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Balenciaga Hoodie Fake vs. Real Guide (Legit Check & Price)

Balenciaga Hoodie

You’ve finally had the opportunity to snag the Balenciaga hoodie you’ve been eyeing for a while, but you are concerned about whether it’s an original or a replica. The fakes are getting good at imitating the original products. This article will guide you on what to look for when purchasing a Balenciaga hoodie to ensure your purchase is legit.

Balenciaga Hoodie Fake vs. Real Guide (How to Legit Check a Balenciaga Hoodie)

The wash tag
The instructions on the wash tag of a Balenciaga hoodie can let you know if it’s an original or fake. Begin by checking the “BALENCIAGA” logo at the top of the wash tag. The logo is thin with big letters. A faux hoodie has the letters of the logo too boxy, thicker, and too small.

Next, check the lines of text that show the hoodie’s country of manufacturing. This is the seven-lined block of text in the middle of the label. Note that an authentic hoodie has a thicker and more defined text block than a fake hoodie. However, the counterfeit hoodies have a thinner text. Other inscriptions on the wash tag are thicker on an original and narrower on a faux hoodie.

Be sure to authenticate your model number at the bottom of the wash tag. A quick Google search will tell you whether your hoodie is legit. In addition, you can verify your hoodie’s model number on online retail platforms if the model is released later. Also, a quick search on a site such as Farfetch will give you the results you need to authenticate your hoodie.

The neck tag
The neck tag can be a dead giveaway when checking for fakes. For example, the neck tag on a Balenciaga hoodie comes with a bit of “BALENCIAGA” text. The original hoodie’s Balenciaga text is smaller and thicker. On the other hand, a counterfeit has a more extensive and thinner Balenciaga text. Also, the color of an authentic neck tag would either be white with black letters or black with white letters. Anything other than that is probably a replica.

The neck is sewn into the hoodie. The tag should be attached with two stitches in the top two corners. Interestingly, fake hoodies have messy stitches on the neck tags with stitches that are not clean and tidy.

The size tab
The size inscription is thicker and more well-defined than an original hoodie. Fake hoodies usually have more petite and faded size inscriptions. The text can be messy, so keep an eye out for that.

The front
Another way to check the authenticity of a Balenciaga hoodie is to check the print on the front part of the hoodie. Again, the original hoodie has crisp, clear text, thin lettering, and minor spacing between the letters. Unoriginal hoodies, however, have thicker, more comprehensive text that covers more surface than it should. The letters are also more spaced out due to the thickness of the text.

The label
Another detail to confirm you’re getting a legit Balenciaga hoodie is to observe the label on the hoodie. Then, flip the label to show the part with information.
The information should show the serial code, size of the hoodie, color code, category style code, fabric code, and production order details. This information is always in bold, clear, and well-defined print. It is an unoriginal hoodie if the print is messy or has spelling and grammatical errors.

The stitching
Check the logo on the hoodie to see any inconsistencies in the stitches. A significant brand like Balenciaga takes production very seriously. If stitches are messy with threads sticking out, it’s likely a fake. Also, the letters of an original logo will have perfect alignment, both above and below the stitching. However, replicas usually don’t have an aligned pattern regarding the letters of the logo.

Additionally, the letters of an authentic Balenciaga logo have a square-like shape compared to a fake hoodie, which typically has a round-shaped logo. You can easily tell this if you observe the top left corner of the “B” and the top right corner of the last “a.”

Balenciaga Hoodie Price & Cost (Are Balenciaga Hoodies Expensive?)

Balenciaga products don’t come cheap as it’s a high fashion and luxury brand. However, fashion lovers purchase their products time and time again due to their exclusivity and high-quality material make-up.

The most expensive Balenciaga hoodie costs as much as $2,130. However, the price of the average Balenciaga hoodie is about $500, with the most popular editions going from $750 to $915. Prices of pre-owned hoodies, however, are relatively cheaper.

Where to Buy Authentic Balenciaga Hoodies (New & Used Balenciaga Hoodies for Sale)

The Balenciaga online store will be the first obvious choice for shopping for an authentic hoodie. However, there are legit and genuine Balenciaga hoodie vendors out there. Always purchase from established vendors who post accurate information and clear, visible product pictures and watch out for vendors with little or no feedback from clients.

Legit Balenciaga Hoodie eBay Sellers

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Legit Balenciaga Hoodie Resellers / Stockists

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farfetch.comFind the latest selection of Balenciaga in-store or online at Farfetch. Shipping is always free, and returns are accepted at any location.
selfridges.comShop the Balenciaga Hoodies range from our Men's department for a wide range of Balenciaga Hoodies

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