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Balenciaga Shoes Fake vs. Real Guide (Legit Check & Price)

Balenciaga Shoes

With Balenciaga shoes being one of the most popular choices of designer shoes, a question we come across most often is how to differentiate between a fake and an original pair of Balenciaga shoes. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell a fake apart from an original as factories improve by imitating the brand. To help you, we’ve put together this article to guide you on what to look out for when getting a pair of Balenciaga shoes, so you can avoid the replicas and save your hard-earned money.

Balenciaga Shoes Fake vs Real Guide (How to Spot a Fake Balenciaga Shoe)

The logo
One of the most complex parts to replicate on a fake product is the Balenciaga logo. The font details, the height, and the width tend to be messy on unoriginal shoes. Genuine Balenciaga shoes have logos that are well-defined and of high quality. The fonts are bold, deep, and crisp. Balenciaga sneakers have an embossed Balenciaga logo on the side of the shoe, near the bottom. Replicated shoes come with logos that have uneven letters and are wrongly inclined with thinner and faded fonts. Fake logos on Balenciaga sneakers usually have a shallower impression and are customarily located elsewhere than the bottom of the sneakers.

The box
Another way to check for authenticity is to check the box labeling. A legit Balenciaga shoebox label possesses both the left and right shoe monogram on the shoebox. A replica typically has just one shoe monogram. In addition, the barcode and number are usually too thick, and the serial number is too thin. Replicas also tend to have an extra cut square inside the label on the box.

The shoe information
Authentic Balenciaga shoes have the logo, shoe size, and “MADE IN ITALY” or “MADE IN CHINA” information on the shoe’s sole that are perfectly defined and precise. “MADE IN CHINA” text doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a fake. Balenciaga runs production in China currently. Make sure the shoe sizes printed on the shoe match each other internally and externally. Replicas usually have the information, logo, and size of the shoe vaguer.

The labels and size tags
Also, observe the label on the shoe box. Labels can seem identical on both original and fake Balenciaga shoes. You’d find a sticker label on one side of the shoebox with a list of names, shoe outlines, colors, and codes. A genuine box has a sharp and well-defined outline image and font details. Fake shoes have a blurry and undefined outline image. They usually have different font and spacing sizes as well.

The interior size tag of a Balenciaga sneaker can tell you whether or not it’s original. Legit pairs have more significant size tags that are correctly stitched to the interior tongue tag. Fake pairs have more petite size tags. They are also less visible due to poor stitching.

The style code
You should also run an online search to check and ensure the style code on the box matches the shoe. The style code is a series of numbers and alphabets corresponding to different colorways. However, the codes vary depending on the men’s or women’s shoe version, even if they have the same colorway.

The stitching
Examine the stitching of the shoes as well, as it is one of the most critical details in determining the quality. The hem of the original Balenciaga shoes is crisp and neat. They are also even, and the sews are a little bit angled. Replicas usually have more extensive, messier stitching with bigger spaces between the stitches. The stitches of fake pairs are usually too smooth.

The dust bag
Next, check the dust bags. Genuine Balenciaga dust bags come in a white cotton color with a thick pull. It bears a black Balenciaga logo with small fonts near the bottom of the bag from the center. The bag has a quality feel. If you notice a difference in quality, color, logo font, and position, it’s likely an unoriginal product.

The material make-up/ hardware
Check for glue stains or traces, especially on the midsole and outsole. For original Balenciaga shoes, production is top-notch and neat. If you notice glue stains or traces, or overall messy hardware, that’s a possible sign of a counterfeit. Another detail that is difficult to see is the little smiley face on a sneaker’s midsole. They’re usually identical on both originals and replicas. However, originals have a more prominent and visible smiley face. Additionally, the bottom of authentic Balenciaga runners has a reflective surface compared to the fakes, which are usually matte-looking and blacker.

Balenciaga Shoes Price & Cost (Are Balenciaga Shoes expensive?)

Balenciaga is a luxury and high fashion brand. Their products aren’t cheap due to their fashion luxury, exclusivity, superior craftsmanship, and high-quality materials. The most expensive Balenciaga shoes cost as much as $3,250. However, the average shoe price is about $500, with the most popular editions going for more than $1000. Prices of pre-owned shoes are a bit low, depending on the length of use and their condition.

Where to Buy Authentic Balenciaga Shoes (New & Used Balenciaga Shoes for Sale)

The first prominent place to purchase an authentic pair of Balenciagas will be the Balenciaga online store. However, there are other established and legit sellers of these shoes. We’ve listed a few below to help you make a safe purchase.

Legit Balenciaga Shoes eBay Sellers

Seller NameeBay Store NameStore Link
swedishluxurysalesswedishluxurysalesVisit store »
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Legit Balenciaga Shoes Resellers / Stockists

Website NameDescription
nordstrom.comFind the latest selection of Balenciaga in-store or online at Nordstrom. Shipping is always free, and returns are accepted at any location.
selfridges.comStandout, long-lasting and aerodynamic. That's what makes Balenciaga shoes ready for adventure. Shop iconic trainers and logo-stamped sandals at Selfridges.
mytheresa.comBalenciaga shoes for men come in many diverse styles. From minimalistic and classic to iconic. A pair of sneakers in white is the perfect choice for the park.

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