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Supreme Guide

Supreme Brand

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Recently, Supreme has become one of the most sorts after brands in the fashion world. With many young people looking for a way to trend with the latest in the world of fashion, Supreme has come in grand style with a mission of stealing the show. Of course, it is what many brands are after. Gone were those days when we have Nike and Adidas in top demand. Now supreme is also becoming the talk of the world.

But do you know there are fake Supremes? With many online and offline stores selling the brand, how can you be sure you are getting the real Supreme and not the fake one? If you are smart, the probability of purchasing a fake would be lower. With this guide, we are going to show you how to differentiate between a real and fake Supreme. Let’s check it out!

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Do You Have the Real or Fake Supreme?

Will you like to waste your money? Whether you like to buy and sell Supreme products or you like to keep for yourself, we guess your answer will be NO. The simple trick is, don’t fall victim of scams. You should be able to identify the label, logo, stitching, print, tags, how it feels and much more.

Check the Supreme logo
Checking out the logo is one of the best ways to identify a counterfeit. The logo of a supreme is boxed which most fake gets but one thing is to pay attention to the color. The color of a genuine supreme logo is a light, rich dark red. Fake Supremes are either too light or too dark. If the logo is on a cloth like a hoodie, the logo will have high-quality stitch completely embroidering it. So if you see off or broken stitching, you might be holding a fake Supreme.

The supreme lettering on the real logo is most times embroidered in matt white, especially in hoodies. Also, the spaces around the lettering are plenty and not close. Fake Supremes are either wider or closer. Turn the cloth inside out especially a hoodie; you will see a thin stitch line with white color running through the middle of the real logo. Even though fake might be able to copy it, the quality of the stitching will be poor or have low quality.

Check the Supreme stitching
The stitching of Supreme is unique. When you check out the stitching on the logo of the original Supreme, you will see a studier stitching with the distinctive criss-cross pattern. The pattern resembles lots of small diamonds that are stitched together in a diagonal pattern. But for fake Supremes, the stitches are vertical and horizontal, and they appear to overlap each other.

Take a Supreme T-shirt for example. Check the stitching along the neckline. For a real Supreme T-shirt, the stitching along the neckline is not visible. But you will have some obvious stitches on a fake supreme T-shirt. In fact, for a real Supreme, the tag on the T-shirt has a single stitch, but counterfeit Supreme has more than one. Also, the stitching of the logo on a real supreme hat is always close to the border and will not fold up at any point.

Check the Supreme tags or labels
The Supreme labels are one of the easiest ways to know if you are holding the real or fake Supreme. Let me use the Supreme hoodie to explain this. When you compare the square “made in” tag with the spacing and size of the lettering “Supreme,” then you will know if it is real or fake.

For an original hoodie, the Supreme lettering will occupy the whole lower tag space and the “made in” tag will be located at distance to the last “e” of the word “Supreme.” For a fake Supreme hoodie, the “made in” tag will be farther above the last letter. But you need to study it well because it is in small detail.

You can also check the wash label; the label with the washing instructions on them. Real wash labels have a single stitch line running along the top, but fake might have stitching in almost all directions or more than one direction.

Additionally, there are some other factors you should consider to confirm if you have the real or fake Supreme.

Check the word “Supreme”: A real Supreme would have the letters almost touching each other. For a fake Supreme product, the letters will be a bit or far apart.
The Supreme drawstrings: A fake supreme drawstring is round while a real one is flat. Drawstrings are common to supreme hoodies.
The Supreme feel: Most supreme products are made of high-quality materials, and that is why they are not cheap. Mere holding and feeling them you would know if you are holding the counterfeit or original. They are nice and does not feel rough to the skin
The Color: this is common to the accessories like bags. They have the same color as the logo. If you see a faded or lighter or darker red, then you see the fake.
The print: This depends on the product. The print can vary with products. To be sure you are going for the real Supreme product check how the print looks like on their online store and compare it with the one you are holding. If you notice any difference, you might be holding the fake.

Why should you purchase a fake Supreme product when there are legitimate sellers out there ready to offer you the real one? Ensure you make use of the buyers guide provided above, and you can also read past buyers reviews coupled with some research. Remember, you need to be smart about your decision and let your intuition be your best friend before you make any purchase. Do not buy if something is different from the normal about the product.

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