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Jordans Size Chart & Fit Guide

There is no denying that Jordans has been one of the biggest highlights of the fashion industry since it was released. To ensure a comfortable and proper fit, it is important to familiarise yourself with Jordans’ size chart and fitting guide. By following the guidelines discussed below, you can find the right size Jordans shoe that will provide both style and comfort.

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Jordans Sizing and Fit Guide

Air Jordans 1
Air Jordans 1 is the signature product of Jordans. The Jordans 1 fits precisely to size, making the sizing process relatively simple. This implies that if your usual shoe size is 42, you will also need a 42 for the AJ1. You can consult the Nike sizing chart to determine your exact size.

Air Jordans 4
Second, we have the Air Jordans 4, introduced in 1989 as the Jordan III’s replacement and has since gained much popularity. The shoes will fit true to size, much like the AJ1. So you may order the AJ4 in your usual shoe size with confidence.

Air Jordans 5
You should purchase a half-size smaller because the Air Jordans 5 already has a somewhat broad fit due to its manufacturing. It will not strain against the toes because of its broad shape.

Air Jordans 11
Sizing for the Air Jordans 11 style is a little more difficult. Even if you order one bit smaller due to the large body, many customers choose to keep it true to size. Get the AJ11 in your usual size if you’re unsure.

Air Jordans 6
The Air Jordans 6 is the last item on the list and is already fairly broad and large. It is advised to get a whole size smaller in this case. Therefore, you should take a 42.5 if you are a 43.

Is Jordans True to Size?

Sizes for Air Jordans are accurate. The most suitable option would be to acquire the same size Air Jordans that you typically wear in sneakers. Whether you purchase an Air Jordans 1, Air Jordans 5, or Air Jordans 11, the sizes for each pair of shoes will be the same. Simply sticking to your correct size is the solution.

Jordans Size Charts

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