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Adidas Stan Smith Guide

Adidas Stan Smith Brand

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The Adidas Stan Smith is an old brand of Adidas. There are many counterfeits of this product out there, and it takes a proper guide to prevent you from getting scammed or hoodwinked into buying a fake. Here we have outlined a few guidelines to help authenticate the Adidas Stan Smith shoe or sneakers brand.

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Adidas Stan Smith Real or Fake Guide

Note the Price
The Adidas Stan Smith also known as Adidas superstars comes at a fair price of 70$. Therefore if you find an Adidas Stan Smith shoe at a price far lesser or higher than this price be suspicious as it could be a fake.

Check the Serial number
For this detail one thing to note whenever you are unboxing this brand. Do check for the serial number on both the box and the tag of the shoe tag to find out any correlations. If you do notice any mismatch in the numbers on both the box and shoe, then it is likely to be a fake.

Check the Eyelets
The eyelets for a real brand of this product have variations either for the male or the female/Junior type. For this type of shoe, a male has seven eyelets, and female type of the shoe has six eyelets. To authenticate, most especially for the fake you need not overlook this detail. Most fake counterfeiters neglect this and can make the shoe have 8-9 eyelets for the male and seven eyelets for the female. The back of each eyelet is made metallic and not plastic. Also be sure that the last eyelet is pinched through the thick corner of the collar.

Check for Heel tags
It is quite rare to find a heel tag for this brand. Having a heel tag on a shoe is quite a common feature you will find in newer models of this brand. An old model real Adidas Stan Smith does not usually come with a heel tag. In the event of observing this in the shoe does get suspicious as it could be a fake.

Note: you are advised to take closer attention to other details as some of the shoes come with a slight heel tag.

Check the lacing
Check through the eyelets and look at how the laces fit into the shoe. Do note that for a real Adidas Stan Smith shoe you will find a skinner and a high-quality lacing material. The laces are also sealed at the top of the laces with a plastic cap. Most fakes come with a flat thinner lacing.

Check the midsole
The Stan Smith shoe has the Adidas logo with the copyright ® engrossed on the midsole. Check the font of the Adidas to be slightly rounded and not in a straightened letter at the shoe’s midsole.

Conclusively, we have seen cases of people been scammed into buying the fake at a high price. It is expedient for you to follow the guidelines so you won’t be cheated of your money.

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