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Gitman Vintage Size Chart & Fit Guide

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Gitman Vintage is dedicated to providing customers with top-notch goods that maintain their commitment to durability and creativity. For such a brand, it is important to know the accurate size and fit. This size and fit guide will give you all the information you need to know to make an informed decision.

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Gitman Vintage Sizing and Fit Guide

The shirts come in a slim fit. These shirts are designed with high armholes and a slender waist for a contemporary look. If you wish to have a thinner look, you should continue wearing shirts in your usual size.

You won’t have as much discretion over your fit with ready-to-wear models because they come in alphabetical sizes (XS through XXL), which is different from the conventional neck and sleeve sizing. Nevertheless, Gitman Vintage does have a sizable Made-to-Order shirting program. However, as you can imagine, doing so will come at a price.

Gitman Vintage does not have the standard interlining seam in most dress shirts. This nylon webbing prevents creases by giving collars, cuffs, and plackets weight and firmness. The result is a deliberately rumpled appearance that enhances the shirt’s laid-back vibe. But if the situation calls for it, you can still press and starch the item.

Other Smaller elements include a divided yoke, which adds a step to the shirtmaking process but, in theory, results in a shoulder that fits better. It also has a locker hook and a central box ruffle at the back yoke. The middle button at the back of the collar helps to prevent the collar from flapping and secures a knot.

Is Gitman Vintage True to Size?

They offer shirts in different silhouettes and sizes to fit all body types. According to different customer reviews, they usually fit true to size. We recommend sticking to the size chart available on the official website for a more accurate fit.

Gitman Vintage Size Charts

Gitman Vintage Short Sleeve Shirt Size Chart

Neck 13.5" 14.5" 15.5" 16.5" 17.5" 18.5"
Shoulder 17" 18" 19" 20" 21" 22"
Chest 38" 41" 44" 47" 50" 54"
Length 29" 30" 31" 32" 33" 33.5"
Sleeve 32" 33" 34" 35" 36" 36"

Gitman Vintage Long Sleeve Shirt Size Chart

Neck 13.5" 14.5" 15.5" 16.5" 17.5" 18.5"
Shoulder 17.25" 18.25" 19.25" 20.25" 21.25" 22.25"
Chest 36" 40" 43" 46" 50" 54"
Length 29.5" 30" 31" 31.5" 32" 32.5"
Sleeve 32" 33" 34" 35" 36" 36"

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