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October’s Very Own Size Chart & Fit Guide

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The sizing and fit of October’s Very Own’s apparel, accessories, and footwear can vary based on the particular item. And yet, on occasion, it might be challenging to decide which size will fit the best. If it is your first time trying out the brand, this article will address all of your concerns with October’s Very Own sizing and fitting issues.

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October’s Very Own Sizing and Fit Guide

Shirts & Blouses
October’s Very Own Shirts are very iconic. As for the size, you don’t need to size up for a looser fit because they are made to have a relaxed fit.

But you might want to size down if you prefer a more fitted appearance. When making a purchase, be sure to look up the precise measurements for each t-shirt. Generally speaking, October’s Very Own apparel runs true to size, so you should select your usual size.

Coats & Jackets
October’s Very Own offers a range of jackets and coats, including denim jackets, bomber jackets, and parkas. For instance, OVO’s denim jackets have a very relaxed fit. You won’t have to try different sizes to find the perfect fit. As these fit true to size, simply choose your size and go for it.

Bomber jackets however are a bit bulky and may fit slightly large. For a more comfortable fit, you might want to go one size down. Furthermore, their parkas always run true to size. Not only that, but their parkas are also lighter and thinner yet warmer than most parkas. All in all, you can never go wrong with October’s Very Own apparel.

October’s Very Own shoes are sought after because of their reputation for being trendy and of high-quality. This guarantees that the shoes will be long-lasting as well as chic.

October’s Very Own puts a lot of attention and care into each pair of shoes, from the design to the materials used. Shoes by October’s Very Own usually fit true to size. To achieve a comfortable fit, you might want to size up if you have wide feet.

Is October’s Very Own True to Size?

Yes, October’s Very Own is true to its size. Although October’s Very Own sizing varies based on the specific product, October’s Very Own clothing, and shoes often run true to size. On their website, October’s Very Own frequently provides comprehensive sizing charts and fit information that can be useful in finding the ideal size for you.

October’s Very Own Size Charts

October’s Very Own Men's Jacket Size Chart

BODY LENGTH2727.52828.529.530.531.5
CHEST WIDTH40424446495255

October’s Very Own Men's Jersey Size Chart


October’s Very Own Men's Hoodie Size Chart

BODY LENGTH26.827.327.828.329.330.331.3
CHEST WIDTH42444648515457

October’s Very Own Men's T-Shirt Size Chart

BODY LENGTH2828.52929.530.531.532.5
CHEST WIDTH41434547505356

October’s Very Own Men's Short Size Chart

INSEAM LENGTH5.55.866.36.56.87

October’s Very Own Women's Hoodie Size Chart

BODY LENGTH22.62323.524.325
CHEST WIDTH3941434649

October’s Very Own Women's T-Shirt Size Chart

BODY LENGTH24.925.325.826.527.3
CHEST WIDTH3840424548

October’s Very Own Women's Pajama Pant Size Chart

INSEAM LENGTH30.53131.531.531.5

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