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Gucci Slides Fake vs. Real Guide (Legit Check & Price)

Gucci Slides

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Gucci Slides symbolize casual high-end footwear worn by many people, including artists. The company’s signature style is now seen in different shoes for men and women, from floral patterns to monogrammed motifs.

You can do a few things to figure out if a pair of Gucci slides is the real deal. Start by checking the overall look of the slides – sometimes, counterfeiters don’t get all the details right. Next, move on to the strap and heel.Finally, check the fonts on the slides since different types of counterfeit models will often have different fonts. Pay attention to every detail; if anything looks off, it probably is.

You’re almost done with your authentication, but not quite. Make sure to take a look at the soles and letterings. The key to any good authentication process is ensuring that each step is followed carefully.

Gucci slides Fake vs. Real Guide (How to Spot a Fake Gucci slides)

Gucci slides are hard to beat regarding fashionable and practical footwear. Their design minimizes blisters on the feet, making them an excellent choice for everyday wear. But how do they compare to other similar but fake footwear choices? Let’s look at two pairings and see what differences we can detect.

The first thing we notice about the fake slides is how rough the edges are, which is something that irritates your skin and make wearing them less enjoyable. The same can be said for the strap, which appears rougher and harsher than the original slides. The fake slides also aren’t accurate when it comes to measurements. For example, the footbed is supposed to be symmetrical and the same width all the way around, but on the counterfeit slides, the footbed narrows towards the bottom.

Lettering and font on the slides
Counterfeit models are more common than you might think. When you come across one, it’s important to remember that there are high-quality and low-quality fake models. The differences will be more evident if you look at a cheaply-made counterfeit.

Let’s say you’re looking at a model, and you can tell it’s not the real thing. In this instance, the false letters appear flat instead of raised above the surface. Also, the writing is usually pretty bold and raised on an authentic item, but that’s not the case with this forgery.

The difference between counterfeit and genuine leather may also be seen in the quality of the leather. The texture of imitation leather is so different from genuine leather.
If the Gucci slides are original, you will notice that the font is exceptionally bold, whereas the fake lettering is thinner and paler.

Straps on the slides
You can also consider the strap of the Gucci slides, which is very important when determining fake or original slides. One way to tell if a Gucci is fake is by looking at the colors. The authentic Gucci colors are brighter and matte, while the phony strap is shinier and gives the pair a cheap appearance. Another way to tell if the product is fake is by looking at the sections that need to be connected smoothly. On a faux Gucci slide, these sections are usually embossed deeply.

Heels of the slides
You might notice a few differences if you look at the heel of the slides from the side. The line below the heel is usually the first thing people notice: original slides typically have an incredibly smooth and pale line, whereas fake ones often have a much bolder and thicker line.
The lettering on the fake slides is higher than on the original slides. The faux slides also have thicker and darker letters. The texts on the actual slides are flatter and have a smoother appearance.

The sole of the slides
Even something as insignificant as the sole of your slides can help you know if they are original or fake. The original sole is more complex and detailed, but the counterfeit soles lack these features. You can also look out for the color of the sole. The fake slides have darker blue soles than the original.

Check for the engraving on the sole
The first thing you’ll notice upon comparing a replica pair of Gucci slides to an authentic pair is that the registered trademark “®” symbol on the replica looks too thin. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that the letter and the circle on the original slides look thicker and more defined. Now, if we look at the GUCCI text on the slides, you can see how the letters are too narrow on the fake pair. But, even though they’re slim, they still don’t fit deep enough inside the slide.

On the other hand, you can tell the original Gucci slides from the fakes by looking at the width of the “GUCCI” text and how deeply the letters are cut into the fabric.
Lastly, the text that says “made in Italy” is too thin on the fake slides. The letters are way thicker and bulkier on the original slides.

Inspect the text written on the back of the slides
Another way to spot fake Gucci slides is to look at the rear side of the fall. You would want to look at the “GUCCI” text that is written there.

The difference between these two pairs of “Gucci” slides is that the fake pair has its text coming out further from the shoes. But conversely, you can tell that the original pair has its text placed closer to the shoes.

Gucci slides Price & Cost (Are Gucci slides expensive?)

Men’s Gucci Slides will vary in color, style, and price. You would be lucky to find any sales. An original Gucci slide pair costs between 200 and 800 dollars depending on the type you want and what store you are buying from, as they have a luxury element in their appeal. They are perfect for summer and easy to wear. They are durable because of the material and are easy to clean during summer vacations.

Where to Buy Authentic Gucci slides? (New & Used Gucci slides for Sale)

Gucci Slides is one of Gucci’s most accessible pieces of luxury footwear. They have been retailed anywhere as low as $240 or $310. Since Gucci Slides are offered in various variations, the shop you purchase them from matters. You can get the original Gucci slides from these sites:

Legit Gucci Slides eBay Sellers

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Legit Gucci Slides Resellers / Stockists

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gucci.comShop men's slides and sandals at GUCCI.com in leather, canvas, and more. Enjoy free shipping, returns and gift wrapping.
nordstrom.comShop Gucci Slides at nordstrom.com. Free Shipping and Free Returns are available, or buy online and pick them up in-store!
saksfifthavenue.comGucci Slides is one of Gucci's most accessible pieces of luxury footwear.

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