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Adidas NMD Guide

Adidas NMD Brand

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The Adidas NMD which is a Limited Edition brand has been known to be popular over the years. As times goes by the resell prices keeps getting higher. If you want to get a real Adidas NMD and you do not want to be ripped off of your money. We do bring you a guide for you to be able to authenticate the brand so as not to waste your money.

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Adidas NMD Real or Fake Guide

Check the logo
For the Adidas NMD brand, there are two official logos:
– The trefoil
– Three bars in descending order

Under the base of this logo, the name Adidas is written at the baseline. A fake product will not be able to replicate the logo perfectly. The Authentic logo happens to have definable triples on the trefoil or three bars in ascending order. Now if you notice a spelling error then the product is a fake.

Also when you inspect the heel for the logo, there should be a trademark at the center of a circle just above the S on the name Adidas.

Price of the Adidas NMD
Adidas NMD is a Limited Edition. Therefore it does not come cheap in any way. No retailer, whether in a departmental store or online with a solid knowledge of the value will sell this product cheap. The suspicion comes in here as the product might as well be a cheap fake. It is often preferable to shop for the Adidas NMD online as many of them offer good deals on original Adidas NMD brand.

Check the box
The real Adidas sneakers always come in a sturdy well shaped retail box. It features a trefoil logo at the lid and side of the box with three stripes without any sort of spelling error of the name Adidas. Also, you will notice three stripes on the top of the box. The three stripes represent a trademark, and if an Adidas NMD box does not come with such, then it is a fake.

Also look for the proper model number of the shoe on the white label which is at the end of the box. It should be in the top right-hand corner. On authentic NMD shoes, this number is spaced equally between the top of the label and the black line below it. On counterfeit NMD shoes, it’s most times printed near or on the black line below.

Check the sole and midsole
All Adidas sneakers come with a boost sole. When looking for a real original Adidas NMD, do ensure you see a few hexagonal clusters of tiny dots embroidered on the white boost material. If on the white boost material you did not notice any dots or you notice dots not arranged hexagonally then it is a fake brand.

Also, a real Adidas has a slightly slanted mid sole coming higher from the ground when viewed from its sides.

This is probably one of the easiest ways of authenticating the NMD as the fake ones do miss out on some tiny details and are often made to be uniformly even all through. The color of the Adidas logo printed on the badge of the midsole has a faded look and quite light on its real pairs. Fake ones have a print that is lighter making it very obvious and stand out the more.

Check the quality
The Adidas NMD shoe comes with unique shape design that gives it an attractive look and the texture also very perfect. So if you notice that an Adidas NMD comes with faded color and uneven texture, then it is probably a fake

Check for the collar
The shoe collars for an original Adidas NMD are made to be durable and not stiff as applied to the fake. Also, the collar of the authentic has boughs on both sides left and right which creates this soft curve. Fake ones are made to be stiff and straight.

Check the tongue label
On the underside of the tongue, details about the gender and security number are written. Beneath the sizing information, original shoes have the intended gender of the wearer listed in both French and English. Fake product skips gender and list the model number
Also on the tongue label a unique detail which is a three-digit security code on the bottom right on the right-hand corner and not on the left for some fake Adidas. On a real Adidas the pairs have a different unique number written inside; therefore if you notice that the pairs have the same number, then it is a fake pair.

Check the outside edge of the exterior sole for the pin sized dots
At the boost sole area, there are some vertical pins which are also like a signatory or trademark for the product. A fake normally does not have this pins affixed at all. To authenticate, turn the sole of the shoe and look at the sides. If you check closely enough, you will see that the pins are specifically arranged for this signatory. On real NMD sneakers, there should be four vertical pin sized dots in the white boost of the sole’s material.

Start at the blue foot plug then continuously have a look to the back, there will be vertical lines of 2 dots each then two vertical lines of 3 dot each. Fake NMDs often miss out this detail. It’s either there are no pins at all, or it doesn’t follow the above detail.

Check the insole stitching
When looking inside a real NMD shoe, you will notice that at the forefront of the insole the stitching was specially made. There should be a short area of sticking joining the insole to the upper. Make sure the stitching is tight, neat, evenly spaced and of the right quality. For a fake, the stitching is often loosely done, or the thread for the stitching is a low-quality type.

Know your departmental store
Since the NMDs is a Limited Edition type that sells faster you might not want to trust any cheap retail store around if you are looking for a quality looking material that you like As most of those retail stores obviously sell fake for you to buy.

Look out for the lacing
The original shoes made by Adidas NMD come with a pair of new laces sealed in plastic. It means a new pair of NMD shoes will have a pair of laces that is neatly packed in the box. If you see additional laces in the box, but they are not neatly packed, there is a probability you are dealing with fake.

We know Getting a real Adidas NMD sneakers might prove difficult or even futile. When you are getting one, go through this guidelines carefully. It could boost your confidence about getting the real one and prevent you from being scammed.

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