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Dior Size Chart & Fit Guide

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With a range of sizes and fits, it can be difficult to know what size to choose when shopping for Dior clothing and accessories online. That’s why we’ve put together this Dior sizing and fit guide to help you find the perfect size and fit for your body type.

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Dior Sizing and Fit Guide

The fit of Dior dresses can vary based on the style and design, with some customers finding them true to size while others suggest sizing up or down. To get the best fit, check size charts and customer reviews before making a purchase and try on the dress in person to ensure the best fit. Additionally, certain styles may fit differently due to factors such as fabric, cut, and design details.

People have varying opinions on the fit of Dior’s skirts. Some customers find them to fit as expected, while others have reported issues with sizing. Some customers find the fit to be comfortable, while others find the skirts to be too tight or too loose.

Tops and Blouses
Many people have different thoughts on how well Dior blouses and tops fit. Many buyers say they fit perfectly, while others say you should size up or down. The tops and blouses are either universally loved for their soft fabric and flattering silhouettes or universally panned for their poor fit.

Jackets and Coats
Dior offers a range of high-quality jackets and coats for both men and women. The materials used to make the jackets and coats vary, including leather, wool, and technical fabrics. Regarding fit, it is recommended to consult size charts and customer reviews and try on the jacket or coat in person if possible, as the fit can vary based on the style and design.

Trousers and Shorts
Dior offers a range of trousers and shorts for both men and women. The trousers include casual styles, such as joggers and chinos, and dressier options, like dress pants and suit pants. The shorts come in various styles, including denim, tailored, and sporty shorts. The fit can vary depending on the style and design, so it’s best to check the size chart, read reviews, and try the item in person if you can.

Is Dior True to Size?

Dior products generally have a good fit but can vary based on the item and individual body type. Try on the items in person or consult the size chart and customer reviews to understand the fit better.

Opinions on the fitting of Dior’s products vary among individuals. Some people find the fit perfect, while others may have issues with sizing or find the fit too loose or tight. It’s always a good idea to try on items in person or consult size charts and customer reviews before purchasing to understand the fit better and ensure a good customer experience.

Dior Size Charts

Dior Women's Shoes Size Chart

Feet Length22.422.823.123.523.824.124.524.825.125.525.826.126.526.827.127.527.828.1

Dior Men's Shoes Size Chart

Feet Length24.524.825.225.525.826.126.426.727.127.427.828.128.528.829.129.429.830.130.430.731

Dior Women's Outerwear Size Chart


Dior Men's Outerwear Size Chart

Brand St.4042444648505254565860
Arm Length5858.55959.56060.56161.56262.563
Shoulders width 4142434445464748495051

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