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Number (N)ine Size Chart & Fit Guide

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If it is your first time buying anything from Number (N)ine, you may be a little concerned with the sizing and fitting of the fashion-wear. Well, worry not because this article aims to answer all your queries regarding the sizing and fitting of the brand.

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Number (N)ine Sizing and Fit Guide

Number (N)ine t-shirts are trendy and eye-catching. Many items have bold graphics and designs that make the wearer stand out from the crowd. Bold typography, abstract patterns, and prints that incorporated various imagery and textures are some of the examples of the designs that Number (N)ine offers.

Like many high-end fashion labels, Number (N)ine shirts tend to be more fitting and smaller in size than other brands. The clothing from this company is designed with a slender, fitted silhouette that draws attention to the wearer’s body type and gives them a sleek, modern appearance.

Coats & Jackets
The edgy and raw style of Number (N)ine is very well known. Some of the best-selling outerwear pieces include denim and leather jackets. The company also uses traditional Japanese aspects in its designs, such as kimono-inspired motifs and coats.

The fit of Number (N)ine coats and jackets is typically sleek and fitted. Their designs use unique materials and accents including zippered pockets, asymmetrical cuts, and leather accents. Moreover, it is suggested to consult the sizing guide before buying a Number (N)ine coat or jacket.

The sizing of Number (N)ine shoes may vary based on the particular design and style of the shoe, much like with many other fashion brands. Nonetheless, Number (N)ine shoes often have a narrow style. To elaborate, many of the brand’s shoes and boots are made to have a narrow and streamlined fit, which might make it harder for people with broader feet or high arches to get into them.

Is Number (N)ine True to Size?

Although some items may have a more fitting or relaxed cut depending on the design, Number (N) Nine items typically run a bit smaller than the actual size, though there is no clear-cut explanation for this.

Considering this, you might want to size up if you want a comfy relaxed fit. Furthermore, an accurate sizing guide is also available to assist you in choosing the perfect size for you.

Number (N)ine Size Charts

Number (N)ine Tops Size Chart

shoulder width51.554
Sleeve length 58.560

Number (N)ine Hoodies Size Chart

snow8487.5 89.5
Weight (g)550550600

Number (N)ine Jacket/Outer Size Chart

shoulder width40.54144
Sleeve length 6465.5 68
Width4546.5 49.5
Weight (g)102010501100

Number (N)ine Pants Size Chart

inseam65.5 6769
Around the hem363840
thigh circumference717374
pants length99.5101104

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