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Common Projects Guide

Common Projects Brand

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Common Projects was founded by an Italian creative consultant, Flavio Girolami and an American-based art director, Prathan Poopat. The name of the brand came about when the two were working on some common projects together while residing in different countries. You are likely to come across the brand because of its simple design but the use of high-quality materials. But how can you be sure of getting a real brand with all the counterfeits Common Projects out there? We advise you to check out the guidelines drafted for you.

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Common Projects Real or Fake Guide

Check the sole
The sole of the Common Projects shoe is made of thick rubber and a well-patched undersole which makes it firm on the ground. On the sole of the shoe, the stitching is made in such a way that it is deeply embedded in the shoe to match whatever color of the shoe’s sole. Also usually the sole of a real Common Projects sneaker is quite smooth. For most fakes, the rubber sole might not have the right quality and might not be thick.

Check the stitching
The stitching of the Common Projects sneakers is done in a way to match the color of the shoe. For most fakes, you will probably see a white on black color Common Projects shoe. Also, the stitching of the shoe is regular on all sides.

Check the laces
The lacing of the Common Projects is made flat and skinnier and also made to match the color of the shoe or the sole. You do not expect to find a real sneaker of the brand to have a different lacing material from the color of the shoe or the sole. If you notice this be suspicious as it could be a fake.

Know the Price
The Common Projects shoe has been a Limited Edition shoe and also quite expensive. You should not expect to find a Common Projects shoe or sneakers selling at a price between $5 and $20.

Departmental stores
Whether online or offline you do want to check the legitimacy of the shop before you buy any product brand from it. Due to the fact, the Common Projects shoe is of a Limited Edition. It takes a well-recognized exquisite departmental store online or offline to sell a real Common Projects shoe. Also, check out for reviews about the departmental store you are purchasing the brand from to see feedback responses from previous customers. It will help avoid departmental stores that pride in selling fakes.

You would not find a Common Projects shoe expected to be of a high quality appearing faded on the sides of the shoe as this would prove beyond reasonable doubt that it is unauthentic .

One thing about the Common Projects shoe, especially for the white type, is that the label on the shoe is written as Common Projects with a golden form and no mistakes or spelling errors. If you find a Common Projects shoe with its label written as Common Projects, then it is a fake.

Getting real Common Projects sneakers comes with a price of having a guide to prevent you from getting scammed by sellers of its counterfeits. Do check out the guidelines to make a wise purchase.

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