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Prada Guide

Prada Brand

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Prada is an Italian luxury fashion house with its uniqueness in manufacturing top-notch fashion leather handbags, travel accessories, shoes, perfumes and other fashion accessories. Due to this limelight and the fact that it is a popular brand and because of the costliness of a Prada item, fake and cheap versions have come into the markets. This has exposed the brand to fake manufacturers with the aim to make money using the brand’s name.

These fake designers only try to be perfect, and they are getting better day by day. Most retail shops that deal in selling this brand, just to make profits don’t mind exploiting their customers and rubbing them off their money, by giving out fake materials. Therefore if you are the type who desires the best quality, Prada has to offer.

There’s a need for you to authenticate any Prada product you are purchasing from either an online or offline retail shop. Here’s is a quick guide to identify between which is real and which one is a fake. We believe you do not want to fall the victim of counterfeiters. We will take a special interest in its bags.

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Real or Fake Prada Guide

Prada Logo
If you really want to get the best quality out of the brand, more detailed attention should be paid to the logo’s fonts and spacing on the logo. The logo is designed in such a way that engravings even in the thinnest form can be seen clearly. So whenever you are purchasing any product of this brand and the fonts do not seem to be clear enough then it’s a fake.

Regarding spacing, the letters in the real brand are well spaced and not touching each other. The letter R also has a different font from the rest of the letters which most fake designers of this brand do not seem to take cognizance of.

Also if you notice any mistakes in spellings, then it’s a fake.The letters on the authentic bags are sharper and not rounded or curved.The brand is specially adept at its perfectionism, and anything apart from this shows the product brand to be a fake.

Check the Stitching
A real Prada bag is singly stitched. Whenever you are purchasing this brand especially for the bags, and you notice it is doubly back stitched even on one line then watch out this is a fake. One thing a Prada product can promise you is its uniqueness in the way of perfection. They are neatly and perfectly stitched at an angle and not in the straight pattern. Also, not at all will it be messier.

Authenticity card of Prada Bag
Whenever you are buying a Prada bag, always look out for the authenticity card. Whenever you notice that the details on the card ranging from color to the size and even texture differs from what you see, then there’s need to exercise more caution in buying that product. Even if you are buying a second-hand product of this brand, it is of a necessity to ask for the authenticity card.

Also when you buy a Prada bag, most cases you get a brown envelope. The Prada logo should be engraved on it and not printed if it is printed then you need to watch out. Also, details on the authenticity card and the brown envelope should match each other 100%.

The buttons and zipper should be matching in color and should have coordination with the bag and its lining. High-quality zippers are usually found in original Prada bags. The Zippers of real and original Prada bags are always perfectly processed. They are not difficult to pull on or out.

Know your stores
This is a quite obvious sign as genuine bags are usually purchased from high-end departmental stores. You probably check for high end expensive departmental stores to get the original Prada item either a bag or a purse due to the fact it is expensive. A lot of small, low-end retail shops can only get a replica in order to sell a Prada brand. So when you buy a Prada brand from such stores signify you are probably purchasing a low-quality item which we can call a fake Prada.

Check the hardware
All Prada hardware is antique brass. If you find hardware that is rusted, old, or worn, then it probably is not a Prada. Check the coloration, and the size to make the right decision.

Look at the lining
The lining of a Prada bag is black. If there is a pattern, then it is a fake one. The lining material should be of high quality. It will also have the word ‘Prada’ running horizontally across it. All Prada handbags have the unique Prada logo repeatedly embroidered into the lining no matter the material. Anything contrary is a sign of a fake.

Check for the label
All authentic Prada bags have an interior label, so whenever you are purchasing a Prada bag, and you could not find the label, then this is an indication it’s a fake.

Find the metal tag
An original Prada bag will have a metal tag that says “Prada Made in Italy.” If the tag is made of plastic or fabric, then the purse or the bag is not original. All Prada handbags have a serial number and tag of authenticity located on them. Misspelled words may also indicate that it’s a fake.

Check to see if there is a dust bag
The absence of a dust bag may reveal the purse is fake. An original Prada purse will have the Prada logo printed in black on a white dust bag. There should be a label stitched in the dust bag that says “Prada” and “Cotton” made in Italy

Try to follow our guide above to stay clear of fake designer products and not to be cheated on. You might need to do a thorough study of whatever Prada product you are purchasing and keep in mind this guideline as this will help in making wise decisions and give you the real value for the money being spent. Remember you need to make smart choices when purchasing a Prada product!

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