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Comme des Garcons Guide

Comme des Garcons Brand

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Comme Des Garçons is quite famous for casual wears and other accessories. It is a designer fashion brand made in Japan. This brand specializes in perfumes, plays shirts and other accessories and is known to be commonly worn by most celebrities. The Comme des Garçons is commonly known for its heart-shaped logo with two eyes.

One thing of interest to note is the fact that this product is not spared from counterfeits. There are manufacturers out there who desire to make profits by depriving those who love the brand the pleasure of purchasing high quality. Do not be fooled, counterfeiters are getting more skilled, and they are always ready to cheat you of your money.

The ability to tell the difference between real and fake Comme des Garçons is a must have if you don’t want to fall victim of the fake brand in offline and online stores. We have put together this guide to help you authenticate the brand items before you buy them. Read on!

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Comme Des Garçons Authentication Guide

Check the logo
Here is a quick fix. The first impression about the name is that the ‘C’ on the brand name has a star under for a real Comme des Garçons brand products. A Comme des Garçons play shirt comes with a heart which is usually red in most common cases. One Thing to note about the logo is that it is quite clear and not expected to be faded or blurred.

Also if you find out that the brand name has a thinner font and the letters are not aligned with the corners of “P” and “Y” for its play shirt, then it’s probably a fake. To identify the fake designer clothing in some ways, you might need to familiarize yourself with their graphic design and spacing. Even if the thinnest detail is missing, then it’s a fake.

Check fabric quality
The color and texture of the fabric should be noted. If you probably notice any sort of fading especially for the products with stripped lines, the chances are that it is a counterfeit. A real Commes Des Garçons play shirt is a deep quality thick cotton material and not silk or wool. The colors of the fabrics are also quite distinct and perfectly made.

Look out for the stitching
The thread used in making a real Comme des Garçons shirt is always 100% cotton so anytime you are up for a purchase, and you notice a poor quality thread material that probably looks like tissue on the fabric material it is a fake.

Do take note that the thread is 100% cotton nothing less than this should be expected. Also, for the brand’s play shirt which is a round neck, the neckline threading is not always obvious as the thread is made to match with the color.

Check the care tags
Even if all of the guides above seem right, chances are you will still get a fake because fake designers out there are getting smarter day by day. Well, that might be a little cause to worry. But keep calm, the care tags still have tellable signs to distinguish between a real and a fake brand. So if you are purchasing this brand, you probably need to look out for the care tags. If you don’t find it anywhere on the cloths most especially by the sides, do take special care that it could be a fake.

Normally people often cut off care tags, but that is usually after purchase and provided you are buying it second hand. But when it comes to getting a supposedly brand new first-hand designer item from retail stores worldwide, this should not be the case.

Also, the Comme des Garçons Co Ltd on the care tags is not normally printed on the stitch side. So if you note this error on the brand chances are you are buying a fake. Do take special care that a real Comme des Garçons product always carries a made in Japan tag and not made in France or Italy and their sizes range from XS, S, M, L.

Know your departmental stores
Most original Comme des Garçons are sold at high-end departmental stores, but that does not really mean all the same. You can be sure of getting your desired qualities at such a store. Most small retail shops can only offer you fakes and at a relatively low price or they might perhaps scam you. So do take care whenever you are up for a purchase.

Check the fits and sizes
Original Comme des Garçons shirt is usually made to fit and probably tighter especially at the tummy. If the jersey or play shirt clings so little and does not fall easily, then there is a high probability it is fake. However, you can only try this at a retailer’s shop where you might be opportune to wear them otherwise you could ask for pictures of their varying sizes with people wearing them.

A proper guide on how to get the Comme des Garçons and what to expect from an original that a fake will not provide is all you need to keep hand whenever you are making a purchase. Without neglecting the fact, a lot of counterfeits out there are fast gaining way ahead with the product. This calls for an urgent need to be able to identify the original from the fake. Remember this is one of the best choices you can ever make.

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