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Adidas Ultra Boost Guide

Adidas Ultra Boost Brand

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Adidas Ultra Boost was launched in 2015, and since it drew the attention of both buyers and counterfeiters, it is only a matter of time to find fakes on sale. Imagine you wearing a supposed legit Adidas Ultra Boost on your first date, only for your date to inform you that you’ve got fake or better still cheap sneakers on. That won’t be cool right? As a result, this guideline will help you check if it is legit or not.

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Adidas Ultra Boost Fake or Real Guide

Check the price
You should be suspicious when you have these sneakers under retail (180€). It, however, doesn’t conclude that it is a fake but that you should check further details. A pair of legit Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers cost $289 at the time of release.

Check the Insole
This is particularly a giveaway for some counterfeiters. When you take a look at the lettering on the insole of Ultra Boost sneakers, you will find the words ‘ultra boost.’ However, the letters are not apparently the giveaway but the position of the lettering.

For a legit pair, the word ‘ultra’ is written next to the heel on the right shoe while the ‘boost’ moves inward, and on the left shoe, ‘boost’ comes next to the heel. Many fakes don’t take note of this; having the letters arranged same way on both shoes. It is not a final assessment but a pointer to fake.

Check the Heel Cage
With a keen look at the heel cage of a pair of the sneakers, check the typeface of the letters. Note that the ‘ultra’ typeface is thinner than the ‘boost’ typeface in a legit one while this details might be missed on a fake.

Also, the word ‘boost’ is more chrome plated with a gold finishing on a legit pair while on a fake pair, the word ‘boost’ looks duller.

Check the panel close to the heel cage
The panel marking the end of the heel cage on legit pairs features a continuous dull white color while the fake features a shiny varnish.

Check the Outsole
Adidas Ultra Boost sneaker has a Continental logo debossed into its outsole rubber. Make sure that the typeface is correct and the tiny horse logo is sharp and clear.

Also, check the ‘torsion system’ plate on the outsole. On a legit pair, there is a circular indentation below the trademark R logo while it is sometimes missed on fakes.

Check the MidSole
For example, in Adidas Ultra Boost Triple Black 3.0, there is a plastic plug cut into the midsole on the instep side. The original shoe features a completely separate material which is different from the midsole material.

Check the Upper
Original Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers feature little circular holes on the upper part of the shoe while the shapes are diamond-like in fakes.

The Boost Technology gives specific comfort for your feet; a spongy and responsive feel. So if you’re after the benefit of Ultra Boost, be smart about it and at least enjoy the value of your money.

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