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Bape Jacket Fake vs. Real Guide (Legit Check & Price)

Bape Jacket

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A Bathing Ape, or Bape, is a Japanese clothing company founded by Nigo in 1993. The company produces a range of clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. Interestingly, the label is known for its innovative designs creating distinctive streetwear appeal with international appeal. Hence, getting one perfect Bape jacket is complex, and many low-quality replicas exist in the global market. This increase in popularity created high demand and made the brand more premium. Read on to see the tips and factors that would serve as the complete legit check guide for the Bape jacket.

Bape jacket Fake vs. Real Guide (How to Spot a Fake Bape jacket)

Unfortunately, you cannot rule out counterfeits when getting a Bape Jacket. They are frequently counterfeited in foreign factories because of their popularity. So if you want to learn how to spot fake Bape jackets that are out there on the market, then this guide is for you.

The Logo
A striking red flag would be the font used in the Bape logo and its placement. Unfortunately, many replica manufacturers miss this detail with misplaced logos, poor consistency, and detailing. The lettering of Bape on the genuine jacket should be orderly and proportional. Typically Bape items have vibrant colors, while the fake Bape products are usually dull. Also, replica manufacturers typically miss the shape of the Bape logo.

Check the zipper
The real Bape always has silver zippers, except for the baby milo line. So ensure you see YKK on the silver zipper. If not, there is a probability you have the fake. Note that this should not be the first factor because some counterfeits copied the YKK. Also, the authentic zipper would be bulky and wide. Some Bape designs even have 2-way zips that open from the bottom of the zip and the top. These allow you more room at the coat’s hem, making you more comfortable sitting down. The fake zippers are often made of plastic, while the originals are made with suitable materials.

Available Bape sizes
According to Bape’s website, their sizing is generally true to size. For example, all upper garment sizes range from Small to Extra Large. So if you see a Bape jacket in this size range, you probably know it’s not a fake. For instance, it is likely not authentic if you see Bape clothing or product sizes with 3XL or 4XL.

Check Bape stitching
When you see a fake Bape jacket, you must pay attention to the stitching detail. The stitching on Bape items is nearly perfect, even with double stitching. However, those on the replica can be a bit sloppy. The threads of fake Bape are usually loose, while that of the genuine Bape are not loose on the inside. Thus with a counterfeit Bape, you will see the spacing between two parts when you pull the fabric apart. At the same time, the authentic Bape jacket will have tightly knitted materials and unique upscale quality. Also, the inside lining of the authentic one has a woven cotton feel.

Bape sleeve tags
To spot the fake Bape jacket, be sure that the stitching found at the top of the label does not have significant differences when checking the sleeve tag. The tag will be located at the center of the sleeve for most genuine Bape clothing items. However, the fakes will have it deviate from the center, maybe at the back or front. In reality, the logo embroidery should have a grainy nature, with the face of the logo well represented and excellent execution of the details. The original manufacturers will place the ® sign in the bottom right corner of the label.

Bape jacket Price & Cost (Are Bape jackets expensive?)

If you’re looking to buy an authentic Bape jacket, it will not be cheap, and the price tag won’t be something you can ignore. Original Bape jackets are in the $200-$700 price range. They will cost more or less depending on their popularity, rarity and demand. Bape, in general, is also costly due to its high demand and bombing global popularity. Celebrities, artists, and other famous musicians have endorsed their cool-looking and trendy designs.

Where to Buy an Authentic Bape jacket? (New & Used Bape jacket for Sale)

Since Bape jackets are expensive, it would help if you were wary of where to purchase them to avoid getting duped. Fortunately, not all fake Bape jackets are of the same quality, and there are some obvious red flags certain sellers show you. First, discern the quality of goods from product photos; you can ignore the seller if the product picture is not clear enough. Because you need to see the details of the clothes to judge the quality, always choose sellers with a return policy. Suppose the fake Bape site doesn’t accept returns. Then you should leave the site. The following list provides genuine sellers and stockists to help you find the best seller.

Legit Bape Jacket eBay Sellers

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Legit Bape Jacket Resellers / Stockists

Website NameDescription
bape.comA BATHING APE official international online store. Shop the latest BAPE collections and collaborations with fast and reliable international shipping.
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