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Off-White T-shirt Fake vs. Real Guide (Legit Check & Price)

Off-White T-shirt

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Virgil Abloh’s Off-White is one of the hottest brands in fashion. However, since the brand was founded in 2012, its popularity has reached puzzling new heights. One guiding theme with Off-white is “everything in quotes” and “everything is ironic,” yet one of the main recognizable design elements is the chunky quotation marks.

Unfortunately, Off-White has plenty of fake manufacturers who specialize in replicating it. One easy way to spot a fake Off-white t-shirt is to look for incorrect text spacing on the neck tag main label and check the material on the wash tag. However, this complete guide explores more profound ways in which you can distinguish between a legit and counterfeit Off-white t-shirt.

Off-White t-shirt Fake vs. Real Guide (How to Spot a Fake Off-White t-shirt)

The article will help you find fake t-shirts and help you buy authentic Off-White t-shirts. We’ve got you. Scroll down to see all fake vs. accurate comparisons and a quick guide.

​​Check the packaging
You’ll notice that the packaging is different if it is fake. Therefore, the first step to confirm authenticity is to check the transparent plastic bag with all shirts. First, one red flag will be if you notice any Chinese symbols. Next, see that the striking Off-White signature logo consists of 8 diagonal stripes, but only a few replica manufacturers miss out on the number of lines. However, the more apparent mistake is the color. Typically it should be a more light shade of green, almost white, under specific lighting. Also, check the barcode, and it’s got the model’s name, the code, and all the data.

Verify the wash tag
On the wash tag, try to notice the threading. It should be rich and dense in line with professional standards, which is crucial in distinguishing between a replica Off-White T-shirt and the real deal. Another clue is to check the dimensions of the tag. It shouldn’t be too long, and the distance between the stripes and the stitching should be adequate. Many fakes miss out on that and make the diagonal lines thinner than necessary.

Pay attention to the transparent hangtag
The clues are in the details when distinguishing fake from authentic, which is a valid point considering the transparent hangtag. As mentioned, the authentic one should have ten lines. However, the hangtag on fakes has more or fewer lines. Also, the unauthentic shirts have a thicker font, making them clanky and less legible. Finally, the rectangular hole should be shorter and more extended in height.

Examine the front print
One massive tell that you can point out immediately if you know what you’re looking for is the print placement. Often, the print is either placed too high or low by the replica manufacturers. They also fail at minor details, such as sewing the neck tag quite far from the neckline, while the originals have the neck tag overlapping with the neckline. Also, check the colors of the labels on the t-shirt.

Inspect the neck tag
Virgil designed the neck tag on his shirts to be white and visible. With a clean hem without any threads sticking out. Unfortunately, inauthentic Off-White shirts lack a prominent neck tag, but they tend to be clanky as they are made with cheap printers, and the resulting tag can lack color. Also, the feel of the neck tag is different, the originals have a rubbery feel when you touch the letters on the tag, but the counterfeit ones are only printed on and lack this additional detail.

Off-White t-shirt Price & Cost (Are Off-White T-shirts expensive?)

T-shirts are like a blank canvas that allows you to have extra style choices. For instance, you can style it alone, add some accessories, cover it with a sweater, or pair them with jeans. Off-white T-shirts are more than your average t-shirt. They are more of a fashion statement. Off-white T-shirts are priced between $100 on sale and $1000 if the shirt is so rare. Ultimately, there is an average price of about 500 dollars.

Where to Buy Authentic Off-White t-shirt? (New & Used Off-White T-shirt for Sale)

Always buy from reputable sellers who post accurate pictures and product details when shopping online. Check whether the website benefits from a trust mark and assess the general layout of the website. Look out for red flags, such as sellers with very little or no customer feedback or reviews. It is best to start from their original websites and well-known retailers to buy off-white products. Also, eBay is another alternative place where you can purchase the originals sometimes with a great deal. The following list provides genuine sellers and stockists.

Legit Off-White T-shirt eBay Sellers

Seller NameeBay Store NameStore Link
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Legit Off-White T-shirt Resellers / Stockists

Website NameDescription
farfetch.comExplore the gray areas with Off-White on FARFETCH now. Hoodies and T-shirts feature diagonal stripes and Arrows motifs.
stockx.comBuy and sell 100% authentic Off-White T-Shirts at the best price on StockX, the live marketplace for real Off-White streetwear apparel and top releases.

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