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Bape Guide

Bape Brand

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There are lots of brands that have been around for long and are just standing out recently. Bape is one of them. When a brand is beginning to make an edge in the fashion world, you cannot rule out counterfeiters. Since they know many people will be craving to have the products from the brand, they would tend to make use of the advantage.

Buying authentic Bape is the best you can do for yourself. That is why we have prepared this guide to help you tell if you are purchasing a real or fake Bape. Keep in mind the tips and factors that would be discussed below. Read on!

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Legit Check for Bape

Check Bape stitching
The stitching on Bape items is nearly perfect. Look out for the threads. The threads of fake Bape are most times loose while that of the genuine Bape are not loose on the inside.

Bape sleeve tags
When you see a real Bape clothing item, the tag will be located at the center of the sleeve. But for the fake Bape clothing, you might see it at the back or front or deviate from the center. You need to pay attention to this detail.

Available Bape sizes
If you see Bape clothing or product sizes with 3XL or 4XL, you are probably holding the fake. Do you know why? The brand rarely makes both sizes available. If you see the two sizes runaway from it or on the alternative, do extensive research.

Check the pricing
Almost all Bape products have a minimum price. For example, if you are buying a Bape hoodie and the price tag is below $300, then you are probably going for the fake. There is no genuine Bape hoodie with less than $300 retail price.

Bape inside lining
When you want to buy a Bape item, make sure you check the inside lining. The fake Bape item has a fleecy lining inside while the authentic has a woven cotton feel.

Check the Bape fabric
In a counterfeit Bape, you will see the spacing between two parts when you pull the fabric apart. In fact, it will sometimes be loose. But when you see that the fabrics are tightly knitted and have a unique quality, you are on the verge of buying the real Bape item.

The Bape lettering and color
The lettering of Bape on the real item such as hoodie is orderly and not crooked. The fake ones lack consistency. Also, if you are buying a hood with diamonds and see the diamonds placed around the “Bape” instead of putting it on the brand name, you are holding the fake. The real color of Bape items is vibrant while the fake color of Bape products is most times dull.

Check Bape Zipper
The real Bape always have silver zippers, except the baby milo line. Ensure you see YKK on the silver zipper. If not, there is a probability you have the fake. Note that this should not be the first factor to consider because some counterfeits copied the YKK. But still be on the lookout for this.

Furthermore, some extra tips can help make the right choice of buying the authentic Bape.

Check the photos of the Bape item on the retailer website or store and compare it with the one on the Bape official site
Read users review before you make your purchase. Bape items with lots of great reviews can probably be real. I said probably because the reviews can be cooked up. So, you need to be careful here.
If you are buying a Bape bag, ensure you go for a bag with a white tab. On it is a factory sticker of size. Fake Bape bags have various colors, and the logo of Bape may look more orange or yellow

How to know if your Bape is real or fake shouldn’t be a problem anymore. All you need is to pay attention to every detail mentioned above. Don’t rush into purchasing any Bape item. Ensure you check everything till you are 100 percent sure you are not buying the fake Bape. If you have any doubt, do not buy till you are convinced

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