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Raf Simons Brand

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About Raf Simons and History

Originally a furniture designer, Raf Simons has become a famous Belgian fashion designer and later on, launched a men’s wear in 1995. Aside from having his own fashion line, he worked as an art director at Calvin Klein and Christian Dior. His designs are worn by hiphop artists like Rihanna, Big Sean, Vic Mensa, Frank Ocean, and A$AP Rocky.

In the brand’s website, it says that their products are not just clothes but a showcase of attitude in the past, present and future. Simons wants to use memories and future visions thru his designs and place them in today’s world. Some of the brand’s iconic pieces involve sneakers, jackets, parkas, and hoodies. » website: rafsimons.com

Below is our list of Raf Simons legit sellers online from eBay users, resellers and shopping websites. Shop and buy authentic Raf Simons from these sellers.

Raf Simons Stores Near Me & Locations

Raf Simons is a luxury fashion brand with retail locations around the world. The brand has several flagship stores in cities such as Antwerp, Tokyo, and Seoul and several standalone stores in other major fashion capitals like Paris, New York, and Los Angeles.

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Legit Raf Simons eBay Sellers

Seller NameeBay Store NameStore Link
black_and_onlyblack_and_onlyVisit store »
eluxiveArmoryAuthenticsVisit store »
fresh-sneaker-outletfresh-sneaker-outletVisit store »

We recommended buying your Raf Simons from these eBay sellers only. If you’re not buying from any of these sellers and not sure if the Raf Simons item you’re planning to buy is authentic or fake then make sure to read our Raf Simons guide and/or ask for a “Raf Simons legit check” on many fashion discussion boards online.

Raf Simons FAQS

Where is Raf Simons made? Where is it from?
Raf Simons is a Belgian fashion designer who founded his eponymous fashion brand in 1995. The brand is known for its avant-garde designs, minimalistic aesthetics, and innovative approach to fashion. The company is based in Antwerp, Belgium, where the brand’s design studio and showroom are located.

Regarding production, Raf Simons works with various manufacturers and suppliers in different parts of the world. The brand is committed to sustainable and ethical practices and works closely with its production partners to ensure fair labor practices and high-quality materials are used.

While Raf Simons is based in Belgium, the brand’s production and supply chain are global. This allows the company to source high-quality materials and work with skilled manufacturers to create unique and innovative designs. Raf Simons’ commitment to ethical and sustainable practices ensures that the brand’s products are stylish, responsible, and socially conscious.

How much does Raf Simons cost?
The cost of Raf Simons clothing, shoes, and accessories can vary depending on the product and collection. Generally speaking, Raf Simons is a luxury brand, so their products are priced at a higher end of the market.

For example, a simple Raf Simons t-shirt can cost anywhere from $200 to $400, while a more elaborate design or a printed hoodie can cost upwards of $1000. Raf Simons jackets and coats can range from around $1,000 to $4,000, depending on the style and materials used.

Regarding footwear, Raf Simons sneakers typically cost between $400 to $1,000, while their dress shoes and boots cost upwards of $1,500. The brand’s leather goods, such as wallets and bags, are also priced at a premium, ranging from $500 to over $2,000.

Why is Raf Simons so expensive? (Worth it or not?)
Raf Simons is a luxury fashion brand known for its innovative designs, high-quality materials, and commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. The brand’s products are priced at a premium compared to other brands in the market, which can be attributed to several factors.

Firstly, the materials used in Raf Simons’ designs are often of the highest quality, including luxurious fabrics such as cashmere, silk, and premium leather. This use of premium materials raises the cost of production and contributes to the brand’s higher prices.

Secondly, Raf Simons’ designs are often complex and innovative, requiring skilled craftsmanship and attention to detail during production. This level of attention and craftsmanship adds to the cost of production and, in turn, the product’s final price.

Finally, the brand’s commitment to ethical and sustainable practices is reflected in its pricing. Raf Simons’ products are made with sustainable materials and produced in ethical and fair labor conditions, which can be more expensive than traditional production methods.

Whether or not Raf Simons’ products are worth the higher price tag is subjective and depends on individual preferences and values. However, for those who value innovative design, high-quality materials, and ethical production practices, the price of a Raf Simons piece may be worth the investment.

Legit Raf Simons Resellers / Stockists

Website NameDescription
farfetch.comFuturistic and modern Raf Simons collection for Adidas available.
lyst.comRaf Simons apparel, accessories and sneakers for men and women.

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