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Adidas NMD Size Chart & Fit Guide

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Adidas NMD is a great choice for activewear sneakers. Although you might need to know the fitting and size variations in the NMD collection as their sole size, cut, and style makes a difference. In this guide, we will briefly discuss the size and fitting of the Adidas Nomad- NMD.

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Adidas NMD Sizing and Fit Guide

NMD R1 Mesh
NMD R1 Mesh is an original collection launched in 2015 and served as the foundation for the innovation of Nomad. Boosted midsole and sock-like Mesh gives a perfect hybrid of comfort and style. Generally, NMD R1 Mesh fits true to size, but if you are in between the size, going half size up is the ideal practice here.

NMD R1 Primeknit
NMD R1 Primeknit looks aesthetically pleasing with breathable prime knit. If you prefer a larger footprint and stylish look prime knit will be your choice. It features an Adidas rubberized sole, which gives you a lightweight and comfortable experience. However, these run bigger due to their style, so go a full size down if you have a narrow feet structure, And half size down if you have a wider sole size for a comfortable and snug fit.

NMD City Sock/Chukka
NMD City Stock and Chukka are slip-on sneakers in addition to the Nomad collection. Which gives great versatility to style and can be your go-to-sneakers. These feature Adidas prime knit tech upper with cushioned rubber soles, giving amazing support and comfort.

As these are laceless, and you can’t tighten or lose them, so going true to size is the right choice here. Based on customer feedback these sneakers are roomy and can get flexed due to their flexible shape and fabric material. Hence, sung fit always goes with the brand’s measurements.

NMD Sportswear
Along with the sneakers collection, Adidas has introduced sportswear for the NMD collection which includes shorts, pants, tops, sweatshirts, and hoodies. All clothing is US standard and you may not experience that many variations in size. Besides, consumers’ feedback also suggests that NMD sportswear is true to size.

Is Adidas NMD True to Size?

Adidas has size variations based on the sneaker’s cut style and sole technology. That’s why there is no surprise to see differences in their all series. Talking about Nomad- NMD series, only City Stock/Chukka are true to size.

Adidas NMD Size Charts

Adidas NMD Men's and Women's Shoes Size Chart

Heel-toe measurement8.7"8.9"9.0"9.2"9.4"9.5"9.7"9.8"10.0"10.2"10.4"10.5"10.7"10.9"11.0"11.2"11.3"11.5"11.7"11.9"12.0"12.2"12.4"12.7"13.0"13.3"13.7"14.0"
US - Men's44.555.566.577.588.599.51010.51111.51212.51313.51414.5151617181920
US - Women's55.566.577.588.599.51010.51111.51212.51313.51414.51515.5------
EU3636 2/337 1/33838 2/339 1/34040 2/341 1/34242 2/343 1/34444 2/345 1/34646 2/347 1/34848 2/349 1/35050 2/351 1/352 2/353 1/354 2/355 2/3

Adidas NMD Kids Shoes Size Chart

Heel-toe measurement3.2"3.5"3.9"4.2"4.5"4.8"5.0"5.2"5.4"5.5"5.7"5.9"6.0"6.2"6.3"

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