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Dior Guide

Dior Brand

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The Christian Dior is a Luxury Goods Company located in Europe. It is chaired and controlled by Bernard Arnault who is a French businessman. The brand deals in the manufacture of real, high-quality clothing and other accessories such as handbags, purses, perfumes, purses. The products are made to taste and with a unique appearance and distinctive details of the product found on the labels and the box. However, there are counterfeits of the products, especially for its bags.

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Dior Real or Fake Guide

To authenticate this brand, we will be taking a special interest in its bags. Here are some of the basic things you should check out.

Check the label
On the label of a Christian Don bag, the letters Christian Dior along with Paris (written below) is engrossed on it with the only space existing between Christian and Dior on the real handbag. Also, at the back of the label, it is expected that place of manufacture such as Made in Italy or made in Spain is written along with an authentication code which is a combination of letters and figures in this format 00-XY-0000. If the following details appear to be printed and not engrossed on the label, then it means the product is a fake.

On closer inspection, if you notice a Made in China engrossed on the back of the label, then it is a fake. The label is also stitched to the bag in such a way that three of the edges are stitched with the same color different from the top edge of the label. A Christian Dior handbag with the same color stitching on all the edges means it is a fake.

Another good giveaway to the Christian Dior handbag authentication is that the label is rounded at the bottom corners of the label and square shaped at the top of the label. For a fake bag, the corners are likely to be square shaped on the corner tips.

One thing to note is that the stitching on the Christian Dior bag is done perfectly and flawlessly made on all corners and edges especially at the bag handles in the same pattern, with no loose ends. A fake will be faulted at this as the most counterfeited product is made in a rush thereby leaving the stitches with some loose ends and flaws.

The logo of a real Christian Dior bag comes with a silver metal accent with the letters CD written with no space. If you see any deviation or space, then you are probably holding the fake.

Check the Authentication code
When purchasing the hand, take close attention to the authentication code stamped at the back of the label. One thing most producers of counterfeits producers always miss out is the fact that there is always a major clue. The authentication code is written with the combination of figures and letters in this format 00-XY-0000 (two figures, two letters, two figures). A Christian Dior bag without the authentication code means it is a fake.

Check the Hardware
If you are a lover of original Handbags, we advise that the Christian Dior hardware must be given serious attention to. The Zipper of the real Christian Dior bag is made peculiar with a CD zipper pull which should not appear flashy.

In essence, it is mandatory to use this guide to distinguish between the real and fake Christian Dior. Do have a nice time shopping for your essentials.

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