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Y-3 Size Chart & Fit Guide

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Y-3 is a luxury clothing brand that offers unique and avant-garde designs with a fusion of high-end fashion and sportswear. The Y-3 sizing and fit guide can help customers find the perfect fit for their Y-3 products, whether they are shopping online or in-store.

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Y-3 Sizing and Fit Guide

Y-3 offers a wide range of shirts, including t-shirts, button-ups, and sweatshirts. Most Y-3 shirts have a relaxed fit that is true to size, but the exact fit can vary depending on the style. For example, Y-3 t-shirts are generally more fitted, while Y-3 sweatshirts have a looser fit.

The shirts are made of high-quality materials such as soft cotton, breathable mesh, and lightweight jersey. Many Y-3 shirts also feature unique design elements, such as bold graphics, asymmetrical hemlines, and layered construction.

Y-3 dresses are designed to be both fashionable and comfortable. They feature avant-garde designs that often incorporate unusual fabrics and silhouettes. Many Y-3 dresses have a loose, flowy fit that is comfortable and easy to move in. The dresses are made of high-quality materials such as soft cotton, lightweight silk, and luxurious satin. Some Y-3 dresses also feature unique design elements such as cut-out details, sheer panels, and oversized pockets.

Y-3 jackets are designed for a modern and fashion-forward look. They are made of high-quality leather, nylon, and technical fabrics. Many Y-3 jackets also feature unique design elements such as oversized collars, asymmetrical zippers, and avant-garde silhouettes.

Y-3 sneakers are known for their innovative designs and comfort. They are made of high-quality leather, suede, and neoprene. The fit is generally true to size; many customers find it comfortable even for extended wear. Y-3 shoes also feature unique design elements such as chunky soles, bold logos, and avant-garde shapes. Some popular Y-3 shoe styles include the Y-3 Qasa, the Y-3 Runner, and the Y-3 Saikou.

Is Y-3 True to Size?

Yes, in general, Y-3 is true to size. However, it’s important to note that sizing can vary depending on the specific product and style. Many customers find Y-3’s clothing and shoes fit well and are comfortable.

Y-3 provides size charts on their website, including chest, waist, hips, and inseam measurements for clothing, as well as foot length and width for shoes. If you need clarification on sizing, Y-3 also offers a sizing guide on their website that provides tips on measuring yourself and choosing the right size.

Y-3 Size Charts

Y-3 Women's Tops Size Chart

Chest (cm)73-7873-7877-8277-8283-8883-8889-9489-9495-10195-101102-109102-109110-118110-118
Waist (cm)57-6057-6061-6661-6667-7267-7273-7873-7879-8579-8586-9486-9494-10494-104
Hips (cm)82-8582-8586-9186-9192-9792-9798-10398-103104-110104-110111-117111-117118-125118-125

Y-3 Women's Bottoms Size Chart

Waist (cm)57-6057-6061-6661-6667-7267-7273-7873-7879-8579-8586-9486-9494-10494-104
Hips (cm)82-8582-8586-9186-9192-9792-9798-10398-103104-110104-110111-117111-117118-125118-125

Y-3 Women's Shoes Size Chart

EUR35 1/23636 2/337 1/33838 2/339 1/34040 2/341 1/34242 2/343 1/34444 2/345 1/34646 2/347 1/34848 2/349 1/350

Y-3 Men's Tops Size Chart

Chest (cm)83-8687-9293-100101-108109-118119-130131-142
Waist (cm)71-7475-8081-8889-9697-106107-119120-132
Hips (cm)82-8586-9192-99100-107108-116117-125126-135

Y-3 Men's Bottoms Size Chart

Inner thigh8181.58282.58382.582
Waist (cm)71-7576-8283-9091-99100-109110-121122-134
Hips (cm)82-8687-9394-101102-110111-119120-128129-138

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