidas NMD Real or Fake Guide

Check the logo
For the Adidas NMD brand, there are two official logos:
– The trefoil
– Three bars in descending order

Under the base of this logo, the name Adidas is written at the baseline. A fake product will not be able to replicate the logo perfectly. The Authentic logo happens to have definable triples on the trefoil or three bars in ascending order. Now if you notice a spelling error then the product is a fake.

Also when you inspect the heel for the logo, there should be a trademark at the center of a circle just above the S on the name Adidas.

Price of the Adidas NMD
Adidas NMD is a Limited Edition. Therefore it does not come cheap in any way. No retailer, whether in a departmental store or online with a solid knowledge of the value will sell this product cheap. The suspicion comes in here as the product might as well be a cheap fake. It is often preferable to shop for the Adidas NMD online as many of them offer good deals on original Adidas NMD brand.

Check the box
The real Adidas sneakers always come in a sturdy well shaped retail box. It features a trefoil logo at the lid and side of the box with three stripes without any sort of spelling error of the name Adidas. Also, you will notice three stripes on the top of the box. The three stripes represent a trademark, and if an Adidas NMD box does not come with such, then it is a fake.

Also look for the proper model number of the shoe on the white label which is at the end of the box. It should be in the top right-hand corner. On authentic NMD shoes, this number is spaced equally between the top of the label and the black line below it. On counterfeit NMD shoes, it’s most times printed near or on the black line below.

Check the sole and midsole
All Adidas sneakers come with a boost sole. When looking for a real original Adidas NMD, do ensure you see a few hexagonal clusters of tiny dots embroidered on the white boost material. If on the white boost material you did not notice any dots or you notice dots not arranged hexagonally then it is a fake brand.

Also, a real Adidas has a slightly slanted mid sole coming higher from the ground when viewed from its sides.

This is probably one of the easiest ways of authenticating the NMD as the fake ones do miss out on some tiny details and are often made to be uniformly even all through. The color of the Adidas logo printed on the badge of the midsole has a faded look and quite light on its real pairs. Fake ones have a print that is lighter making it very obvious and stand out the more.

Check the quality
The Adidas NMD shoe comes with unique shape design that gives it an attractive look and the texture also very perfect. So if you notice that an Adidas NMD comes with faded color and uneven texture, then it is probably a fake

Check for the collar
The shoe collars for an original Adidas NMD are made to be durable and not stiff as applied to the fake. Also, the collar of the authentic has boughs on both sides left and right which creates this soft curve. Fake ones are made to be stiff and straight.

Check the tongue label
On the underside of the tongue, details about the gender and security number are written. Beneath the sizing information, original shoes have the intended gender of the wearer listed in both French and English. Fake product skips gender and list the model number
Also on the tongue label a unique detail which is a three-digit security code on the bottom right on the right-hand corner and not on the left for some fake Adidas. On a real Adidas the pairs have a different unique number written inside; therefore if you notice that the pairs have the same number, then it is a fake pair.

Check the outside edge of the exterior sole for the pin sized dots
At the boost sole area, there are some vertical pins which are also like a signatory or trademark for the product. A fake normally does not have this pins affixed at all. To authenticate, turn the sole of the shoe and look at the sides. If you check closely enough, you will see that the pins are specifically arranged for this signatory. On real NMD sneakers, there should be four vertical pin sized dots in the white boost of the sole’s material.

Start at the blue foot plug then continuously have a look to the back, there will be vertical lines of 2 dots each then two vertical lines of 3 dot each. Fake NMDs often miss out this detail. It’s either there are no pins at all, or it doesn’t follow the above detail.

Check the insole stitching
When looking inside a real NMD shoe, you will notice that at the forefront of the insole the stitching was specially made. There should be a short area of sticking joining the insole to the upper. Make sure the stitching is tight, neat, evenly spaced and of the right quality. For a fake, the stitching is often loosely done, or the thread for the stitching is a low-quality type.

Know your departmental store
Since the NMDs is a Limited Edition type that sells faster you might not want to trust any cheap retail store around if you are looking for a quality looking material that you like As most of those retail stores obviously sell fake for you to buy.

Look out for the lacing
The original shoes made by Adidas NMD come with a pair of new laces sealed in plastic. It means a new pair of NMD shoes will have a pair of laces that is neatly packed in the box. If you see additional laces in the box, but they are not neatly packed, there is a probability you are dealing with fake.

We know Getting a real Adidas NMD sneakers might prove difficult or even futile. When you are getting one, go through this guidelines carefully. It could boost your confidence about getting the real one and prevent you from being scammed.