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Billionaire Boys Club Guide

Billionaire Boys Club Brand

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In 2005, Pharrell Williams Nigo founded Billionaire Boys Club which is an American-Japanese clothing brand. It specializes in making T-shirts and varieties of sweat shirts. But the market for the sale of this product has been overtaken by lots of replicas. We want to be sure you get a real BBC T-shirt. Therefore, the need for us to draft out a few guidelines you can use to stop getting fake Billionaire Boys Club goods.

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Billionaire Boys Club Legit Check Guide

Logo check
On the front of every real BBC T-shirt, the Billionaire Boys Club is written in a glossy form on it in which the name Billionaire Boys Club is written in a curved form which makes it peculiar and a trademark ®just above the C in Club. Also at the back of the T-shirt a peculiar design of two astronauts lying down in opposite directions. Now for most fakes, the engrossed logo does not usually have a glossy feeling to the touch.

Check the Quality
Whenever you are buying the T-shirt for personal use, or a, resell details such as to the color, texture of the clothing material must be checked. A real BBC T-shirt should not in any way appear faded as this could mean it is probably a 40% fake. Any BBC cloth that is not 100% cotton made is also a fake.

Check the Stitching
Usually, designers of fake brands usually in charge of tailoring hardly take note of the criss-cross pattern as to how the BBC T-shirts are stitched For a real BBC T-shirts one thing to note is the fact that it is well stitched at all ends in an orderly manner with no loose ends whatsoever.

Unlike a fake where you probably find irregular stitching of the threads. Take a proper and careful look at the quality of the stitching materials as most fakes are designed with poor stitching materials. Any real BBC shirts you are coming across of uses a high and good quality clothing materials.

Take a careful look at the Packaging
This is the first proof of authentication for a real BBC shirt is that it comes in a wrapping bag with the name, consists of a tag with a style number and a signatory yellow star. For most fakes, you might find out that the details of the style number are not matching the details on the clothes label.

For example, when unboxing a shirt, you want to purchase, and you notice that detail such as the size number, for example, L is written on the wrapping material and you find a size XL or X on the clothing material be careful as it can be a fake.

If you really want a brand that will serve you well, Billionaire Boys Club is able to fill the gap. There T-shirts and sweat shirts are exclusive. We advise you to go for the real deal and not the fake of the brand. You need to follow this buying guide we have provided if you want to overcome the problem of getting a fake.

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