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Saint Laurent Paris Guide

Saint Laurent Paris Brand

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Saint Laurent Paris (YSL) was founded in 1961 and has now become one of the most prominent fashion houses in the world. Today, the brand sells a wide range of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear products, jewelry, shoes and leather goods. In the recent days, there has been a high demand for Saint Laurent Paris items or products. Counterfeiters see this and have been working so hard to exploit the opportunity by forging the original Saint Laurent Paris.

Because of this many online stores are offering guarantee and authenticity check. But it is always important that you know how to differentiate between real and fake Saint Laurent Paris. That is why we are here to help out by showing you the different ways to know if the Saint Laurent Paris item you have or want to buy is authentic or counterfeit.

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How to Authenticate Saint Laurent Paris

Take a closer look at the color and material
We all know that real products most times comes constructed with high-quality materials. For example, Saint Laurent Paris uses grained or smooth leathers for their bags calfskin, crocodile skin or suede. Leather and satin are found in the inner lining, and the upper is also made of high-quality leather. Any deviation from all these features speaks fake.

The color of Saint Laurent Paris bags can be discreet powder, classic black and white, powerful nuances, and brown and grey tones. Ensure the color of the bag spread evenly on the leather. If you see that the color looks as if it was sprayed or applied, don’t purchase it. Additionally, if you perceive a plastic smell that is unpleasant, you are probably dealing with fake and poor quality.

Check Saint Laurent Paris hardware
There is lots of hardware on Saint Laurent Paris products, and the logo is one of the important ones you need to check out. The Original Saint Laurent Paris logo on bags should not be severely indented into the leather. Also, it should not be slanted. If the logo slanted, then the signal is Fake! Fake! Fake! We don’t need to tell you to ditch the item.

Also, other hardware such as the chain-shoulder straps and zippers are made of high-quality materials which makes them heavy. But fake Saint Laurent Paris comes with hardware made with metal that is most times mixed with aluminum. This makes it brittle and lighter.

For the real Saint Laurent Paris bag, the zipper has Saint Laurent on it, and the color is the same at all points. Counterfeits can display greenish or yellowish color. If you see this, don’t hesitate to keep your fingers away.

The Saint Laurent Paris brand stamp
There is always a serial number on the brand stamp of every Saint Laurent Paris bag. A real Saint Laurent Paris should have the serial number, and the number must match the six digit number on the authenticity certificate. The brand stamp is located at the back of the inner label or inside the pocket.

Compare prices
If you want to buy a Saint Laurent Paris bag or any other item, check the official website for the price. If you see that the price is lower compared to the one on the Saint Laurent Paris website, you are probably dealing with the fake. It simply means you should run away from any Saint Laurent Paris item selling less.

Pay attention to online merchants
No doubt, fake Saint Laurent Paris is sold everywhere, but you can escape from being a victim. Ensure you are buying from a trusted dealer with lots of great reviews and buyers. Ensure the dealer guarantees the authenticity of the Item and shows evidence for it.

Conclusively, we have tried our best to show you the basic five ways to distinguish between real and fake Saint Laurent Paris. It is left to you to ensure you take the guide serious, so you don’t fall into the wrong hands. We know how painful it can be to invest one’s money on fake Saint Laurent Paris and we don’t want you to fall, the victim. There is real Saint Laurent Paris out there. The only thing you need is to be extra careful and authenticate the items you want to buy.

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