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Adidas EQT Guide

Adidas EQT Brand

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Adidas EQT is the abbreviation for the Adidas equipment. This brand of Adidas is highly appreciated for its exquisite production of sneakers for both men and women from the year 2017. In recent times, the brand has been parodied by so many counterfeits in the market. It takes a sound mind and a valuable guide for you to distinguish the real and the fake if you are buying the product for personal use or a resell.

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Adidas EQT Real or Fake Guide

Check the material
The real Adidas EQT sneakers come with a real leather material without any patches, smooth and not hairy. We tend to identify a fake of this when we feel the material, and we discover that there is an irregularity in its texture all through the leather material used.

Check the boost
The boost of a real Adidas EQT sneaker is meant to be thicker and difficult to compress. The real ones are also quite firm. Therefore, if you are buying this sneaker for running or exercises, this is actually one of the best qualities you should look for. It has a higher duration and lasts longer. But for the fake ones, the boost is soft and quite easy to compress. They don’t have the durability its buyers deserve.

Check the tags
Details ranging from the position of the tags to the information written on it are a true proof of authentication. For a real pair, the makers of this product (sneakers) took special care in making sure that the tags are attached to the right pair. So whenever you are buying this product, and you find the tag on the left pair, then it is most likely to be a fake.
Also, you don’t want to buy a product in which made in China is written on the tag. Many counterfeits come from China. Well, this is not true most of the time, but you do need to check the product you’re buying, for other details to distinguish the real or fake when you notice it.

Check the stitching
The stitching for the Adidas EQT sneakers is made in a regular manner with no loose ends or unfinished touches which gives it a blended feel. Also, the stitches are made to match or even blend with the sneakers. So whenever you are buying an Adidas EQT sneaker, and you notice the stitches were done in a kind of haphazard manner then do note that it is a fake. Also, note the quality of the stitching and try to feel it. Some fake stitching usually looks like tissue and not firm or strong enough. Do remember to check the inside stitching too for this.

Check the sole
The sole of the sneakers is quite thicker for an authentic pair and of a truth it does has a glossier tone unlike the unauthentic. If you are privileged to wear it when trying to authenticate, the sneakers appear comfortable and give your leg a regular shape due to the thickness of real sneakers. But when trying out the fake, adequate care must be taken not to slip or slide.

Check the lining
The lining material used for the real pair of sneakers is quite impossible to see because they blend totally with the edges of the sneakers. So do take special care when you notice the lining appears kind-of shady you might be holding a replica pair.

Check the stripes
For a real pair of the Adidas EQT, it is made of stripes with the color red. The stripes are made to look like garnets and are of a bright quality but not faded. As this is a signatory of the Adidas product, in general, all original Adidas EQT are meant to have this three stripes inscribed on the sneakers. The fake pair with a red color stripe might be faded and not made to look like garnets, just a really deep red color.

Check the box
The boxes in which the original products are packaged into appears firm and strong also with the signatory three stripes appearing through the box. The box must look quite attractive due to its quality. Do remember the real pairs don’t come in plastic bags. Also, the boxes are expected to have a tag on which the place of manufacture, size of the shoe and gender must be shown and even a barcode for verification. Whenever you observe the box doesn’t appear to be firm for a new pair and do not bear this signatory mark of the three stripes, then it’s a fake.

Check the logo
The product should bear the company’s logo with the name written underneath which should not be misspelt in any way. You always have fake products embezzling with the logo they never seem to get it right. The Addidas EQT comes with the official Adidas trefoil logo and not the bars, so whenever you see an Adidas EQT with the logo of three bars in descending order, note that this is a fake. The logo also doesn’t come with a sticker. They are usually carved or stitched to the tongue of the sneakers.

Check the shoe collar
The AdidasEQT sneakers are made with a collar that you can curve, and they are not stiff in any way. Also, the collar has of the authentic EQT has boughs on both the left and right sides which creates this soft curve. Quite unlike the fake ones which are made to be stiff and straight.

Check the Lace eyelets of shoes
The holes in shoes where the shoelaces pass through are known as Lace eyelets. The eyelets of the Adidas EQT are not metal with the exception of some old models. So, if you want to buy a new Adidas EQT shoe or sneakers and they have metal eyelets then watch-out because they might probably be a fake.

Also, they will come out more easily, even when you pull your laces in tight. If you find out that one of the eyelets has come out and is poking the sole of your foot because it isn’t where it should be, this is most likely because it is a fake Adidas EQT sneakers.

Check the serial number
This is for sure one of the truest and most reliable proof of authentication. The serial numbers on the tongue label of the pair are not meant to be identical for both pairs. A pair with an identical serial number means that it is a fake and that the serial numbers might not be correct.

Note the cost
Of course, the Adidas EQT product does not come cheap at all. If you are buying an Adidas EQT shoe at 50$ then know for sure it is a fake product. Real and original EQT shoes are quite expensive

The Adidas EQT sneakers are one of the best you can ever own. If you are a sportsman wearing the right type of sneakers or shoes matters a lot in sports. You might not want to sustain injuries due to the fact you’re wearing a fake of the product, and you want to make sure the value of the money you spent is well deserved. Well then I must this guide is for you. We do hope with this guide you are able to make wise choices in your shopping.

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