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Bianca Chandon Guide

Bianca Chandon Brand

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Alex Oslon created the Bianca Chandon brand as a curative design to the 80’s model, and it’s on the verge of reaching out to different kinds of people with its models. It specializes in designing sweatshirts, caps and other accessories. Like most other brands it’s quite difficult to differentiate which is real or fake.

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Guide to Bianca Chandon Authentication

To authenticate the Bianca Chandon brand, we will take a quick speck in its sweatshirts and include some other accessories when giving the tips. Let’s get started .

Take a closer look at the logo
One thing unique and the best giveaways about the brand is about the logo of the Bianca Chandon. When authenticating its shirts, there are three different logos you can find on any of its shirts. The common logo is the name of the brand written as BIANCA CHANDÔN that is with an uppercase O with an inverted V on it. For the spacing between BIANCA and CHANDON, the letters are written together. This is a straight out of the box giveaway as most fakes miss out on this especially for the Uppercase letter O.

Another logo found on a real Bianca Chandon brand especially for the shirt and cap is the name LOVER. It is slightly written in an italicized form with the bold name and no spacing in between its letters. The third logo you can either found embedded in its cap or sweatshirt is the sign O with a dot in it. This is usually located at the center or the top right corner of a real Bianca Chandon sweatshirt, unlike the fake where it can be located on the left top corner. When authenticating its cap using the prerequisites, you are most likely to find the logo font written the same way but on a tag and this sign carefully stitched.

Check the stitching
The fake of this brand usually has irregular stitching with stitching materials easy to notice. For real Bianca Chandon shirts, one thing to note is the fact that it is well tightly stitched in an orderly manner. It has no loose ends and can hardly be noticed because it is made to match the color of the material for both the shirt and the cap. Observe the quality of the stitching materials as most fakes are designed with poor stitching materials. Also any authentic Bianca Chandon shirt you come across uses high and good quality clothing materials.

Retail Price
The Bianca Chandon price for most online and offline shops that sells the authentic comes with a fair retail price and details of this could be checked on a directory, any price list different from this means the product is a fake

Finally, we did like to say, buying a Bianca Chandon brand pays but getting a real one pays better. If you are the type who values real quality clothing, it is essential for you to follow this guide so you would not end up buying a fake at an unfair price.

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