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Balmain Guide

Balmain Brand

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Just like most other brands, the Balmain brand has not been spared from manufacturers of its counterfeits. We have probably so many counterfeits that it is sometimes difficult to authenticate. Here is a series of guidelines to help you authenticate this product whether you are buying for personal use or a resell.

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Balmain Real or Fake Guide

Check the Packaging
A real Balmain wear comes with a thick box with a real Balmain Logo with details of the name and products on it and should be spelled correctly. Whenever you are buying this brand, and it comes in a plastic bag be suspicious as this could be a fake.

Take note of the Weight
When carrying out a survey on this brand to draft out the guide we took a closer inspection and noticed that a real Balmain jean feels heavy to touch. A Balmain jean which feels light in weight is most likely a fake one.

Check the tag
The tag of the product especially for a Balmain jean brand comes with a black tag with the inscription of the product details written in white and quite clear, not faded. Otherwise, the brand should be regarded as being a fake. Also, the tags on the jean are properly stitched in a way in which there are no loose ends.

Take a careful look at the Stitching
This is probably one of the best giveaways to authenticate the product. The way the stitching is done on the real Balmain is unique. The threads are neatly stitched and no loose ends on the materials. For a fake, you will probably notice irregular stitching on the brand.
So with that, you would ascertain whether it is a fake or not. Also, details such as how the inner labels and tags should be well noted to prove the product’s authentication. Any deviation from the unique and regular stitching is a red alert.

Check the Hardware
In the case of the hardware, taking a look at a real Balmain Jean Zipper, you did probably notice it is made of a high-quality silver metallic material. For the zipper of a Balmain jean, you are purchasing for personal use or a resell be careful if perhaps you find a Balmain jean made of gold with a silver coating on it. You sure can be buying a fake or been scammed.

Check the departmental store:
Whenever you are purchasing a Balmain branded jean from a departmental store online. Be sure to note the customer reviews about the online store. Most online stores such as Amazon can give you the full assurance you need to buy the product. Also if purchasing offline, real Balmain wears cannot be found in a cheap retail store due to the fact it is quite expensive and may be limited in its quality.

Finally, for any products you are buying online or offline do be sure of following the guidelines as this could help you make wise decisions while purchasing the Balmain brand. We do wish you a happy shopping.

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