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Gucci Brand

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Since the Gucci brand started back in 1921. It has wide acceptance in the fashion world, being a luxury brand. The legacy of Guccio Gucci lives on through his initials which are the well-known signature monogram twin G pattern.

Among all brands, Gucci is the most replicated brand today. Earlier, the differences between real and fake pairs were easy to spot. But technology has allowed counterfeiters to be more accurate in replicating the original products. If you have the mind of getting a Gucci product probably as a gift or for yourself or you even need to assess the originality of the ones you have already, here are few hints to distinct the real from fake.

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Gucci Real or Fake Guide

Check the logo and GUCCI font
This is one of the best ways to identify the real from the counterfeit. The Gucci logo is the famous double G pattern monogram. On fake clothing, the printed or monogrammed double G pattern on a lapel or pocket will look like G’s that are backward and looking at the name Gucci; the C’s might be far apart from each other. The embossed Gucci logo should be clean and crisp.
This is where some imitators miss out on details. Note the font of the Gucci logo, each letter has its specificity and also check the space between each letter. However, your decision shouldn’t be based just on this.

Check the stitches
Take a close look at the stitching of the label. Gucci is known for its quality stitching and makes sure the stitching is even throughout, straight, clean and neat without holes or tears in the seams. An original Gucci will not thread dangling off the bag. The label must bear “made in Italy,” any other thing from that is a replica.

Check the zippers, clasps, and hardware
Gucci bag, for example, makes use of brass hardware that is study and thick, in the making of their purses. The band’s hardware should be well-cast and heavy and usually engraved with the company logo. Either plastic or metal are used for the zippers, with the company logo or YKK. If the zipper is made of low-quality plastic instead of metal YKK zippers that is sturdy, or if the handbag’s clasps are too hard to fasten, then you might be holding a fake.

Check the Gucci material and lining
Every Gucci bag or purse, for example, are made of the finest material; suede, leather, canvas, patent leather. The bag should feel soft and supple when touched. The inside lining of the Gucci bag is also a good check for the quality. If you have or see a Gucci bag lined with a plastic-like fabric that bunches at the seams, you just saw a replica. You have to touch to feel the material:

For example, the famous Gucci GG monogram canvas on bags has a rougher groove-like quality, as if you run your hand over a tapestry but as for the replica, it feels like the weave is flat to touch and less defined.

For Gucci T-shirts, it is exclusively cotton material. While the embellishments may be synthetic, metal, leather, or a variety of other materials. If a Gucci T-shirt is made of anything different from 100 percent cotton is a red flag, then it is not authentic.

For a Gucci wristwatch, feel the weight of the one you’re willing to buy. Original Gucci wristwatches are made from heavy materials which can be gold or stainless steel while the fake may be lighter.

Check serial numbers
A Gucci product with serial number is not necessarily a criterion for it being real since counterfeiters have found a way in conjuring fake serial numbers on their products. The serial number of each Gucci product is at the back of the interior label.

For example, serial numbers are included in all Gucci bags and the brand uses 10 to 12 numbers in the two rows and the number is not more than 6 in each row. It is important to note that they are only numbers, so if you check and found the serial numbers bearing at least a single letter, it is apparently a fake.

Compare the price tag
Being a luxury brand, Gucci clothing goes for hundreds of dollars. A pair of pants may start at around $300, so getting a brand new Gucci shirt or $10 to $30 is a pointer to it being a fake.

Some additional things that you might want to pay attention to include the following:
– For a Gucci Wristwatch, check out the second and minute hands. Most of the time, the brand uses Swiss quartz movement, which is smooth. The movement of the hand on the counterfeits will either tick or stick.
– Note that Gucci does not wrap its handbags in nylon.
– Make sure the word “GUCCI” is spelled correctly. Any error in the spelling reconfirms it being a fake.
– Check the exterior details aside from the material it is made of. For example, for a bag, the usual ones are small rectangular leather stitched in front, a metal plaque, a leather patch or even hanging parts.
– Gucci has a control system that ensures that their customers are purchasing only authentic bags. Each handbag is sold with a ‘controllato’ card (it is the Italian word forchecked.) The word controllato is displayed in lowercase letters underneath the card.
– Examine the sales receipt. Although the receipt can also be fabricated, the sales associate number and the date of purchase cannot. If you are going for a second-hand product, you can contact the original store to confirm the purchase.

Detail is the key to getting your original Gucci product. Now you don’t have to make the error of purchasing a fake product when you can get the real ones from legitimate sellers. You can make use of this buyer’s guide, and you can check reviews of past buyers and as well get the real pictures of what you are about buying for comparisons. Remember, counterfeits’ resemblance to the originals is getting closer day by day, so you need to be smart with your purchase. You don’t have to focus on one detail; it is best to consider many things before concluding.

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