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Balenciaga Guide

Balenciaga Brand

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The Balenciaga brand is a Spanish based couture specialized in producing clothing materials, accessories. It has built up a reputation for being one of the top fashions, especially with its bags. But whenever you are looking for a Balenciaga bag, it is always important to keep the irreplaceable hallmarks of the brand in mind, so you don’t fall victim of fake. Here, we will provide some guidelines to help determine which is real and fake, keeping a special interest in the bag especially.

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Guide to Balenciaga Authentication

As most fake designers out there are getting perfect, smarter and almost on a 100% point of perfection, keep in mind you don’t want to buy a counterfeit product. There’s a need to follow the few guidelines we are going to list below.

Interior Label
The interior label of a Balenciaga bag gives the authenticity and age, while some of the labels are metal nameplates. So it is important to watch out whenever you notice a plastic plate which depicts it to be a fake. Usually, the labels come on a metal plate and leather with style number both at the sides seen.

Check the hardware
A real Balenciaga bag has unique hardware in such a way that it is securely attached with no loopholes what so ever. The back of the handles has notches on their rivets. The Zippers are also quite a crucial element in authenticating a Balenciaga. The zippers are meant to be smooth and easy to pull on or out for a real Balenciaga bag.

The case is not the same for fake ones as they come along with zippers quite difficult to pull on and out. An authentic Balenciaga bag features only Lampo zippers with the O-rings on the pulls. It is soldered closed with the shoulder straps bales which are also cramped, rounded, and crushed to a point.

Therefore, if you see anything quite out of the ordinary, then the bag is not original. As most fake designers are becoming craftier and smarter each passing day the fact that it has a lampo trademark is not enough proof of authentication. Do ensure that the lampo trademark engraved on the zipper appears in an italic form with a line underneath and a TM signatory at the top right corner of the trademark.

Check out for the mirror
Luckily this is also one of the best ways to authenticate a Balenciaga brand bag. To distinguish which is real or fake we have noticed that most Balenciaga brand bags come with a mirror in the strap which is quite unbendable for a real brand. If the mirror happens to be easily bendable and has quite elasticity, then it is a fake.

Check the structure
The original Balenciaga brand bag especially the motorcycle version does not have a definite shape, especially if made to stand even upright. They most times make use of lambskin arena leather. Before you use this as a means of authentication, it should be noted that earlier versions used goat skin chevre.

Check the bale
The metal hardware located at the leather shoulder strap end which is also known as the bale should have an organic, rounded shape on real bags. Even though there has always been a change in the shapes, the bale never has any abrupt angles. Counterfeit Balenciaga bags most times have bales that look like “coat hangers.” The twisted piece of the bale ends should taper to a flat, smooth end.

Check the rivets
This is another tellable sign which is 100% relevant. The Balenciaga bags rivets are slightly convex (these rivets can be found on the first pewter hardware bags) and rounded. The rivets are deeply notched. Most fake or replica of the bags has notches that are shallow, either shallow half moons or squarish.

Check the straps
One thing which is quite true about the Balenciaga strap as we have observed is the fact that it is crafted out of a single piece with the most precise holes for the hardware that attaches it to the bag. If the leather is folded over the bag’s hardware, then it is a fake. The apertures at the end of the strap leather should have the same recognizable texture as any negation on this part makes it unauthentic.

Check the tassels
The tassels of an original Balenciaga bag are fixed to all the zippers and are crafted from the same leather of the body. In a fake, the really soft texture of an original tassel is usually replaced by a coarser, lower quality feel. Also, observe the way they hang. In an original, the tassels will hang quite loose, hung to the soft leather which doesn’t have a resisting shape. Fakes, on the other hand, would still retain a still and rigid shape.

Check the Handles
Balenciaga bag handles have a woven look to them that would remind you of a rope. The raw leather look is also another important feature of the strap, termed “suede leather” by the company. Usually, fake Balenciaga bags would sport protected or coated leather.

Check other unique details
Apart from the unique fact that this brand of the bag comes with a mirror as listed earlier we have observed another tiny detail you can use to authenticate the brand. It is another element such as the handle which is braided with suede leather. This leather texture should have a rawer look than the textile on the body of the bag. But if the leather texture and textile of the body are in harmony, then it’s a fake.

There you have the various factors you need to consider before and during the Balenciaga product purchase. We believe you would not fall a victim of scam and Balenciaga replicas if you can make use of this guide. You should now be able to stop at both online and offline stores to shop for Balenciaga items confidently. Spot fake Balenciaga products today and prevent waste of money!

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