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Killion Brand

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About Killion and History

Characterized for its collection of sophisticated garments that is in consonance with its modern menswear concept is fashion label, Killion. The brand exudes a sense of exclusivity by keeping their production focused and limited. With the use of refined fabrics and materials and close attention to design and fit, Killion is truly made for the modern you.

Killion strives to provide quality garments at desirable price points. By cutting the middleman, Killion ensures that its customers pay a fair price for their products. With this, Killion is breaking the normal landscape of traditional menswear. Their clothings are not mass produced as they continue to explore fresh ideas and techniques with timelessness and progressive design in mind. » website: killionest.com

Killion Stores Near Me & Locations

Killion is a streetwear brand based in Los Angeles, California. The brand is known for its high-quality products that are inspired by skate and street culture. And here’s the thing, the brand is all about exclusivity – production is strictly limited, so you won’t find Killion’s products just anywhere. In addition to its online store, Killion has a few stores in California, including in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Berkeley.

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Killion FAQS

Where is Killion made? Where is it from?
The origin of Killion is not specified however, it is a direct-to-consumer men’s fashion brand established in 2014 with the goal of providing high-quality style at competitive prices.

Over the past several years, the company has gained a following by regularly releasing limited-edition collections through social media approach. The distinctive designs and quality of its products have earned Killion recognition as a highly in-demand brand in the men’s fashion industry.

How much does Killion cost?
Killion is a menswear brand that focuses on offering high-quality garments at affordable prices. The t-shirts can range in price from around $30 for a basic style to around $50 for a more intricate design. Hoodies and sweatshirts typically range in price from around $60 to $100.

Besides, Killion offers a range of jackets, including denim jackets and coach jackets, which can cost anywhere from around $80 to $150. Lastly, Killion’s pants selection includes both jeans and chinos, which can cost anywhere from around $70 to $100

Why is Killion so expensive? (Worth it or not?)
The pricing of Killion products is reflective of the attention to detail and quality that goes into each piece. The brand uses high-quality materials, innovative production techniques, and timeless yet progressive design, which contribute to the overall cost of the products.

The brand places a strong emphasis on design, fit, and material selection, striving to create unique and timeless collections. The production process is carefully monitored to ensure that each piece meets the brand’s high standards of quality.

Additionally, Killion operates as a direct-to-consumer brand, cutting out the middlemen, and resulting in a more efficient supply chain. This ultimately benefits the customer with a more accessible price point. In the end, whether the brand is worth it depends on the individual experience and preferences.

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