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HUF Guide

HUF Brand

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The HUF brand started officially in the year 2002. The brand can otherwise be stated as a skating brand because the founder Keith Hufnagel was a street. The brand is not at all a popular brand. It deals with the manufacture of cloths (mainly casual materials), footwear (sneakers, slip on and socks). The fact the brand isn’t quite popular does not mean the fake or replicas of it isn’t being sold in most stores and boutiques today.

Let’s take a quick look at the different factors you need to consider, so you don’t fall victim of counterfeiters.

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HUF Real or Fake Guide

Check the label
The HUF logo comes in different fonts but what to note is that for the shirts is that the HUF is written in a special way in which it is printed on the clothing material in this forms “HUF,” “HuF’’, ‘’huf’’and quite bold for a real HUF product. We can’t be so sure but if you are buying a HUF brand, and you notice this particular label is engrossed and not printed then note it is probably a fake. Now on the footwear especially for the socks, it wrapped with a paper which the label HUF is printed on it.

Check the material
Taking a look at the HUF socks, the real material is meant to be a little bit elastic but not thin in any way. Note that the HUF socks come in different forms regarding its designs. One thing common about a real HUF sock is that in either way it isn’t meant to have a faded look, and it is meant to be smooth to feel.

Check the stitching
Typically for the clothes, the stitching on the HUF brand is made to perfection using a machine on a 100% cotton material. A fake brand can have low-quality stitching materials with loose ends and a disorderly pattern. For the real sneakers, it comes with a signatory H on the side of the sneakers taking a large portion of the sneakers.

Note the price
A real HUF brand especially the socks sells at $10 to $12 and probably find it at an equivalence of 6 to 8 pounds. HUF socks selling at a lesser price signals fake.

Know your departmental store
Not all departmental stores online or offline selling the HUF brand sells the real deal. The real HUF brand is sold at top fashion outlets. When getting a real HUF brand online, it’s advisable to make the online purchase on a site like Amazon where getting a real material is a good deal.

We would kindly implore you to take the guide seriously when you wish to get any HUF brand from a retail store. More emphasis should be made as to the kind of material and of which quality. We sure do not want you to be hoodwinked into buying a fake when in fact it pays to get a real brand. With the few guidelines, we have drafted we do hope you make a right choice in getting a quality brand.

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