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Off-White Guide

Off-White Brand

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Since the inception of Off-White in 2012, it has blurred the boundary between luxury and streetwear fashion. Off-White continually creates some of the most head-turning graphics in the game. Its diagonal stripe and cross arrow logos obviously embossed on its back, to its ubiquitous use of quotation marks.

This brand has attracted a lot of people, a mix of the street and luxury; it, however, has successfully attracted the attention of fakers too. Many people seek help because they are not sure of how to distinguish the real from fake!

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The Guide to Off-White Authentication

This guide is written to direct you next time you want to get an authentic Off-White product or to classify the ones you have already.

Check the logo
Abloh has used the existing graphics to build a brand that resonates with consumers. Its brand logo is not in any way exclusive to Off-White, it is the graphic you find on road signs and the cross-walks. Though its logo looks ordinary in that sense unlike some other brands, seeing diagonal lines all the time would bring the thought of Off-White to a customer’s mind, he was, and he is still achieving that aim.

Imagine walking in the crosswalk, and all you that kept coming to your mind is Abloh’s brand. On the other side, using ordinary logo has brought some disadvantages in that fakers tried to replicate such with ease. The off-white logo is a loud graphic branded with black and white diagonal that you can recognize from a distance away.

The most common logo is available in black, tonal, white, and orange. The main giveaway is the font of the “WHITE.” If you compare an original picture to many replicas, the font might be slightly different. It might be in the arrow shape formed by the base of the letter “W” or the spacing between the two legs of letter “H” which are always close enough in originals.

For the flower logo, the comparison should involve checking the flower details to the bud in both an acquired original picture and the one you want to buy. Whatever the choice before you include a graphic, Google the clothing you’re looking at and compare the two to make sure it’s accurate. Compare the text size and the font.

Since the Off-White logo is not an exclusive design, having been designed to connect with people, it, therefore, calls for more scrutiny in getting an authentic product. Since the brand logo can be easily replicated, you have to pay more attention to tiny details in whichever you are willing to buy. You have to watch out for the little details that have been left out as an oversight by fakers.

Check the print
Here, you will have to feel among other things to determine if the Off-white clothing is fake or real. The main thing to look out for in the print is that it must be glossy but not too glossy. When the print is too shiny, you might be holding a fake Off-White.

You should look out for the size of the print also. For example, in Caravaggio hoodies and shirts, the dead giveaway from most fakers is the sizing of the print. It is either too big or too small in comparison to the original. The accuracy of the print also counts. Compare in detail the picture of the authentic to the one before you.

Check the collar
When you are buying an Off-White T-shirt for examples, the shirt’s collar should continue seamlessly, which means any showing otherwise most likely might be a replica. The area under the collar should not change the pattern.

Other things to know are:
The seam on the text should be a V for an authentic Off-White and not in a straight line.
The pockets in the real Off-White shirts disappear into the pattern while the fakes do not.
Notice where the word “WHITE” falls on the pattern, it should not stretch beyond the pattern or too compressed.
For Off-White jackets, a mistake made by some fakers is that the stripes go the wrong way on any side of the sleeves, either left or right.
For the fakes, both sides of the Off-White pattern might not stop in the right spot.

Off-White has collaborated with some other brands such as Nike and Jordan brands.

For Off-White and Nike collaboration
A real one (Sneaker) comes with a thick red, plastic zip tie. The zip tie will have Off-White TM c/o Nike c. 2017 Zip Tie printed in tiny white dots on it. Make sure the typeface is correct and also note how the TM is printed in much smaller white dots.
Make sure the tag has rounded corners, check for the round dots de-bossed into the plastic on either side of the locking mechanism.
There is an “AIR” logo embossed into the rubber on the heel of the outsole. Check to see if there are tiny pinhead sized bumps on the tips of each of the letters. If they are not present, you almost might be getting into a fake deal.
“Off-White TM for Nike “Nike Air Presto” Beaverton, Oregon USA c. 2000” will be written in white print in the instep of real Nike Off-White sneakers. Compare and make sure the typeface is correct and not how the letters r and t in Beaverton are touching. This is a giveaway for some fakers.

For your purchase of any Off-White product and specifically for your pursuit of originality, two things are necessary; you have to be smart and also check it down to details. Hopefully, this guide helps you not to fall victim.

As much as this guide and others that have been written will help you identify real from fakes, getting a picture of the original from the brand’s website and taking your time to compare the features is also necessary.

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